Thursday September 8, 2011

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[07:58] dsfsfadfsda nick
[08:00] kaka11chen whois alcy
[08:01] grzesieq you keep missing the slash ;-)
[08:01] kaka11chen thx
[08:01] kaka11chen I am a new ircer
[08:23] kaka11chen whois kaka11chen
[08:25] guido_g hrhrhr
[08:51] guido_g fyi
[08:51] guido_g just seen
[09:08] loxs hi, I'm looking at the erlang examples, but they feel quite awkward :)
[09:09] loxs could anyone show me some "proper" OTP way of doing zeromq stuff
[11:18] whyzgeek hi guys I am new to zeromq, can somebody tell me quickly if it has support for persistancy?
[11:22] maciej ZMQ_ROUTER - If the peer does not exist anymore the message shall be silently discarded - question being - I have ROUTER <-> ROUTER pair, can I send my message to any peer? (sort of discovery, I'm quering for first available worker)
[11:30] mikko whyzgeek: in zeromq the persistence is delegated to application layer
[11:30] mikko whyzgeek: if by persistence you mean writing to disk and syncing
[11:40] whyzgeek ic thanks
[13:15] nicolas hi
[13:15] nicolas any ideas about this?: Assertion failed: msg_->flags & ZMQ_MSG_MORE (rep.cpp:81)
[13:15] mikko yes
[13:15] mikko i've seen this before
[13:15] mikko whats the socket on the other end?
[13:16] nicolas pub / sub
[13:16] mikko rep socket connected to pub socket?
[13:16] nicolas yes
[13:17] nicolas no , sorry
[13:17] nicolas that was reported on the publisher side
[13:17] mikko does the publisher use rep sockets?
[13:17] pieterh nicolas_: what version of 0MQ are you using?
[13:17] nicolas wait let me check
[13:18] pieterh presumably it's 2.1.6 or something like that
[13:18] mikko there is still similar(ish) issue in req.cpp
[13:18] mikko line 87
[13:18] nicolas 2.1.4
[13:19] pieterh nicolas_: please use latest stable
[13:19] nicolas yes sorry, we are having some trouble with updating the production server
[13:19] pieterh mikko: the assert is still there but should never trigger
[13:19] nicolas anyways, is there any explanation in the changelog ?
[13:20] pieterh nicolas_: certainly, did you check?
[13:20] nicolas the only thing I found was * Fixed issue 228, assertion failure at rep.cpp:88 when HWM was reached.
[13:20] mikko pieterh_: you can trigger it by using XRE(P|Q) socket on other end
[13:20] pieterh hmm indeed
[13:20] mikko and sending malformed message
[13:21] pieterh mikko: ok, then we need to log an issue and make a test case
[13:21] pieterh then I can patch that in stable
[13:21] pieterh nicolas_: sorry, you're right, seems to be an unsolved bug
[13:22] nicolas i'm not using rep sockets
[13:22] nicolas in the case of that bug at least
[13:23] nicolas in our development server we are using 2.1.7 .. haven't seen that same bug I think, though the production server has considerably more network traffic and load
[13:23] pieterh nicolas_: it should not be an issue of load
[13:24] pieterh
[13:24] pieterh it is solved, seems
[13:25] pieterh Fixed in 2.1.7
[13:25] pieterh You can search the issue tracker for assertions like this
[13:25] nicolas the strange thing is that im not using REP
[13:25] nicolas its ZMQ_PUB
[13:26] pieterh well, something in your app is using rep...
[13:26] nicolas yes your'e right :)
[13:26] nicolas the control socket
[13:26] nicolas is using rep
[13:30] nicolas thanks I will update to latest stable
[17:55] cheng81 hello everyone, I have a question: is the java 0mq library an osgi bundle?
[17:56] ParadoxG right now, to use zmq_msg_copy both zmq_msg_t's have to be initialized. Is this always going to be the case? or will it not be required in the future?
[17:59] pate o/ all
[18:01] pate have anyone of you tried to use 0mq while developing an eclipse plugin?
[18:04] pate i am trying to do that but I'm really struggling in getting a 0mq version that is accepted by the rcp ... apparently I can only use 'plugins' and not jars to comply with the OSGi framework
[18:57] mickem Is there any guide on how to best use zeromq in a multi threaded scenario? (ie. have multiple threads responding to messages)
[18:58] pieterh mickem: you should read the Guide
[18:58] pieterh it does explain the various effective ways to do this
[18:58] pate in there you have in proc synching of threads
[19:00] mickem humm... really... must have missed it then... sorry for bothering you...
[19:01] pieterh mickem: the basic rules are: don't share sockets between threads, use inproc to connect threads, don't share state between threads
[19:01] pate thus, use one single context
[19:04] mickem ahh.. now I see it... sorry... I stopped reading after the big "diagram" thinking that was the end of the guide...
[19:04] pieterh :-)
[19:19] pate anyone has successfully bundled zmq jar into an eclipse plugin to be used in the eclipse rcp?
[19:19] pate i am not able to find anything online and all my attempts till now failed
[19:27] pieterh pate: never heard of anyone doing that
[19:45] replicator hey Z Community, have a strange question to ask: "We need to consume market data (messages), but the publisher does not use ZeroMQ, is there a way for us to use ZeroMQ as a client ONLY?" Thank you!
[19:47] pieterh replicator: sure, make a bridge that reads your publisher protocol and resends it as 0MQ messages
[19:47] xristos you could have something in the middle that grabs publisher messages and publishes them over zmq
[19:47] pieterh :)
[19:51] replicator @pieterh_, @xristos thank you guys. when you say "a bridge", is that a ZeroMQ bridge or will I have to get into raw socket programming?
[19:52] grzesieq zeromq can't magically learn to understand the other protocol :)
[19:52] xristos replicator: that depends on the format that the publisher uses
[19:53] replicator the protocol is proprietary ( a custom built that sending side requires us to use )
[19:54] replicator I was thinking is there a way to templatize this protocol ( I have the spec ), so ZeroMQ can consume it and convert it to ZTM messages?
[19:55] replicator or will I have to latch on to the raw socket, defragment all the packets until I make sense of the message ( according to this custom spec ), and only then resend it as ZMTP message
[20:02] grzesieq you'll have to do it yourself
[20:03] replicator :(