Saturday October 29, 2011

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[02:48] lusis service discovery
[02:48] lusis this is relevant to my interests
[12:48] CIA-79 libzmq: 03Perry Kundert 07master * r09574a6 10/ src/req.cpp : Corrected discarding of remainder of message when request ID invalid ...
[12:49] CIA-79 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r541b83b 10/ AUTHORS : Perry Kundert added to the AUTHORS file ...
[15:40] Deepak Hello
[15:40] Deepak Anyone from zeromq here?
[15:40] mikko what do you mean?
[15:41] Deepak Sorry let me re phrase that .. Any one here I can ask a question about zeromq with regards to java bindings
[15:42] Deepak I am reading the guide.. very good so far....
[15:42] Deepak and am looking for java example for peering1, peering2 and peering3.
[15:43] mikko Deepak: are those missing at the moment?
[15:43] Deepak They dont seem to be there...
[15:43] mikko you can probably read C++ examples if they are there
[15:43] mikko should be fairly close to java
[15:43] mikko it might be that noone has done java examples this far
[15:43] Deepak no c++ examples.. at the moment :-(
[15:44] Deepak do you think we will have them soon? or there is too much other work around?
[15:45] sustrik the examples are community contributed, feel free to contribute them yourself
[15:45] Deepak was afarid i would get that response...
[15:45] Deepak I guess i have a couple of hours to try it out...
[15:45] sustrik :)
[15:46] sustrik anyway, what't the problem you are having?
[15:46] Deepak Just the above...
[15:46] Deepak Was thinking my git clone did not work
[15:46] sustrik ah
[15:46] sustrik i see
[15:47] sustrik well, then it's up to you to write them
[15:47] Deepak one thing I noticed is not in the git repository. however the java link from the guide works..
[15:48] sustrik maybe checking python examples would be useful, python is a lot like pseudocode
[15:48] sustrik Deepak: that's strange
[15:48] sustrik can you complain about that on the mailing list?
[15:48] Deepak ok will do...
[15:49] Deepak while you are there can I ask you what the : in the url means
[15:50] Deepak The missing java file was found through the guide with url
[15:50] Deepak I was thinking if it was possible to directory browse up to
[15:50] Deepak maybe its there.
[15:51] Deepak wishfull thinking I know :-)
[15:58] sustrik no idea
[15:59] sustrik try asking on th mailing list
[16:14] Deepak Ok thank
[19:55] tarcieri cremes: around?