Sunday April 25, 2010

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[01:33] unomystEz hey guys
[01:33] unomystEz anyone know of a good document that describes low-latency networking at the kernel level? ie, packet comes in the NIC, through the driver, in the kernel, etc..
[05:39] sustrik jomofo: ok, it's your call
[05:39] sustrik back from london
[05:39] sustrik mikko__: sorry, it was just a roundtrip, no evening spare for having a beer
[05:40] sustrik unomystEz: it depends on operating system
[05:42] sustrik for Linux there's say "TCP/IP architecture, design and Implementation in Linux" book
[05:42] sustrik etc.
[06:26] sustrik unomystEz: btw, i recall an interesting presentation about Open-MX
[06:26] sustrik not a standard kernel, rather kernel-bypass HPC networking
[06:26] sustrik
[13:04] CIA-5 zeromq2: 03Jon Dyte 07master * r7d9603d 10/ devices/zmq_queue/zmq_queue.cpp : Bug in zmq_queue fixed -
[14:07] unomystEz sustrik, interesting material
[14:08] sustrik depends on what you are interested in
[14:08] sustrik hacking networking stack in kernel?
[14:08] unomystEz for now, I'm interested mostly in learning how the current TCP/IP stack is implemented in Linux
[14:09] unomystEz and what the bottlenecks and scalability issues are
[14:09] sustrik ah, the book i've mentioned is pretty detailed
[14:09] unomystEz with respect to both throughput and latency
[14:09] unomystEz nice
[14:09] unomystEz I"ll have to order it
[14:09] sustrik a bit boring but detailed :)
[14:09] sustrik also, i believe it's about 2.4 kernel
[14:10] sustrik but the NW stack haven't changed that much since
[14:10] unomystEz im reading 'Professional Linux Architecture' right now
[14:10] unomystEz ^ Kernel
[14:10] sustrik also, the video i've sent the link to is worth viewing
[14:10] unomystEz im reading the slides now
[14:10] sustrik the guy has heavy french accent
[14:10] unomystEz haha
[14:11] sustrik but it's rather relevant
[14:11] unomystEz where are you from?
[14:11] sustrik europe
[14:11] sustrik slovakia
[14:11] unomystEz nice
[14:11] unomystEz I'm part slovakian
[14:12] unomystEz miss the food
[14:12] sustrik ah
[14:12] sustrik where are you based now?
[14:12] unomystEz NYC
[14:12] sustrik far away
[14:12] unomystEz yup
[14:15] unomystEz what are you guys using 0mq for?
[14:18] unomystEz omg
[14:18] unomystEz that's the worst french accent I've ever heard
[14:26] sustrik :)
[14:26] unomystEz im gonna go out and buy that book instead
[14:27] unomystEz he doesn't explain a lot of the concepts
[14:27] unomystEz he's basically just commenting on his slides
[14:27] sustrik yeah, but it's more about high-perf
[14:27] sustrik the book is about how the standard stack works
[14:27] unomystEz true
[14:27] sustrik not sure whether there's relevant literature about high-perf networking
[14:28] sustrik in kernel
[14:28] unomystEz well, i read the zeromq docs
[14:28] sustrik pretty small niche
[14:28] unomystEz which were pretty good
[14:28] sustrik a bit messy and uncomplete though
[14:28] sustrik anyway, good resource are hard to be found in the area
[23:25] mikko sustrik: ah, i guessed you are busy when visiting