Sunday September 18, 2011

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[02:08] jcipar I think I am losing messages in a setup where I have many push sockets sending to a single pull socket. Unfortunately, I don't know how to construct a minimal test case, because it seems very dependent on the data that I'm sending. One data set will work fine, but another will drop messages. I have the send command wrapped in print statements, and I am asserting on the return value of the "send" command. What are the common causes
[02:32] jcipar I think I have tracked my problem to dropping messages when zmq::close is called. I am using ZMQ 2.1.7. I though that dropping messages when a socket is closed is no longer a problem with that version.
[02:32] jcipar However, putting a 10 second sleep right before "sender.close()" fixes the problem completely. Any idea what's going on?
[08:19] CIA-121 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r25cc25e 10/ builds/msvc/libzmq/libzmq.vcproj : MSVC build fixed ...
[15:38] jcipar I'm using zmq 2.1.9, and I'm having a problem where I see dropped messages with push/pull sockets, but if I put a "sleep(1)" before I close the push sockets, the problem goes away. I was under the impression that this is no longer an issue with 2.1.x. Anyone know what might be going on here?