Monday October 31, 2011

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[11:38] mato sustrik: ping
[11:39] sustrik pong
[11:39] mato sustrik: copyright != authorship
[11:39] sustrik meaning that...
[11:39] mato sustrik: i realise you want to treat everyone equally, and that is commendable, but even in the case why this discussion started, copyright is not authorship
[11:40] sustrik so?
[11:40] mato well, us two are the authors of said changes
[11:40] mato but the (c)'s are on the people that paid for it
[11:40] sustrik ok, so AUTHORS is for authors
[11:40] sustrik file headers is for copyrights
[11:40] mato that's the idea
[11:41] mato but you don't want to go cluttering the file headers with copyrights for every trivial patch
[11:41] mato maintenance pain
[11:41] mato even AUTHORS in theory could be generated from the Git history, if it was complete :-)
[11:42] sustrik ok
[11:42] mato so, you get my reasoning? those who care about copyrights are free to add them
[11:42] mato every author goes in authors anyway
[11:42] mato makes sense?
[11:42] sustrik yep
[11:43] mato great
[11:43] mato of course, i may be accused of pushing cargo cult policies :-)