Sunday November 6, 2011

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[00:25] Deepak_Deepak No I havent got the answer to my quesiont
[01:09] jhawk28 deepak_deepak: use instead
[01:09] jhawk28 of localhost
[01:11] jhawk28 or if you are on linux, use the ipc transport (between processes) or inproc (in the same process, between threads)
[01:12] iFire is json with schema a valid cheap protocol?
[01:12] jhawk28 cheap in what way?
[01:12] jhawk28 cheaper than XML
[01:13] iFire
[01:13] iFire jhawk28: cheaper than bit mangling every protocol element
[01:13] iFire because you need to send a million messages per core
[01:13] jhawk28 yes, JSON would be considered cheap
[01:13] iFire tnetstring seems simple though
[01:14] iFire jhawk28: have you read the bridge parable on that page?
[01:14] iFire
[01:14] jhawk28 yes, I have
[01:14] iFire I'm going to use llvm's bitcode for nasty
[01:14] iFire and structs for pure data
[01:15] jhawk28 I would recommend using protocol buffers
[01:15] iFire jhawk28: he did mention that explicitl
[01:15] iFire y
[01:15] iFire by name
[01:15] iFire You'll see people trying to use Cheap everywhere ("everything is an XML message!"), or Nasty for everything ("Our wire level protocol is 100% binary!"). Or, some intermediate solution that is neither Cheap, nor Nasty ("we use protobufs for everything!"). The results will be mediocre. Don't be afraid of going to extremes, when you're writing software that has to be extremely good.
[01:16] iFire I'm going to use json schema until it's bad enough
[01:16] jhawk28 up to you, Ive had good success with protocol buffers
[01:17] iFire jhawk28: I don't think protocol buffer is extreme enough ;P
[01:17] iFire
[01:18] iFire jhawk28: the other problem is there's no lua protobuf
[01:18] iFire that's really good
[01:18] iFire because protobuf requires a schema
[01:18] iFire and you can't stick it in the message
[01:19] iFire in a standard way
[01:21] iFire jhawk28: what are you up to?
[01:22] jhawk28 just watching a tv show
[01:22] iFire with zmq
[01:22] jhawk28 using as a transport
[01:22] jhawk28 built a couple devices
[01:23] jhawk28 wrote a router
[01:23] jhawk28 started a pure Java impl of zeromq based on the zmtp
[01:23] iFire jhawk28: are you aware of the vtx?
[01:24] iFire it's a tunnelling of zmq to any protocol
[01:24] iFire underlying protocol
[01:25] jhawk28 havent really seen it
[01:25] iFire I want zmq to be under udp
[01:25] iFire and not just PG<
[01:25] iFire PGM
[01:26] jhawk28 I think they did some stuff under the SP protocol
[01:30] jhawk28 which may be that project
[01:56] Seta00 ugh, I'm having a hard time trying to find what's wrong with my application
[01:56] Seta00 no errors, netstat shows the connection has been established, PUBlisher sends messages and I don't receive them on the SUBscriber
[01:56] Seta00 :(
[02:05] jhawk28 sounds like you are not subscribing
[02:06] Seta00 I am
[02:10] jhawk28 do you have any sample code?
[02:13] Seta00 it's a bunch of code, I'll paste the relevant parts
[02:23] Seta00 ah, the problem is the actual data :)
[02:23] Seta00 or maybe not: zmq error 11: Resource temporarily unavailable
[02:24] jhawk28 to make sure its not the data, subscribe to all the data
[02:24] Seta00 it's not the data, it was actually failing on zmq_send
[02:24] Seta00 with that error
[02:25] JAVAZMQ anywon?
[02:25] JAVAZMQ wow
[02:25] JAVAZMQ many
[02:26] jhawk28 hello
[02:26] jhawk28 Seta00: what binding are you using?
[02:26] Seta00 none
[02:26] Seta00 ZMQ 2.1.10
[02:26] JAVAZMQ does anybody know that ZMQ PUB/SUB does not work with JAVA? I've tried to run example on the manual(weather pub/sub) but does not recieve any message.
