Sunday October 16, 2011

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[06:33] EhevuTov anyone know why for Node.js there is a package named "zmq" and one named "zeromq"?
[10:19] mikko good morning
[10:35] sustrik morning
[10:35] mikko sustrik: should i disable tests for libzmq at the moment?
[10:35] mikko it still gets stuck
[10:39] mikko cremes: there?
[10:49] mikko Assertion failed: (elapsed > 440000 && elapsed < 550000), function main, file test_timeo.cpp, line 73.
[10:49] mikko i assume this is vmware time issue
[11:21] sustrik mikko: quite possible
[12:41] sustrik mikko: there?
[17:57] cremes mikko: try running the specs now and see if you still get hangs
[17:57] cremes i think i have solved all of the issues
[21:18] test hi
[21:19] test can someone answer me a question about zeromq on windows?
[21:24] mantzas hi is someone active here?
[21:35] mikko cremes: some fails against 3.0
[21:35] cremes if they are for PUB binding, then it's a legitimate failure
[21:35] mikko
[21:37] cremes mikko: 13 & 14 are due to a bug in 3.0
[21:37] cremes mikko: the rest i have not see before... i test on osx & windows where those specs pass
[21:37] cremes let me try it on linux; i'll try to figure out how to get those working on linux
[21:40] cremes mikko: i don't get those FD failures on my linux box
[21:43] mikko cremes: against 3.0?
[21:43] cremes ah, against 2.1
[21:43] cremes let me try 3.0... hang on
[21:45] mikko 2.1 succeeds
[21:45] mikko 3.0 fails
[22:00] cremes mikko: errno is set to 88 (ENOTSOCK)
[22:00] cremes maybe it's a legitimate bug for 3.0?
[22:32] mikko cremes: don't know
[22:32] mikko cremes: sounds odd
[22:35] mikko cremes: sounds like the socket is closed when the call happens
[22:57] sundbp cremes: on my windows box in the office i get 2-3 specs failing on 2.1. looks timing related somehow, 2 fails pretty reliably but 1 once in a while. i think they're "false negatives" though. when i'm there tomorrow i can post you the details.
[22:59] sundbp cremes: all pass reliably on my osx box at home