Monday September 19, 2011

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[12:55] youest Hi
[12:56] youest I'm working on a zeromq broker
[12:58] youest I get this exception Assertion failed: ok (mailbox.cpp:79)
[13:04] mikko youest: what version of zeromq?
[13:04] youest 2.1.9
[13:05] mikko sec
[13:06] mikko are you using the socket in multiple threads?
[13:06] youest I've updated to 2.19 from 2.1.7
[13:06] youest yes
[13:06] mikko that is not supported
[13:07] mikko you can only use the socket from another thread if you execute a full memory barrier
[13:07] mikko for example a mutex would usually do that
[13:07] youest i'm using the jzmq
[13:08] mikko usually you would have one socket per thread
[13:08] youest and I'm using the synchronized around the socket
[13:09] youest both reception and transmission
[13:12] youest I don't synchronize the poller, but only the socket, so can this be?
[13:16] calvin s there any working example code of an xpub - xsub pattern? it seems to me that i can send the subscription on the xsub side to the xpub and start receiving messages, but i receive all messages not just the ones i subscribed to i think i might be using it incorrectly
[14:00] mikko youest: usually you should really have the need to use the socket from multiple threads
[14:20] youest mikko: ok I'm going to refactor my code to use one thread, thanks
[14:21] mikko youest: if you need multiple threads you can run the accepting thread and use inproc:// to distribute the messages to other threads
[14:43] eintr segfaulting pyzmq on exit, does that sound familiar to anyone?
[14:59] mikko eintr: can you get a backtrace?
[15:01] eintr hmm, didn't have debug symbols in the build
[15:01] eintr trying to get a minimal case to reproduce
[16:11] ParadoxG Hi,
[16:12] ParadoxG Is CZMQ a full replacement for ZMQ?
[16:12] ParadoxG Or, when using CZMQ do you also have to use functions in ZMQ?
[16:16] ParadoxG just wondering if Vala language bindings for just CZMQ would work, or if I would have to bind both libs.
[17:55] pieterh ParadoxG: CZMQ is a layer on top of libzmq but does not replace it.
[17:56] calvin hi pieterh_ - i've been having a lot of trouble getting the filters to work correctly using XPUB/XSUB sockets, i can recreate my problem everytime but to me that seems like i just might not be using it correctly
[17:56] calvin basically what i'm seeing is that i can send the subscribe message but it subscribes me to everything, not just messages matching the binary filter i pass it
[17:56] pieterh calvin_: hi, I've not used XPUB/XSUB yet
[17:57] pieterh sounds like a bug, do you have a test case?
[17:57] calvin yeah
[17:59] calvin i've created sandboxes in windows C, windows C++ linux C++ and windows C#
[20:07] calvin pieterh_ I created a ticket on JIRA and attached my server and client files from my C sandbox