[02:27] jhawk28 it does, I use it all the time
[02:32] jhawk28 Seta00:
[02:33] jhawk28 JAVAZMQ: do you get any error?
[02:33] JAVAZMQ oh. I found the reason that I couldn't recv. any SUB messages. the recv. socket should "subscribe"! sorry for my novice question.
[02:33] jhawk28 happened to me a couple of times
[02:33] JAVAZMQ thx jhawk28!
[02:34] Seta00 jhawk28: yeah I'm building from master now to test :)
[02:45] Seta00 can 3.0 talk to 2.1?
[02:48] Rotham hey
[02:49] Rotham having a hard time finding documentation on zmq Poller
[02:49] jhawk28 Seta00: no, 3.0 is not backwards compatible
[02:50] Seta00 a-ha, I was also linking against the wrong binary
[02:50] jhawk28 Rotham: there are some examples in the guide
[02:50] jhawk28 what do you need to know?
[02:50] Rotham ah k cool
[02:50] Rotham ill check that out
[02:51] Rotham hm
[02:52] Rotham just trying to understand what it does..
[02:52] jhawk28 it allows you to non busy poll multiple sockets
[02:53] jhawk28 like the Selector in Java
[02:53] jhawk28 or kpoll epoll
[02:55] jhawk28
[02:59] jhawk28
[03:11] Rotham thank you
[03:11] Rotham that helps alot
[03:11] jhawk28 np
[03:35] dde Has anyone tried to work with em-zeromq (0.2.1) and ffi-rzmq (0.9.0)? I'm getting a '/usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p180/gems/ffi-rzmq-0.9.0/lib/ffi-rzmq/socket.rb:387:in `getsockopt': wrong number of arguments (1 for 2) (ArgumentError)'
[09:34] No-Brainiac hey guys, I have a question about C++Headerfiles. When I write zmq C++ Code I have to declare the variables, e.g. zmq::socket_t socket (context, ZMQ_REP); in the header. But i dont know how I correctly do this. Can anyone give me an example ? The Compiler always says thinks like "socket_t name no Type"
[09:50] No-Brainiac can anyone help me with the declaration in c++ headerfiles ?
[09:58] Deepak_Deepak thanks jHawk28.. But can you please answer why * is used then? what does it mean.. to bind to tcp://*:5000 as compared to tcp://localhost:5000 I would like to undestand it
[10:05] No-Brainiac when u bind * instead of localhost the server gets the messages from all ips that send the message to port 5000 an when u tipe localhost u only get it from the localhost (but it can be that u have to write instead of localhost )
[10:11] Deepak_Deepak so why cant i open a *:5000 for a pub socet and *:5000 for s sub socet
[10:11] Deepak_Deepak socket
[10:14] sustrik No-Brainiac: you are missing zmq namespace
[10:14] sustrik zmq::socket_t
[12:21] Deepak2 hello
[13:06] CIA-79 libzmq: 03Chuck Remes 07master * r93529d8 10/ (8 files in 5 dirs): Add zmq_getmsgopt to the API ...
[13:09] CIA-79 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r11e3198 10/ AUTHORS : Chuck Remeas added to the AUTHORS file ...
[16:27] nerus hi
[16:28] nerus I have an up and running paranoid pirate pattern up ( php client, python broker and a c++ backend)
[16:28] nerus used the snippets from to get it up
[16:29] nerus just wanted to know if there is a way by which I could record the broker to log which of the backend worker a particular request was sent
[16:29] nerus assuming each request has a id/hash or some type of unique identifier
[16:29] nerus ?
[18:48] iFire sustrik: ?
[19:22] CIA-79 pyzmq: 03Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek 07master * ra51fa5d 10/ zmq/core/message.pyx : Fix AttributeError caused by missing threading._Event ...
[19:42] tarcieri w00t
[19:42] technoweenie tarcieri: are you doing a ruby interface to zmq?
[19:43] tarcieri technoweenie: nah, I'm using ffi-rzmq
[19:43] technoweenie oh right on
[19:43] tarcieri what I'm doing is more like distributed Erlang... it's asynchronous DRb
[19:43] technoweenie oh nice.