Sunday September 11, 2011

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[00:26] jcase Any clue as to what I might be doing wrong when I get an Assertion failed: ok (mailbox.cpp:79)? Using multiple PUB/SUBs over a forwarder device. v2.1.9
[00:43] mikko jcase_: where does it happen?
[00:50] jcase PUB connecting to the SUB frontend. Looks like its a threading issue though. If I run the thread in the foreground it works fine
[00:59] mikko jcase_: are you using the socket(s) from multiple threads?
[01:05] jcase mikko: ye, socket is created outside a thread and then used from within. Now I create the socket within the thread and pass it as an argument which is working fine. So, it's just me failing at (python's) threading :)
[01:11] mikko sustrik: the updated patch is in jira
[11:25] mikko sustrik: hi
[11:55] sustrik mikko: hi
[14:00] mikko sustrik: with the latest patch i get the desired behaviour
[14:00] mikko but i am still trying to understand why
[14:26] sustrik mikko: why what?
[14:34] mikko sustrik: why it works
[14:34] mikko does the pipe try to read again on EAGAIN?
[14:35] sustrik not the pipe
[14:35] sustrik there's a loop in socket_base_t
[14:36] sustrik in a blocking call it loops till it gets a message
[14:36] mikko ok
[14:36] mikko so the fix for the assertion is pretty contained to req.cpp
[14:36] mikko just returning EAGAIN for now
[14:36] mikko well, errno EAGAIN
[14:36] sustrik right
[14:38] mikko nice
[15:49] mikko sustrik: are you happy with the patch as it is?
[15:50] sustrik yep, i would do it the same way
[15:50] sustrik thanks for adding the test cases as well
[15:51] mikko it's better for regressions that way
[15:51] mikko i'll start slowly tackling these assertions
[15:51] mikko i find them slightly problematic in some cases
[15:51] sustrik great
[15:52] sustrik some of there are pretty low hanging fruit afair
[15:52] sustrik some are more problematic
[15:52] sustrik like running out of memory of file descriptros
[21:35] muhgatus Hi :)
[21:39] muhgatus I have a in normal cases simple question, but within a zeromq network it seems a little bit hard to implement. how do i limit access to this zeromq network? the simplest way i could imagine is to limit the ipaddresses that are allowed to connect to my sockets, but this seems not to be the right way when i wish to use 0mq.
[21:41] mikko muhgatus: what do you want to restrict?
[21:41] mikko peers from connecting or peers from seeing your messages?
[21:41] mikko is this a pub/sub?
[21:44] muhgatus mikko, i think i do not want unknown peers to send messages into the network.
[21:47] muhgatus it is not pub/sub only. i little bit more complex i guess. i am trying to rewrite an irc/minecraft/webchat bot by using 0mq. so, there will be pub/sub but not exclusivly.
[21:49] muhgatus the bot connects an irc channel with a minecraft server and a webchat. its used to transport the messages from irc to the minecraft server and also to the webchat.
[21:50] muhgatus there are some inner restrictions, as not all users talking to the irc interface can access all features of the bot.
[21:50] muhgatus i hope, this gives you a idea of what i am planing to implement.
[21:52] muhgatus my problem is, that all parts of the bot run in different contexts on different hosts. currently i use http to connect these parts, but this "middleware" is hard to maintain :)
[22:15] mikko muhgatus: maybe pki
[22:16] mikko ahmm
[22:16] mikko let me read that again
[22:16] mikko yes, pki might work as you control all the endpoints
[22:20] muhgatus ok, can i drop connections, after i got a wrong message?
[22:37] mikko muhgatus: nope
[22:37] mikko you can stop routing messages to that peer
[22:38] muhgatus but this only works when i use xreq/xrep, right? in a pub/sub this is not possible, i guess.
[22:39] muhgatus in a pub/sub the subscriber is able to set up a filter, but all messages are send to that subscriber. am i right? :)
[23:01] sustrik muhgatus: that's the case with 0MQ/2.x
[23:01] sustrik in v3 the messages are filtered on the sender side
[23:06] muhgatus sustrik, ok.
[23:07] muhgatus are there regex like filters? so one subscriber can subscribe multiple sorts of messages or has the subscriber to subscribe more than once?
[23:25] mikko nope, the built-in filtering is prefix match
[23:26] mikko you need to subscribe multiple times or design your topics in a way that you can subscribe to a node of a tree
[23:26] mikko let's say topics like: topic.private, topic.stuff, topic.stuff.specifics
[23:26] mikko user that subscribes to 'topic.' will receive all
[23:27] mikko 'topic.stuff.' will receive the two latter
[23:27] mikko etc
[23:28] muhgatus this does not fit to my categories, but the idea is great. perhaps i am able to build up such prefixes.
[23:29] muhgatus in my case its something like public.irc, public.web, public.minecraft, join.irc, join.web, join.minecraft, etc
[23:29] muhgatus but this pattern would work.
[23:30] muhgatus thank you for your help mikko and sustrik :)
[23:30] mikko no problem
[23:30] muhgatus i'll come back next sunday with new problems ;)