Tuesday October 18, 2011

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[07:08] jsimmons is there a way to change the hwm policy of a socket? specifically change XREQ to drop on hwm rather than block?
[07:09] guido_g no
[07:10] jsimmons is there a reason for this inability, like my architecture being fundamentally flawed?
[07:39] sustrik jsimmons: why would you want that kind of thing in the first place?
[07:45] jsimmons I'm not really sure thinking about it, but something like the backlock becoming rapidly stale such that servicing old requests serves no purpose
[07:46] jsimmons that's not really just an issue of hwm handling though
[07:47] jsimmons backlog* too
[07:54] sustrik hm, why not set low HWM then?
[07:55] sustrik at the beginning
[07:59] jsimmons I suppose you're right, the handling of meeting the hwm in this case only varies the age of the oldest in the queue
[07:59] jsimmons s/oldest/newest
[08:01] jsimmons and if you're hitting the hwm you're in trouble anyway :)
[16:33] mikko good eveving
[16:33] mikko hmm, such a simple thing
[16:33] mikko retry: good evening
[16:33] sustrik hi
[16:34] pieterh hi sustrik
[16:42] sustrik pieterh_L hi
[16:42] mikko sustrik: the freebsd box should give you access to kqueue right?
[16:43] sustrik yep
[16:43] sustrik i've tried it this morning
[16:43] sustrik it works
[16:44] sustrik unfortunately i have to finish the article for aosabook till day after tomorrow when i'm leaving for kyiv
[16:44] mikko i've been thinking about getting one of those mac minis at home
[16:45] mikko and use that for builds when it's idle
[16:45] sustrik if it's reproducible on freebsd
[16:45] sustrik then there's no need for mac
[16:45] mikko mac would be nice in the longer run
[16:45] mikko as a lot of devs use macs
[16:46] sustrik sure
[16:46] sustrik i don't know how much a problem is adding it into the build env
[16:46] sustrik you probably can't run osx on a virtual box
[16:46] mikko should be relatively easy
[16:46] mikko nope, i dont think virtualbox would work
[16:47] mikko
[16:47] mikko this was interesting regarding virtualbox
[16:47] sustrik i see
[16:48] sustrik seen that one :)
[16:48] sustrik anyway, i'm back on tuesday next week
[16:48] sustrik i can have a look at the problem on wednesday
[16:50] mikko cool
[16:56] pieterh sustrik: did you see
[16:57] pieterh looks like 0MQ stops receiving at some point, for unknown reasons
[16:57] mikko this is the zynga one?
[16:58] mikko pieterh_: openpgm should be updated before next 2.1 release
[16:58] pieterh yes
[16:58] mikko steven fixed the silent rules and building on solaris10 using solstudio12.2
[16:58] mikko there are also some build failures related to timers on freebsd
[16:59] mikko not sure if this is vmware issue or OS difference
[16:59] pieterh mikko: they're not using PGM here
[16:59] mikko pieterh: Assertion failed: (elapsed > 440000 && elapsed < 550000), function main, file test_timeo.cpp, line 73.
[16:59] mikko this one
[17:00] mikko on 3.0
[17:01] pieterh more than normal, even
[17:03] mikko pieterh: theres also a couple of fixes which would be nice to have in 2.1.11
[17:04] mikko assuming there is a sensible fix available
[17:05] mikko LIBZMQ-264 is one
[17:06] mikko bbl ->
[17:25] sustrik pieterh_: yes, seen it, looks like a bug
[20:01] cremes as a hobby project, i am thinking of implementing a FIX engine (in Ruby)
[20:01] cremes has anyone in channel ever written one before?
[20:16] sustrik cremes: there was such a blog somewhere...
[20:17] cremes i probably found it... some useful nuggets but whoever wrote it wasn't much of a writer :)
[22:09] Brandon_R hi guys
[23:41] streamer I want to open up a completely asynchronous, persistent connection between two sockets, with a queue device in between. What config should I use? I currently have a [dealer] --- [router - router] ---[ dealer] setup, but I can't make the replies get routed back properly.
[23:55] minrk You can't use router-router in a queue
[23:56] minrk router prepends the identity of the sender to the message, so that it knows how to route the reply
[23:57] minrk but that means that the second router forwarding the message will be sending to the original sender's identity
[23:58] minrk If messages definitely initiate from one side, you can use [dealer] -- [router - dealer] -- [router]