Saturday June 4, 2011

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[00:42] porc having shared library trouble installing mongrel2 with zeromq 2.17 on archlinux
[00:42] porc ./tests/bstr_tests: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[00:42] porc I've tried "sudo ldconfig", but seems to have no effect, /usr/local/lib/ exists
[00:52] Seta00 porc_, sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/local/lib/
[00:52] Seta00 /usr/local/lib is not on the library search path by default
[00:54] Seta00 there should be a way to contain a multi-part message in a single zmq_msg_t object :/
[00:55] Seta00 I forgot that multi-part messages are actually multiple messages, and now I'll have to redesign my 0MQ abstraction layer
[00:57] porc thanks Seta!
[00:58] Seta00 np
[08:51] cods LazyBob: I think it is the case. Only tcp:// (or some other socket type) using an unreliable connection (ethernet, ..) can eventually loss messages, but that will not happen as long as everything happen on the same machine (so, even for tcp://)
[22:22] ianbarber yrashk: in erlzmq2 with multipart messages and active sockets, will each part trigger a receive, or will it the recvmore flag be set on the socket?
[22:48] ianbarber ah i see it should deliver all parts
[22:48] ianbarber i just can't see how to determine multipart
[22:48] ianbarber (/cc evax as well :))