Saturday October 8, 2011

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[00:12] mikko sustrik: tests seem to get stuck on solaris
[00:12] mikko sustrik: not sure whats going on
[10:57] lupine_85 Hmm. Anyone familiar with the ffi-rzmq bindings (ruby)? is raising a NoMethodError ZMQ::Context#null? - ZMQ::Context#socket works, though
[11:50] MrGoodbyte hello everybody
[11:51] MrGoodbyte I'm trying to work with publisher/subscriber pattern
[11:52] MrGoodbyte Is there nay way to get subscriber list by subscription meta
[11:52] MrGoodbyte any* way
[13:10] mikko sustrik: there?
[14:35] mikko sustrik: hi
[14:57] mikko hi pieter_hintjens
[14:57] mikko sorry if you get a lot of emails
[14:57] mikko i am setting up the new build boxes
[15:10] mikko hi samsoir
[15:10] samsoir morning
[15:10] mikko hows united states of america?
[15:10] samsoir sunny today
[15:13] samsoir mikko: slightly OT, but do you know of any good examples/docs of fcgi interaction from the server talking to the fcgi-process? there are loads of examples of how to write an fcgi binary, but less on messaging fcgi processes.
[15:13] mikko no, i don't
[15:13] mikko i wrote an fcgi client ages ago
[15:13] mikko and reverse engineered mod_fcgi for apache
[15:13] samsoir :( yeah. my next stop was going to be the nginx source code
[15:14] pieterh mikko: hai
[15:14] mikko pieterh: snapshot portal is on github now and also online
[15:14] mikko
[15:15] mikko not that many snapshots yet
[15:15] mikko the code is here:
[15:15] pieterh hmm, nice... I'd made a to use
[15:15] pieterh that lets you create microsites on the wikidot cluster
[15:15] mikko there is also a possibility to manually update the snapshots
[15:16] mikko so we can add python snapshots, steves snapshots etc
[15:16] mikko if needed
[15:16] mikko cool
[15:16] pieterh I'm not sure it's a good idea to offer source package downloads from anywhere except the main download page
[15:16] pieterh actually, it's a bad idea IMO
[15:16] pieterh highly confusing
[15:17] mikko a lot of projects provide source snapshots
[15:17] mikko we've had source snapshots for ages
[15:17] mikko see for example:
[15:18] pieterh so the question of whether we teach people the difference between github (=current unreleased) and snapshots (formally released)
[15:18] pieterh also the question of versioning, i.e. you provide a file called zeromq-3.0.3.tar.gz which is the same as the eventual formal release
[15:19] pieterh also the question of multiple download locations for what appears to be the same stuff
[15:19] pieterh I find this risky
[15:19] pieterh I'd much rather use github for current unreleased code, always
[15:19] mikko snapshots make it easier for for example redhat5 users
[15:20] mikko and the autotools are too old on redhat5
[15:20] pieterh indeed
[15:20] mikko you would need to install autotools manually to test
[15:20] pieterh doesn't the github repo contain all the files needed to build for rhat5?
[15:20] mikko no
[15:20] mikko you need to generate 'configure' etc
[15:21] mikko and you need autotools for that
[15:21] mikko redhat5 ships with older autotools which we dont support
[15:21] pieterh so, at the least the daily snapshots should (a) be clearly named as such and (b) be on an official web page
[15:21] pieterh if you're going to use the 0MQ logo, it should be on
[15:22] pieterh but I'd like to avoid the confusion that multiple instances of the same thing creates
[15:22] mikko is there a way to automatically upload to the current
[15:22] pieterh sure
[15:22] pieterh we can use scp
[15:23] pieterh we can also upload pages to the wikidot site
[15:23] pieterh e.g. as we do for
[15:23] pieterh currently all official packages are on, which I'd like to keep as a principle
[15:24] pieterh it's a linux box running somewhere Slovakia
[15:24] pieterh it could be moved anywhere as needed
[15:25] mikko so, i need to change the build process to generate new page on wikidot and upload to downloads?
