Tuesday June 15, 2010

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[00:41] travisbrady sustrik: is the example at the bottom of this page out of date? the simple program I wrote to emulate it is crashing on Mac OS X
[01:36] foysavas zedas: mikko: mongrel may have a good name to it, but sequels tend to suck. besides what ever happened to naming it gaegogi?
[02:10] zedas foysavas: too offensive
[05:55] sustrik travisbrady: yes, the example is broken
[05:55] sustrik the last parameter should be pointer to size not the size itself
[05:55] sustrik thanks for spotting this
[05:58] travisbrady sustrik: sure, glad to help. I'm working on a client lib and polling and getsockopt are all I've got left
[05:59] sustrik great!
[06:00] travisbrady I've got the simple server and the chat examples working nicely. need to do the perf stuff next
[06:01] sustrik yes, that's always interesting
[06:01] sustrik seeing how much your language runtime adds to latency
[06:02] travisbrady Any idea which languages (outside of c/c++) are fastest currently?
[06:02] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r9858447 10/ doc/zmq_getsockopt.txt : getsockopt documentation fixed -
[06:03] sustrik C is the native API
[06:03] sustrik so it's definitely the fastest
[06:03] sustrik however, C++ is just a thin wrapper
[06:03] sustrik that gets optimised away anyway
[06:03] sustrik so it should be as fast as C
[06:05] travisbrady But apart from those is java introduce the least latency? Haskell?
[06:05] travisbrady pardon me, I mean to say "DOES java" not "is Java", must be time for bed
[06:09] sustrik depends on message size
[06:09] sustrik brian grager done a lot of work on using zero-copy in python binding
[06:10] sustrik so the performance for large messages is equivalent to C
[06:12] sustrik compiled languages on the other hand may have the least performance impact on small messages (List, .NET)
[06:12] sustrik Lisp*
[06:12] sustrik Java
[06:29] umesh I have a client server code using req-rep sockets ...
[06:29] umesh I start a client first ...
[06:30] umesh if I don't start the server it wiats indefinitely ... is there any way to detect error like server is not up or connection reset ... if server goes down before client send etc ...
[06:30] umesh waits*
[06:36] sustrik no
[06:39] umesh no way through zmq_poll as well ?
[06:44] sustrik no, 0MQ is async library
[06:44] sustrik the message gets sends once it's possible
[06:44] sustrik at the time you call zmq_send it's just queued
[06:44] sustrik if you want to use your 0mq server with sync client
[06:45] sustrik i would suggest simply using raw TCP connection on the clients side
[06:45] sustrik there was a discussion about writing a sync 0mq client couple of times
[06:45] sustrik but nodody really did it
[06:49] umesh ok ... thanks
[12:02] CIA-17 zeromq2: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r341e8a2 10/ AUTHORS : test commit -
[15:37] CIA-17 rbzmq: 03Brian Buchanan 07master * rdb6d541 10/ .gitignore : ignore *.tmproj -
[22:18] rgl zedas, I'm almost convinced to start using fossil. the last sentence on your post was brutal heheh
[22:54] zedas rgl: hehe, i calls it like i see it. :-)