Sunday October 9, 2011

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[02:59] daniely Excuse me, I am using ZMQ in my program.I have a question. Could the "Czmq" lib support LINUX 64bit OS?
[08:33] lupine_85 cremes, ah, that's working like a charm, thanks :)
[11:45] mikko good morning
[11:46] cremes mikko: good morning; it's 6:46 am here... are you in CST/CDT?
[11:48] mikko BST
[11:48] mikko it's 12:48 here
[11:50] cremes i see
[11:50] cremes well, that's bedtime for me :)
[13:53] mikko cppcheck is quite useful for static analysis tool
[14:44] DanielY Excuse me,I need some help. I have a question about libczmq. Could libczmq support Linux 64bit? I got a crash in my program when i use zthread_new to create a thread and encountered an exception in zthread.c line 96 :shim->detached (shim->args) .
[14:46] DanielY And the same program maked on linux 32 worked very well.
[14:48] mikko DanielY: interesting
[14:49] mikko zthread tests succeed on 64bit for me
[14:50] mikko DanielY:
[14:50] mikko Linux build 2.6.32-5-amd64 #1 SMP Fri Sep 9 20:23:16 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[14:56] DanielY thank u very much,mikko. I think i built the libczmq successfully. I just got a crash when i start my program and backtrack shows the zthread_new line . My program received a signal:SIGSEGV.
[14:57] mikko DanielY: can i see the code?
[19:31] deam I am looking for a way to connect multiple child nodes to one master node, with the minimum amount of tcp ports required. How can I accomplish this? Right now I have a pub/sub from child nodes to master node and a req/rep to child nodes. So I need one tcp port for the subscriber and a dedicated tcp port for each plugin for the req/rep.
[19:32] deam I am trying to transition from rabbitmq (amqp) to zeromq, in the rabbitmq I only used to have one port.. now I have 20 :-(
[20:57] egerton is there anybody having an example of usage for epgm ?
[20:58] sundbp1 deam: you don't need multiple ports. could all be done on one port. check out the majordomo example in the zguide for example.
[21:02] egerton I cannot find any example in the zguide
[21:03] egerton ...and mine is crashing :-(
[21:45] fmardini hello, I'm writing an application that has to deal with a large number of normal sockets in addition to quite a few zmq sockets, so i was wondering if there were any limits to zmq_poll
[21:45] fmardini I couldn't find anything in the documentation
[21:48] psino1 fmardini: you might want to be a bit more specific on how large is your "large number", and how many "quite a few" are :)
[21:51] fmardini psino1: sure :) well the normal sockets would be client facing and i expect around 2k - 3k connections
[21:51] fmardini zmq sockets i'll have around 15
[21:51] fmardini i was thinking about using libev and using the file descriptor the zmq socket
[21:52] fmardini currently looking at zmq.cpp trying to figure out my options