Tuesday July 20, 2010

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[00:34] travlr perplexes: the website 'cookbook' and blogs are good for getting an introduction
[00:34] travlr some blogs... have examples in them
[05:37] zedas hey folks is down:
[05:41] perplexes (who i assume is serving), is showing a 503
[05:57] sustrik seems to work now...
[14:40] jugg sustrik: zmq_poll is no longer implemented in your branch. I assume it will be so again at some point?
[14:59] sustrik jugg: ues, it will
[14:59] sustrik it needs some change as there is a separate fd for each 0mq socket to poll on instead of a single generic one now
[15:00] jugg sustrik: any idea on timeframe for integration with the main zeromq repo?
[15:02] sustrik i expect it to be ready for integration in 2 weeks
[20:10] fruminator all, is there a reason why zeromq doesn't have/use a google group?
[20:17] sjampoo there's a mailing list with archive, it works pretty much perfect
[20:18] fruminator i disagree. I find it almost impossible to use, search, etc. especially since I prefer not to be subscribed and fill up my inbox.
[20:18] fruminator basically every other open source project I follow uses google groups at this point. even when they also use mailman
[20:19] sjampoo lots of OS projects actually drop Google groups
[20:19] sjampoo read this:
[20:20] fruminator hmm, interesting. oh well. let me just back up then -- I'm having a hard time w/ the zeromq group. maybe there's smoething I don't follow
[20:22] sjampoo For the searching part, have you tried the gmane entrance ?
[20:22] sjampoo
[20:22] fruminator yeah. that's actually not so bad. my main question is how to follow/look for responses to a message I have posted without receiving the messages in my inbox?
[20:25] sjampoo you can go to a thread view in the gmane viewer
[20:26] fruminator for example, my thread is the first 3 posts here: but I dont see *the* thread that captures this
[20:26] sjampoo click on the link and then click on the subject
[20:29] fruminator ahah
[20:58] fruminator ok, so, how do i now reply to this message ( if I never got it into my inbox?
[21:00] sjampoo select the message, on the top right where it says action pick 'follow up'
[21:08] fruminator wow, I must be braindead today. thanks!
[21:09] sjampoo ;)