[15:25] pieterh I'd say that's part of it, yes
[15:25] pieterh Mato can provide you the credential for the downloads box
[15:25] pieterh if he can't, I can figure out how eventually
[15:26] pieterh Then generating a single snapshots page on the wiki is a good idea
[15:26] pieterh That also takes care of the style of the page
[15:27] pieterh we have the tools in ztools (wdput)
[15:27] pieterh Then you need to make the filenames explicit IMO; add -daily to make clear these are not the real versions
[15:27] pieterh or -rc
[15:27] pieterh or something
[15:28] mikko ill add timestamp
[15:29] mikko zeromq2.1.10-20110909121324.tgz
[15:29] pieterh -rc-timestamp?
[15:29] mikko yeah, if it's rc
[15:29] mikko do we maintain that information within repo anywhere
[15:29] pieterh dailys are always rcs
[15:29] mikko 3.0 is 'beta'
[15:30] mikko which is slower stability than rc
[15:30] mikko i guess just '-daily' makes sense
[15:30] mikko to avoid configuring it for each repo
[15:30] pieterh 'release' means any package we release which includes betas
[15:30] pieterh we don't use -rc for stable release candidates
[15:30] pieterh as such
[15:31] pieterh -daily is fine too
[15:31] pieterh anything explicit (timestamp is not sufficient)
[15:31] pieterh this is a snapshot of an unreleased version from github
[15:31] pieterh actually best would be the github commit tag for that version
[15:32] pieterh then we know exactly where we are, when someone reports a problem in a daily
[15:32] mikko let me see if that is available during build
[15:32] mikko for now, i'll remove the logo and rename the builds
[15:33] pieterh mikko: so you're admin of and you have upload API access
[15:33] mikko moving to wikidot and downloads is fairly substantial change
[15:33] pieterh don't worry about the logo etc. for now, this is not a legal issue, just a matter of intent
[15:33] mikko and i still got a lot of work on getting the build cluster on new hardware
[15:33] pieterh as long as we agree on where we're going there's no real hurry
[15:33] mikko are zeromq 2.2 builds needed?
[15:33] pieterh I don't think anyone uses 2.2
[15:33] pieterh or even wants it, really, so we'll probably kill it off
[15:34] pieterh I'm happy to help produce wikidot page content if/when you need it
[15:34] mikko i'll get these running on the hardware first
[15:35] mikko it's easy to change when everything is running
[15:35] pieterh ack :)
[15:36] pieterh wow 109th pull request on zguide
[15:47] mikko libzmq master builds are getting stuck on tests
[15:47] mikko might be a bug introduced at some point
[17:39] cremes lupine_85: i wrote that gem; pls show me the code that you are running that throws the error
[19:06] lupine_85 cremes,, ZMQ::Router, :receiver_class => ZMQ::ManagedMessage)
[19:06] lupine_85 I get a NoMethodError 'null?' for ZMQ::Socket (this is with rbx-head)
[19:06] lupine_85 ZMQ::ROUTER, rather
[19:06] cremes lupine_85: right, you need to pass ctx.pointer
[19:07] cremes ctx is a ruby class
[19:07] cremes ctx.pointer is the FFI pointer underneath it
[19:07] cremes i suppose i could make that a little easier... :)
[19:07] cremes i'll do that for the next release
[19:08] cremes lupine_85: so, is it working for you now?
[20:31] rgl is there a way to monitor queue size against the HWM? eg. I want to known if the HWM is set correctly.
[21:43] mikko rgl: there is currently no way to know queue sizes
[22:09] rgl humm, but I think I remeber some discussion about some kind of internal ZMQ notification system, I supposed that didn't landed?
[22:49] mikko minrk1: there?
[22:50] minrk1 I am
[22:50] mikko builds for pyzmq against 3.0 are now in there
[22:50] minrk1 awesome, thanks
[22:57] CIA-79 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07 * rccea91c 10/ zmq/tests/ : update test for new default hwm=1000 in libzmq3 -