Sunday January 30, 2011

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[11:01] CIA-21 zeromq2: 03Mikko Koppanen 07master * r72d3203 10/ (tests/ tests/test_hwm.cpp):
[11:01] CIA-21 zeromq2: Added test for HWM
[11:01] CIA-21 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Mikko Koppanen <> -
[11:20] mikko good morning
[11:45] sustrik morning
[11:46] CIA-21 zeromq2: 03Mikko Koppanen 07master * r1e03026 10/ (builds/msvc/libzmq/libzmq.vcproj builds/msvc/msvc.sln):
[11:46] CIA-21 zeromq2: Added WithOpenPGM configuration into MSVC builds
[11:46] CIA-21 zeromq2: Signed-off-by: Mikko Koppanen <> -
[12:54] mikko sustrik: i think there is somehting funny with windows builds
[12:54] sustrik yes?
[12:54] mikko i inherited the WithOpenPGM from release builds but it still tries to link with debug versions of some dlls
[12:55] mikko MSVCR90D.dll
[12:56] mikko yes
[12:57] mikko the release build has "Generate Debug info" on
[12:58] mikko under linker settings
[13:00] mikko and Debug Information Format under preprocessor
[13:02] mikko or does that generate separate PDB file?
[13:03] mikko it might be WithOpenPGM that has issues as the libpgm is built without debug info and links with MSVCR90.dll (without D)
[13:06] mikko i'll ask steve-o about this
[13:15] sustrik mikko: i have no idea about inheritance in msvc projects
[13:16] sustrik however, if you want too change the runtime lib to release version
[13:16] sustrik go to project properties
[13:16] sustrik code generation
[13:16] sustrik link with release multi-threaded DLL
[13:17] sustrik (i hope i remember it correctly)
[13:18] mikko sustrik: it might be that the openpgm lib steve gave me is debug
[13:18] mikko and that pulls in the debug dlls as dependency
[13:18] mikko testing with dependency walker now
[13:19] sustrik you can check that
[13:19] sustrik you should have a prgram called depends.exe
[13:19] sustrik it's distributed with msvc iirc
[13:20] sustrik you can open a dll via depends.exe
[13:20] sustrik and examine the tree of dependencies
[13:20] mikko
[13:20] mikko the problem is that the openpgm installs static lib
[13:20] sustrik oh
[13:20] sustrik i see
[13:22] mikko im building normal release build of libzmq now and see if that links against MSVCR90D.dll or MSVCR90.dll
[13:23] sustrik ack
[13:27] mikko ok
[13:27] mikko MSVCR90.dll without libpgm
[13:28] mikko so i guess i need to ask steve to make a release build
[13:28] mikko rather than a debug build
[13:29] sustrik how do you build it btw?
[13:29] sustrik mingw>
[13:29] sustrik ?
[13:30] mikko msvc
[13:32] mikko so i guess the problem is that libpgm.lib is statically linked with debug libraries
[13:32] mikko and now when i include it inside a dll that tries to link with normal libraries they clash
[13:34] sustrik sounds possible
[13:35] mikko so, if steve can give me openpgm release build i can make snapshots for ZeroMQ with OpenPGM support on windows
[13:40] sustrik wow
[13:40] sustrik that would be great
[13:40] sustrik btw, the snapshots you are creating now
[13:40] sustrik are they linked from the website?
[13:44] mikko i dont know
[13:45] mikko they are not super-stable yet
[13:45] mikko + i dont have access to edit the web site
[13:51] sustrik the website is a wiki
[13:52] sustrik just register there and you can edit pages
[13:52] mikko sustrik: i think you need to be added permission to edit pages
[13:52] mikko i can only edit php:bindings i think
[13:52] mikko no, i can edit
[13:53] sustrik :)
[13:54] mikko how do i add a new link to the left menu?
[13:55] sustrik nav:side page
[13:56] mikko should i add a src snapshots as well?
[13:56] mikko make dist on one of the unix builds
[13:58] sustrik why not
[13:59] sustrik however, i wouldn't overload the left pane by a lot of links
[13:59] sustrik if you need several maybe create a new page that would hold them
[13:59] sustrik and link that from the left pane
[14:01] mikko yeah, i can create a page later about snapshots and daily builds
[14:02] mikko first i'll pack some stuff, going to barcelona today
[14:03] sustrik maybe a single link to daily builds
[14:04] sustrik which in turn would point you to the build logs and snapshots?
[14:04] sustrik anyway, have a nice time in Barcelona
[14:15] ianbarber anyone know what the font is in the logo image on the site?
[14:16] sustrik ianbarber: it's custom made
[14:16] ianbarber ah right, that explains it
[14:17] sustrik you couldn't find it? :)
[14:18] ianbarber yeah, been hunting :)
[14:18] ianbarber lots of fonts with the 0, but not with the nice Q as well
[14:18] sustrik right
[16:32] andrewvc cremes: around?
[16:32] andrewvc I was wondering if there was an exception handler in zmqmachine
[18:55] andrewvc what does an IPv6 connection string look like in zeromq?
[18:56] andrewvc i got a segfault using a bracketed addr
[18:56] andrewvc err, an assertion failed i mean
[18:58] cremes andrewvc: nope, no exception handler in zmqmachine
[18:58] cremes i've been thinking about how to add that but so far i haven't really needed it
[18:58] andrewvc ah, yeah, no worries
[18:59] andrewvc I wound up just wrapping all my zmq code in EM.next_tick anyway, rather than have two reactors
[18:59] andrewvc btw, any idea on the ipv6 addr?
[18:59] cremes i haven't used any ipv6 stuff
[19:00] andrewvc yeah, I wrote some cod that calls Resolv.getaddresses
[19:00] andrewvc would be nice if it handled ::1 for localhost right.
[19:00] andrewvc guess i'll just search the arr for the first ipv5
[19:00] cremes don't ipv6 addresses just look like MAC addresses?
[19:00] andrewvc *ipv4
[19:00] andrewvc well, as far as I can tell, the syntax is tcp://[::1]:123
[19:00] andrewvc for ipv6 localhost
[19:00] andrewvc but that doesn't work
[19:01] andrewvc so i'm missing something
[19:03] cremes andrewvc: i just checked the mailing list...on march5 mato wrote that he disabled the ipv6 support because it was broken
[19:03] andrewvc ah, well, there we go lol :)
[19:03] cremes i haven't seen any followups that say it was fixed
[19:05] andrewvc thanks for that, google was failing me
[19:05] cremes you're welcome
[19:05] cremes thanks for pushing out a 0.7.1 release
[19:07] andrewvc no problem
[19:07] andrewvc thanks for adding me to rubygems
[19:07] andrewvc btw, you ever play with the cext branch of jruby?
[19:09] cremes i haven't had a lot of time to play recently; i'll probably poke at it when 1.6 is finalized