Monday October 10, 2011

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[06:11] vindolin hi.. i'm toying around with pyzmq.. i wrote a pub server that publishes change events to a log file and a sub client that plays geigercounter sounds when the log is modified.. this works as expected but after some time (hour or so) the client stops receiving messages. after restarting the client it works again for some time.
[06:11] vindolin
[08:26] deam sundbp1: thanks I will look into it (majordomo)
[09:17] vindolin <-- after an hour or so the clients stop receiving messages. after restarting them they again work for some time. any ideas?
[09:25] sustrik vindolin: can you please create an issue in the bugtracker?
[09:26] sustrik don't forget to specify the OS, version of 0mq etc.
[09:28] vindolin sustrik: i wasn't sure if its a zmq problem or me doing something wrong
[09:29] sustrik unlikely a user problem, given it works ok for an hour
[09:31] vindolin ok
[09:56] sustrik mikko: hi
[11:23] vindolin is the channel log lagging?
[13:02] mikko sustrik: hi
[13:05] sustrik mikko: hi
[13:05] sustrik the debian problem
[13:06] sustrik i have ubuntu on my box and it does not happen
[13:06] sustrik any chance of finding out where it gets stuck?
[13:10] mikko sustrik: yes
[13:10] mikko it gets stuck on debian and solaris
[13:10] mikko let me attach gdb
[13:10] mikko sec
[13:10] sustrik i mean, a backtrace or something
[13:10] sustrik yes, please
[13:11] mikko
[13:12] sustrik thansk
[13:13] mikko i'll clean the workspace and build from scract just in case it's an issue with the build
[13:13] mikko but it's been getting stuck consistently after 772
[13:14] mikko fresh build going here
[13:17] mikko sustrik: stuck again
[13:18] sustrik ok, looking at it
[13:23] mikko yep, same happens when testing from interactive shell
[13:42] mikko sustrik: does it help if you got access to the box
[13:46] sustrik mikko: yes, that would be great
[13:46] mikko sustrik: do you still have the same key?
[13:46] sustrik yes
[13:46] sustrik no change
[14:23] sustrik mikko: ok, reproduced
[14:26] mikko sustrik: cool
[14:27] mikko it looks like 2.1 and 3.0 are broken --with-openpgm on solaris studio 12.2 on solaris
[14:27] mikko need to look into that soon
[14:31] sustrik ok
[18:35] scrollbar When a subscriber loses a connection and gets a new IP, does it auto reconnect to the pub or do i have to detect if the connection was lost and manually reconnect?
[18:41] mikko sustrik: it should reconnect automatically
[18:43] Steve-o as long as there is no bind() it should work fine
[18:45] mikko Steve-o: i didn't quite get your email
[18:45] mikko i'm getting the build failure during zeromq build
[18:46] Steve-o try running ./ on Solaris
[18:46] Steve-o rebuild the configure script
[18:46] Steve-o I think it's a bug in the old version of autotools
[18:46] Steve-o I'm wondering whether I should release a new repackage built on Linux instead of OSX
[18:47] Steve-o from your log it looks like autotools did not detect the flags for C99 correctly
[18:49] scrollbar strange.. in my case.. when I kill the wireless connection on my subscriber notebook and then switch it back on, the subscriber reconnects to the publisher in the interwebs.. but when my router gets a new ip it doesn't... the subscriber blocks forever.. bugtracker?
[18:51] Steve-o scrollbar: looks like the TCP connection wasn't reset by the router
[18:51] mikko Steve-o: something happened to the silent rules as well with the latest package
[18:52] mikko not just osx
[18:52] Steve-o mikko: I'm just upgrading by Debian VM, then I'll upload a 5.1.118~repack1
[18:52] mikko but thats minor issue
[18:52] mikko Steve-o: i can test solaris in a minute
[18:52] mikko need to first find out how to turn this dehumidifier off
[18:52] Steve-o s/by/my/
[18:52] Steve-o scrollbar: look at the guide for a message pattern with heartbeats
[18:53] scrollbar steve-o: will do.. thanks
[19:05] Steve-o web irc client froze :/
[19:05] Steve-o mikko: new re-packaging:
[19:05] Steve-o Using Debian 7 autotools instead of OSX 10.6.8
[19:09] Steve-o I assume that is the preferred versioning form, who knows?
[19:23] mikko Steve-o: i think yes
[19:23] mikko let me test
[19:24] mikko need to install wget on the box
[19:24] Steve-o or scp from another
[19:24] Steve-o depressing using Solaris some times
[19:25] mikko doing pkg-get upgrade just for good measure
[19:25] mikko odd that pkg-get seems to use wget
[19:25] mikko but i just can't find it anywhere
[19:26] mikko pkg-get makes solaris ok
[20:35] mikko Steve-o: -1 seems to build fine
[20:35] mikko silent rules work as well
[20:35] mikko
[20:35] mikko semi silent
[20:37] Steve-o well, that's good for SunCC, let me check that __may_alias__
[20:38] mikko thats not suncc
[20:38] mikko solaris studio
[20:38] mikko unless that is suncc
[20:38] Steve-o same thing :P
[20:38] Steve-o suncc, forte, sun one studio, solaris studio
[20:38] Steve-o that looks good, I'm happy with only attributes giving warnings
[20:39] Steve-o the overflow is a bit annoying
[20:41] Steve-o I think Windows moans more now
[20:54] mikko havent got windows up and running atm
[20:55] Steve-o I guess should try MSVC 2011 in 8 developer preview
[20:55] Steve-o ok fixed the overflow warning upstream, very minor
[20:59] mikko
[21:00] mikko i dont think this path has been hit often :)
[21:00] mikko Invalid number of character (() when these macros are defined: 'ZMQ_FORCE_SELECT'.
[21:00] mikko cppcheck is actually proving to be semi-useful
[21:02] Steve-o I use the C static analyser from Linux
[21:02] Steve-o smatch
[21:02] Steve-o that link errs in Chrome, too many redirects
[21:17] mikko oh yeah
[21:17] mikko might be mistake in the rules that force login over https
[23:39] przemek hello?
[23:40] przemek I have a question regarding using 0MQ on Windows. Is anyone able/willing to help?
[23:51] mikko przemek_: sure
[23:51] mikko sorry for the delay, i was actually just tinkering with windows