Thursday June 17, 2010

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[00:35] rgl zedas, go mongrel go! :-)
[04:07] nak hi
[04:59] sustrik nak: hi
[05:05] guido_g good morning all
[05:08] nak sustrik: trying to code an irc bot using zeromq
[05:08] nak in c
[05:09] nak could you give me any tips on how to set this up
[05:09] nak so far i've gotten to the zmq_connect part
[05:10] sustrik there's an example that works that way
[05:11] sustrik
[05:12] nak thanks
[05:16] nak sustrik: the s.connect there isn't the same as the one in c
[05:16] nak in c you have to send a tcp://address:port
[05:16] nak there you just connect?
[05:17] sustrik sorry, what are you speaking about?
[05:19] nak int zmq_connect (void *socket, const char *address);
[05:19] nak where the format has to be rc = zmq_connect (socket, "tcp://server001:5555");
[05:19] sustrik yes
[05:19] nak ok
[05:27] nak zmq::message_t msg (strlen (textbuf) + 1);
[05:27] nak memcpy ( (), textbuf, msg.size ());
[05:27] nak hnn
[05:28] nak so in c this would be zmq_msg_t msg = strlen (textbuf) + 1;
[05:28] nak and the memcpy?
[05:40] sustrik zmq_msg_t msg;
[05:40] sustrik zmq_msg_init_size (&msg, strlen (textbuf) + 1);
[05:40] sustrik memcpy (...)
[05:51] nak sustrik:
[05:51] nak i don't know the zeromq types, etc
[05:51] nak foreign to me.
[05:51] nak what should i pass to memcpy
[05:51] nak
[05:53] guido_g <- docs
[05:53] guido_g <- even more docs
[05:59] nak :)
[06:42] umesh how can i build pyzmq with static zmq libraries ...
[06:54] sustrik question for brian
[06:54] sustrik try asking on mailing list
[06:54] umesh ok
[08:58] middayc I would like to make a Rebol binding to 0mq .. are there any / dll available maybe that one could download without recompiling?
[09:02] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r9151de3 10/ src/socket_base.cpp : generate identity for transient inproc connections -
[09:03] sustrik middayc: not that I am aware of
[09:03] sustrik however, recompiling takes few seconds
[09:03] sustrik well, there are some linux packages out there
[09:04] middayc I am on windows now and I don't have VS2008, just VS6 and probably to crappy computer to make VS2008 run well anyway
[09:06] sustrik you don't need it to run well
[09:06] sustrik it's a very small project
[09:06] sustrik so it'll compile even on crappy computer
[09:07] middayc last time I tried VS2008 it was horrible.. I will try it again .. ok thanks :) .. just wanted to make sure I am not wasting time downloading and installing visual studio if there is some dll somewhere to try
[09:09] sustrik middayc: optionally, it should be compilable under mingw if you have that installed
[09:10] middayc I think I have.. I am not too good lower level programmer .. I will try the default way now. if mongrel2 plans work 0mq will get quite some attention :)
[09:11] sustrik ok
[09:24] middayc ha, I have the dll, I already had vs2008 installed, just didn't have it registered .. I will tell you if I make the rebol binding. Thanks
[09:26] middayc I see you also have interprocess communication? so this could be a good option to make for example rebol apps multicore?
[09:42] sustrik ipc doesn't work on win32 sadly
[09:42] sustrik but using TCP loopback works well
[09:42] sustrik e.g: zmq_bind ("tcp://");
[10:58] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Hurton 07master * r4777fe4 10/ src/pipe.cpp :
[10:58] CIA-17 zeromq2: pipe: fix bug in rollback() method
[10:58] CIA-17 zeromq2: The msgs_written variable keeps track how many complete
[10:58] CIA-17 zeromq2: messages have been written so far. The rollback operation drops all
[10:58] CIA-17 zeromq2: fragments of the last incomplete message so it shouldn't
[10:58] CIA-17 zeromq2: change this variable at all. -
[12:53] middayc what would a errno 19 or 22 mean with bind (in .h file when I see errors (if I see correctly) thy should all be above 156384712
[13:10] middayc ah, I found strerror
[13:11] sustrik middayc: yeah, strerror should help
[13:11] sustrik the error you are seeing is probably defined in a system header somewhere
[13:18] middayc 19 means "no such device" I get -1 and "no such device on zmq-bind sock "tcp://localhost:5555" but 0 and still 19 on zmq-bind sock "tcp://" ... later with recv I get "Operation cannot be accomplished in current state" but I am not sure if I handle &msg there properly yet (in binding)
[13:36] sustrik what's happens when you do zmq_bind ("tcp://") ?
[13:38] middayc I get 0 (but if I call errno anyway it returns "no such device" if it matters)
[13:39] sustrik if you get 0 it's OK
[13:40] sustrik note that on win32 there are no interface names
[13:40] sustrik so you have to bind using an IP address of the interface
[13:43] middayc aha, I saw that localhost didn't work.. no problem . I think I am having problem creating and passing that zmq_msg_t struct to init and then recv .. this is completely on my end (rebol's) so I shouldn't bother you about it
[13:51] sustrik ok
[14:21] middayc I wrote this in rebol chat (it's not so big community) so I guess I will bother you a little more :) .. in case you have time you can look at it and if my assumptions are stupidly wrong you can tell me :)
[14:37] sustrik middayc: it depends on how rebol handles C objects
[14:38] sustrik as a void*?
[14:38] sustrik ok, even more essential question:
[14:39] sustrik how does rebol wrap C libraries?
[14:39] sustrik usign a bridge C library a la JNI
[14:39] sustrik or by calling C functions directly from rebol (like .net)?
[14:46] middayc it's very simple on rebol side, but it has it's limitations.. this is how I specify binding for simpler func ... I talked to some rebol guys and I will write some c code, similarly as lua handles this for example.
[14:50] sustrik middayc: yes, the lua way helps as it doesn't require rebol to deal with messy C details (such as sizeof zmq_msg_t)
[14:50] sustrik say for implementing send
[14:50] sustrik you pass it rebol string (or bytearray or whatevet)
[14:50] sustrik the underlying wrapper function (in C) will create zmq_msg_t
[14:50] sustrik initialise it and copy the data into it
[14:51] sustrik easy
[14:53] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r7f01e99 10/ (11 files in 3 dirs): stopwatch returned to libzmq -
[15:10] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rcff7ba2 10/ (6 files in 6 dirs): Windows build fixed -
[15:24] middayc thanks for your oppinion.. I will do it that way then. And of course thanks for making 0mq .. what I like the most so far is that it has a minimal simple api
[15:31] sustrik middayc: thanks
[15:34] middayc (and power with ipc/speed/flexibility/.. I believe powerful things don't have to be bloated and 0mq is that way)
[15:36] sustrik actually, bloat is mostly followed by performance degradation
[15:40] middayc yes, I think exactly the same way :)
[18:41] CIA-17 rbzmq: 03Brian Buchanan 07master * r048a024 10/ (zmq2.gemspec zmq.gemspec): rename gem to zmq2 -