Saturday October 22, 2011

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[01:28] EhevuTov on a pub sub pattern, does the publisher send data packets to a subscriber, even though the subscriber isn't subscribed to that pub. For instance, does a subscribe("CHINESE") get packets sent from a send("ENGLISH") and just drop them, or does the publisher just not send to that particular subscriber?
[01:31] jsimmons depends on the zmq version, in 2.x yes, in 3.x no
[01:35] EhevuTov jsimmons, oh interesting. What should I do in 3.0 then if I want to implement that
[01:36] jsimmons you probably want to take a squiz at this EhevuTov
[01:37] EhevuTov ah, thank you jsimmons
[02:34] EhevuTov jsimmons, I just read all that document. That was exactly what I needed. Thanks again
[06:01] Sasan hello
[06:08] mattbillenstein o hai
[09:41] hwinkel good morning
[09:50] hwinkel morning
[15:04] mikko howdy
[15:40] sigmonsay Can I access the underlying socket in zmq somehow? I wish to only poll it in a list of other sockets for activity
[16:40] mikko sigmonsay: yes
[16:40] mikko sigmonsay:
[16:42] sigmonsay ooo, very nice
[16:44] jd10 in case of any scala / akka users