Tuesday June 28, 2011

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[06:58] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rf8bf3a4 10/ (15 files): Rename i_inout to i_engine_sink ...
[07:38] jonnydee hi, I tried to load zeromq vs 2008 solution, but it complains that inproc_lat and inproc_thr is missing. And indeed there are no such projects. Any ideas? (I downloaded version 2.1.7)
[07:41] jonnydee (of course, I downloaded the windows version)
[07:42] jonnydee hello? anybode here?
[07:46] guido_g try the mailing list, there will be more windows users
[07:47] jonnydee guido_g: ok, thanks
[08:01] sustrik johnydee: let me check
[08:01] th jonnydee: sustrik: i can confirm that exactly.
[08:02] th just gave it a first try to build on win7 with msvc2008 yesterday
[08:03] th i used the Windows SDK 7.0 to be exact
[08:04] sustrik johnydee, th: ok, found the problem
[08:05] th great
[08:07] sustrik unfortunately, it will be fixed only with the next release
[08:07] sustrik in the meantime you can build from git repo
[08:07] th sustrik: but probably in git already?
[08:08] sustrik it's a packaging problem
[08:08] th ah
[08:08] sustrik so git repo would work even without any patch
[08:08] th whats the difference anyways between git and the zip? except for the version tag of course
[08:09] sustrik get the 2.1.7 tag from the git
[08:09] sustrik it should be exactly the same as packaged 2.1.7
[08:09] sustrik except for the files missing accidentally in the package, of course
[08:11] th sustrik: so the .zip is just a `git archive --format=zip c35f65a82f1d >` something?
[08:12] sustrik iirc to build the archive do "make dist"
[08:12] th i'll test that
[08:12] sustrik you need autotools to make it work though
[08:12] sustrik so windows is not an option
[08:13] sustrik well, unless you use minggw
[08:14] sustrik alternatively, inproc perf tests are not needed for libzmq to work
[08:14] sustrik so you can just remove the two projects from the msvc solution
[08:16] th that was my thought yesterday, but then i got distracted
[08:17] th it probably wont work to prepare the dist on a linux box for windows, right?
[08:18] sustrik th: it will
[08:18] sustrik that's the way we are doing it
[08:18] th ahh - so all i need to do is checkout 2.1.7 tag from git, run ./ and zip it for windows?
[08:19] sustrik you can't use 2.1.7's packaging mechanism as that's where the bug is
[08:20] sustrik you can wait while i'll publish the patch (to happen shortly)
[08:20] th there is a `fix scope on Windows includes` and then a reversion of that... which revision exactly fixes that bug?
[08:20] th ahhh
[08:20] th dang.
[08:20] sustrik apply it to 2.1.7
[08:20] th of course
[08:20] th got it
[08:20] sustrik etc,
[08:20] sustrik the sequence of steps to build the package"
[08:20] sustrik ./
[08:20] sustrik ./configure
[08:21] sustrik make dist
[08:21] sustrik the zip will be created in the root libzmq directory
[08:21] th great
[08:25] sustrik th: the patch was posted to the mailing list
[08:25] sustrik can you try it and let me know whether it solves the problem?
[08:25] th will do
[08:25] sustrik thanks
[08:26] alkemann hey. I am trying to send "post/products/{"json":"format"} and i get Operation cannot be accomplished in current state - any idea?
[08:26] alkemann breaking on recv()
[08:29] sustrik REQ and REP sockets work in sync manner
[08:29] sustrik send, recv, send, recv, ...
[08:29] sustrik when you try to do send, send or recv, recv you get this error
[08:30] alkemann hm. weird thanks ill look
[08:32] silvano
[08:50] th sustrik: fix confirmed. now only the pgm thing fails for me, probably because some missing dependenies
[08:51] th sustrik: thanks for that!
[08:51] sustrik you are welcome
[08:51] sustrik thanks for testing it
[08:51] th i would publish the fixed-zip, but due to a difference in autoconf versions there is introduced a lot of "noise"
[08:52] sustrik th: no need, that's up to pieter to do
[08:52] sustrik he's 2-1 maintainer
[09:03] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r543ad30 10/ builds/msvc/ : Packaging for MSVC build fixed ...
[10:51] jonnydee sustrik: Thank you very much for your fast response :)
[10:54] sustrik np
[12:47] john quick question: when connecting a socket to a ip and port, tcp://*:5000 for example, does the * mean any IP on the network?
[12:49] sustrik * works only for bind
[12:50] sustrik and means 'all the NICs'
[12:50] john so eth0 and wifi?
[12:51] sustrik and loopback
[12:53] john Right now connecting with * seems to work but perhaps thats because everything is on one computer right now. So this won't work if I move part of my system to another computer on the network.
[12:56] john sustrik: you're saying I should specify the ip when connecting so if on the same computer? I guess I could just try and see if * works across the LAN.
[12:58] guido_g *sigh*
[12:59] guido_g star means "any", ip is an appartment block, port the appartment no.; connect means go and find block and appartment; with find any apparment block it doesn't make sense
[13:00] sustrik * translates to
[13:00] sustrik which is IPADDR_ANY
[13:01] sustrik works only for binding, never for connecting
[13:01] sustrik you can't connect to, there's no such box
[14:19] th sustrik: actually on linux localhost responds to
[14:19] sustrik does it?
[14:19] th % ssh
[14:19] th The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
[14:19] sustrik what does it connect to?
[14:19] th RSA key fingerprint is ...
[14:19] th the host i'm sitting on
[14:20] th % ping 0
[14:20] th PING 0 ( 56(84) bytes of data.
[14:20] th 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.029 ms
[14:20] th or: PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
[14:20] th and thats not a feature of ssh or ping. thats something in the stack
[14:20] sustrik hm, possibly
[14:20] sustrik i would still rather refrain from connecting to
[14:21] th totally
[14:22] th probably busy there
[14:33] sustrik no, ze listok spiatocny je za jednu cenu
[14:34] sustrik ale miestenky si musis kupit zvlast na cestu tam a zvlast na cestu spat
[14:34] sustrik aspon myslim
[20:47] mwieher hi... quick question, whats the fastest i could fit together a 0mq system... 5k messages/sec, 20k/sec?
[20:48] guido_g
[21:12] staylor is it possible to duplex pub/sub sockets so that I can both send/recv data on a single port?
[21:14] whack staylor: I don't think so, though I think some folks are working on a 'super socket' that will let you bind multiple zmq sockets to a single port
[21:15] staylor alright thanks
[21:15] whack I don't know what the status of that experiment is, I think Pieter was working on it last I heard - though I haven't payed too much attention
[21:34] Zenethian Is there any functionality similar to DEALER/ROUTER but for PUSH/PULL? Or do I have to manually create a queue for PUSHed messages?
[21:34] Zenethian my consumers never need to reply, so using a queue doesn't make a lot of sense. I just end up sending a garbage reply back.
[21:34] Zenethian when using a queue device, that us
[21:34] Zenethian *is
[23:34] CIA-32 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * re67e0fa 10/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Remove useless Message.wait/done methods ...