Saturday September 24, 2011

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[06:03] adrianratnapala hello
[06:04] adrianratnapala Is this the right place to report a maybe-this-is-a-bug?
[06:05] adrianratnapala Then again, maybe not a very intelligent time of day & week.
[06:38] CIA-79 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * r4d5c732 10/ : fix poll's pxd dependencies in ...
[10:33] mikko good conference yesterday
[15:08] mike888 Hi. I have a question. I am playing a little with pyzmq and it behaves differently than expected...
[15:09] mike888 I have a single REQ/REP pair of python scripts. If I start the REQ before the REP it blocks and works as expected
[15:10] mike888 if I drop out of the REP script (while the REQ is still sending data in a loop) and restarts it, everything blocks and seemingly never starts again
[15:10] mike888 it seems like it drops a message and never continues, I had expected that it would resendt the "lost" message og continue when the REP reappeared
[15:10] mike888 is that normal or a problem with my system?
[16:49] aitchnyu hey guys, I am a newb with a question!
[17:11] mikko aitchnyu: go aheed
[17:11] mikko ahead*
[18:47] aroman hi, how i'm using pyzmq with pub/sub. How can I handle when a subscriber connects to the publisher? i.e to power "Subscriber at XXX connected!" Or is this just not how zmq likes to work?
[18:47] minrk that's just not how zmq likes to work
[18:47] aroman that's what I was thinking
[18:48] minrk you need to have another connection to send messages like that
[19:44] CIA-79 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * rba35943 10/ zmq/tests/ : fix missing asbytes in test_monqueue ...
[19:46] aroman minrk: so a req/rep connection that would have the subs send "Hey, my name is XXX" to the pub?
[19:48] minrk that's one option, sure
[19:50] aroman minrk: and how can I see the address that sent a given message?
[19:50] aroman i've looked through the pyzmq docs, but I couldn't find anything about it
[19:50] minrk what do you mean address?
[19:51] minrk (also, the pyzmq docs are not the right place to look for how to use zeromq, it's really only for how pyzmq might differ from regular zeromq bindings)
[19:52] minrk zguide ( is where to go for learning about zeromq
[19:53] aroman actually, nevermind about that last question.
[19:53] aroman yeah, that's what I'm working through right now