Friday May 27, 2011

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[00:21] taotetek zedas: hey
[00:21] taotetek zedas: that just cleared something up for me, thank you :)
[00:55] Scramblejams Hi all. Erlang (and zmq) noob here, planning to use Erlang on an upcoming project and I have a zmq question. When you're starting out, building a little Erlang program that's distributed among a few machines, at what point do you say to yourself, I'd rather use zmq than Erlang's built-in process-based message passing? Is it a question of outgrowing what Erlang offers? Or is it something differenT?
[13:29] cods Hi. I've a server that must sent command to specific clients. I use a PULL and a PUB socket on the server, then a PUSH and a SUB socket on the client. Each clients subscribe to message targeted at it and send feedback through PUSH (and can also sent notification not related to a command to the server). Does it make sense to use these type of sockets in this case?
[13:29] cods I ask because I've not seen a similar example in the guide
[13:30] cods thus wondering if I'm missing a simpler/better pattern
[13:46] nicolas in the guide, the missing message problem solver diagram says 'start the SUB after the PUB' shouldn't it be before ?
[13:47] nicolas because when no, the arroy points to 'start all SUB first ..'
[13:47] nicolas *arrow
[13:57] sustrik nicolas_: ask the question on the mailing list
[13:57] sustrik if it's wrong, it's going to be fixed
[14:13] blithe Gave a talk at my workplace on zmq on Wednesday. Everyone seemed pretty jazzed up by it. Thanks for making zmq so awesome. ;-)
[14:15] sustrik :)
[14:15] sustrik was it a public event?
[14:16] blithe Negative, but I'm going to polish it up and take it to a few user groups around here.
[14:16] sustrik great
[14:16] sustrik it's good to announce it on 0mq mailing list as well
[14:16] sustrik some more people may turn up
[14:17] blithe For sure!
[14:17] blithe I love how demo-able zmq is.
[14:17] blithe Lots of fun examples to mess with people's minds.
[14:18] sustrik i always thought that projects with no GUI are not good for demos :)
[14:19] ianbarber zeromq is pretty easy to demo, it just all looks kind of magic, especially disconnected sockets and so on
[14:20] sustrik ah, seem tweets about lecturing in dark
[14:20] sustrik what have happened?
[14:21] blithe ianbarber: Your talk was part of my inspiration for this talk.
[14:21] ianbarber i got a few minutes in to my talk, had showed a basic req rep thing, and the power went out
[14:21] ianbarber blew a transformer down the road
[14:21] sustrik 0mq is powerfull...
[14:21] ianbarber once i realised it wasn't coming back i just kind of talked loud (PA down as well) and made a lot of analogies :)
[14:22] blithe hahaha
[14:22] sustrik must have been fun
[14:22] ianbarber it was entertaining. everyone's laptops still worked, and the wifi was on UPS, so I was pointing people at git hub for code to go along with what i was saying :)
[14:23] sustrik :)
[14:24] ianbarber blithe: cool! mail the list if you get any video/audio/slides on line, would love to see your talk
[14:25] blithe Ah, and you're even in Chicago too!
[14:25] ianbarber oh are you round there? i did consider mailing the list about a meetup, but didn't in the end
[14:26] blithe Yeah, I work in the city.
[14:26] ianbarber cool
[14:26] ianbarber i'm flying out today though, that's a shame
[14:26] blithe :-(
[14:27] blithe Just in town for the week?
[14:27] ianbarber yeah, just came in for the php tek conference
[14:27] ianbarber spent a couple of days in town on sun/mon though (went on the ferris wheel and played minigolf on navy peer, pretty hardcore)
[14:29] blithe Cool beans dude, where are you from?
[14:29] ianbarber UK
[14:30] ianbarber one of the guys at the talk was into the new ipython stuff which is built using zeromq for it's messaging, that seems very cool. I need to pay attention to those kind of posts on the lists.
[14:31] sustrik what was he using it for, scientific computation?
[14:31] blithe Do you find it hard to dispell people's normal assumptions about MQ systems when you talk?
[14:31] ianbarber sustrik: he was just interested in it, but yeah that's the kind of aim of it i believe.
[14:32] sustrik i see
[14:32] ianbarber blithe: i hammer on the point that it's not a broker, it's not a service
[14:32] ianbarber i also like pieterh's analogy - most MQs are like SVN, essentially centralised, ZeroMQ is like git, essentially decentralised
[14:33] ianbarber often get feedback that people had just assumed it was like activemq etc. though
[14:33] ianbarber (before the talk)
[14:34] sustrik actually, the name is pretty misleading
[14:34] sustrik it shouldn't be called MQ probably
[14:34] sustrik but it's too late to change that now
[14:34] ianbarber yeah
[14:38] taotetek ianbarber: yup (as to the not a broker)
[14:39] blithe sustrik: Someone asked me about production uses of zmq, I could only speak in generalities about how it was "Written by the original guys who wrote AMQP (to solve some of its shortcomings) and was written with the financial industry in mind." Any compelling production uses that come to mind I could talk about in the future?
[14:39] taotetek ianbarber: that's why we wrote input / output plugins for zmq for rsyslog - we're experimenting with using rsyslog when we need durability / queueing / etc
[14:39] ianbarber taotetek: that is very cool by the way, good work on that.
[14:40] taotetek ianbarber: we use zmq for handing work out to distributed processing systems, etc
[14:40] taotetek ianbarber: and rsyslog for the routing backbone
[14:40] ianbarber cool
[14:40] taotetek ianbarber: thanks! I wish I could take credit for the actual code... I have a very good c contractor who works with me
[14:41] ianbarber blithe: there's some cool stuff going on with it. one of the most fun I've seen is mikko's lecture recorder - uses a kinect sensor to control a camera to track a lecturer around a classroom - all messaging is via zeromq (frame available, control messages etc.)
[14:42] blithe That'd be a fun demo to see. ;-)
[14:42] ianbarber i think there's some videos on line somewhere
[14:44] ianbarber someone pinged me a couple of cool startups using it the other day as well, but the names escape me, was a hackathon with open bar last night which hasn't helped :)
[14:51] Seta00
[14:56] blithe Thanks.
[15:25] vy Hi! Has anybody ever tried ZeroMQ on an embedded platform? (Ala OpenWRT.) What are its system requirements? Memory footprint, binary size, etc.
[15:54] blithe One thing I've been confused about with ZMQ envelopes/multi-part messages:
[15:57] sustrik re
[15:57] sustrik blithe: some people have explained there use cases on the mailing list
[15:58] sustrik other than that it's hard to find out who's using an open source product
[15:58] sustrik i guess it's used a lot in financial services but these guys are not exactly open about what they are doing
[15:59] blithe haha, very true
[16:00] sustrik the ipython guys are doing scientific computing afaik
[16:01] sustrik loggly is doing logging as a service
[16:02] sustrik dunno, maybe you should google it
[16:03] blithe ;-)
[16:04] sustrik as for the message parts the thing is specific to a messaging pattern
[16:05] sustrik here's how it works for req/rep:
[16:06] blithe Thanks sustrik
[17:52] michelp pieterh, did you have any trouble with your arrangements to get here? train? hotel?
[22:58] CIA-31 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * re4212a2 10/ : add note about ldconfig on failed zmq detection -
[22:58] Rod Hi!
[22:59] Rod Anyone using 0mq from perl here?