Saturday October 15, 2011

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[03:16] aroman1 zmq.eventloop.ioloop is supposed to be a drop-in replacement for tornado's ioloop, yeah?
[03:16] aroman1 because it's not working with tornado's AsyncHTTPClient for me.
[03:19] minrk When using the zmq ioloop, you have to be careful to install the ioloop before creating any tornado objects
[03:19] aroman1 minrk: 'install the ioloop'?
[03:20] minrk otherwise calls to IOLoop.instance() can result in both ioloops being initialized
[03:20] minrk yes, you have to replace tornado's ioloop with zmq's
[03:20] aroman1 i could post my code if that'd be helpful.
[03:20] minrk sure
[03:20] aroman1 great, thanks, one second.
[03:21] minrk The first thing you should call is: zmq.eventloop.ioloop.install()
[03:22] minrk so that tornado.ioloop.IOLoop *is* zmq.eventloop.ioloop.IOLoop
[03:22] aroman1
[03:22] aroman1 well that
[03:22] aroman1 that's the thing -- I never even import tornado's ioloop.
[03:23] minrk but AsyncHTTP does
[03:23] aroman1 ah
[03:23] aroman1
[03:24] aroman1 and now it works :)
[03:24] minrk excellent
[03:24] aroman1 thank god. I was beginning to think there were no decent async http clients for python I could use with zmq
[03:25] minrk We use tornado+zmq pretty extensively for the IPython notebook, so it definitely works
[03:25] aroman1 that's really awesome :)
[03:25] aroman1 you might want to update this then, methinks:
[03:25] aroman1 (to use the install() function rather than the 'hack')
[03:26] minrk good call, I had forgotten about that
[04:06] CIA-79 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07 * rc8c2353 10/ docs/ : update autodoc exclusions for eventloop.platform -
[04:06] CIA-79 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07 * r95cb804 10/ (docs/source/eventloop.rst examples/eventloop/ update tornado docs and example ...
[04:09] CIA-79 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07 * rf978634 10/ (6 files in 4 dirs): update eventloop doc with install() -
[05:40] aroman1 minrk: hey, would you happen to be able to field a question about Tornado? #tornadoweb is asleep :/
[05:41] aroman1 minrk: I'm trying to submit a form with AsyncHTTPClient, and I'm getting back 302 Found, despite setting follow_redirects=True.
[05:41] minrk possibly - my experience is rather limited
[05:42] minrk possibly max_redirects is it?
[05:43] minrk I think the default is 5
[05:43] minrk *is hit
[05:44] aroman1 minrk: hmm yep,
[05:45] aroman1 i just monkeypatched Tornado's httpclient to let me know when it's following a redirect (and it's using up the max of 5)
[05:45] aroman1 that said, what doesn't make any sense is *why* it's redirecting more than once
[05:45] aroman1 i'm just trying to submit a login wform
[05:46] aroman1 form*
[05:46] minrk can I ask, to where?
[05:46] aroman1 i'll PM you the link.
[14:35] ptrb my pyzmq subscriber throws a Resource temporarily unavailable every time I recv() with a timeout. Ideas?
[17:22] mikko good evening
[17:35] mikko cremes: there?
[17:37] aroman minrk: hey
[17:37] minrk hello
[17:38] aroman minrk: just wanted to let you know that everything is going better than I could have imagined with zeromq + tornado :)
[17:38] minrk excellent
[17:38] aroman (If you're curious as to what I'm building:
[18:03] cremes mikko: for a little while; what's up?
[18:03] mikko now i got it running:
[18:03] mikko
[18:03] mikko but the tests get stuck with no output
[18:04] mikko the rspec issue was gems directory not being in PATH
[18:04] cremes hmmm
[18:04] cremes it has to be something with the environment
[18:05] cremes wait, i see output
[18:05] cremes oh, you must have sent it a kill signal
[18:06] mikko cremes: i did
[18:06] mikko cremes: it was stuck for ~20 minutes
[18:07] cremes mikko: are you running the specs against 2.1, 3.0 or 4.0?
[18:07] cremes i can reproduce the failures against 4.0 but i was told not to worry since that is experimental
[18:07] mikko cremes: not yet
[18:07] mikko testing with 2.1 now
[18:07] cremes ok
[18:07] cremes that should be clean
[18:07] cremes 3.x should be clean too
[18:08] mikko 3.0 building here
[18:08] mikko stuck as well
[18:08] cremes strange
[18:09] mikko is there a long running test there?
[18:09] mikko am i canceling it too quick?
[18:10] mikko
[18:10] cremes let me time them here...
[18:14] cremes i'm getting a hang against 2.1.10 too
[18:14] cremes i'll have to debug this later; sorry
[18:15] mikko no worries
[18:26] cremes mikko: i had a free 5m so i just fixed it and pushed the changes to github
[18:33] mikko cool, running tests now
[18:34] mikko
[18:34] mikko 2.1 running here
[18:59] user4987 is there somewhere I can read about how zeromq differs from twisted? How are their roles different?
[19:15] mikko user4987: isn't twisted more of an event loop?