Tuesday September 20, 2011

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[01:43] Plouj what happened to sustrik's public repos like: ?
[09:11] eintr we managed to reproduce the pyzmq segfault:
[12:19] BarryB HI all,
[12:20] BarryB I followed the instructions ont he main page of 0mq website and no complaints, btu i am usign a python script to test with zero mq and c++ and when i run the python script it complains that theres no ZEROMQ module
[12:20] BarryB failed to "import zeromq"
[12:21] BarryB im using ubuntu 9.04 if this matters
[12:27] eintr BarryB: it's zmq in python.. import zmq
[12:28] BarryB eintr: ?
[12:28] eintr BarryB: in python, the name of the module is 'zmq', not 'zeromq'.
[12:29] BarryB sorry thats a typo on my part, thats what it complains off
[12:29] BarryB zmq
[12:29] BarryB apologies
[12:29] eintr ah ok... i guess you need to install pyzqm then?
[12:29] eintr pyzmq even
[12:31] BarryB oh ill check that out
[12:31] BarryB Thanks#
[12:44] BarryB eintr: yes, i needed the python-dev package and the python bindings for zmq
[12:44] BarryB Thanks
[12:45] eintr BarryB: no probs
[13:05] mato Plouj: it seems he's decided to put them under his company name for some reason, without telling anyone. typical martin :-(
[13:05] mato Plouj: try
[13:25] Plouj mato: thanks!
[14:35] jamescarr should I use zmq or zeromq node.js packages?
[22:03] Guest4929 Hi all, would this be a right place to ask an zmq question?
[22:20] mikko Guest4929: yes