Tuesday September 6, 2011

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[06:50] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Mikko Koppanen 07master * re191e80 10/ acinclude.m4 : Fix polling system detection on mingw32 build ...
[11:19] ilya hello hello
[11:20] sustrik hi
[11:38] ilya sustrik: hey ...
[11:38] sustrik ilya dmitrichenko?
[11:54] ilya yeh that's me :)
[11:55] ilya sustrik: /whois tells me you from slovakia :)
[11:55] ilya my gf is from Bratislava actually
[11:55] ilya :)
[11:59] ilya i had been there once already
[12:02] ilya maciej: your domains is, I guess you are into fast music ...
[12:03] maciej ilya ? mine is bt adsl
[12:04] ilya maciej: hello
[12:04] maciej hi
[12:04] maciej does remind me I should route my personal traffic through the same link the rest of the company goes through ;)
[12:06] ilya maciej: I am at work right now, though I'm here for personal interest
[12:07] ilya I should use irc from my home IP, in fact I'll probably switch to it right now ..
[12:07] ilya cause it's not the best idea to show off with my company's domain name on irc
[12:09] errordeveloper sustrik: could you tell me a little bit more about SP ..
[12:11] errordeveloper it looks very interesting, though I am not 100% sure what the fundamental goals of SP
[12:11] sustrik it's meant as an effort towards standardisation of distributing messaging in IETF
[12:11] sustrik my point was that when you are interested in HW interactions
[12:12] sustrik you needs some kind of standardised platform
[12:12] sustrik as opposed to random application-specific stuff
[12:12] sustrik where are you from ukraine?
[12:12] errordeveloper yeah, so cisco may wish to integrate it
[12:12] sustrik i'm having a talk at pycon kiyev in october
[12:13] maciej errordeveloper, I'm at work here, working on zmq based stuff ;) although I'm also the lazy one who has routed his computer's traffic through the backup link and left it like that ;)
[12:13] errordeveloper sustrik: my surname is ukranian, but I'm from Riga, Latvia .. russian background though
[12:13] errordeveloper maciej: so imatrix is in slovakia ?
[12:13] sustrik nope, it's belgian firm
[12:14] errordeveloper I see ...
[12:14] maciej errordeveloper, I reckon you are taking me for someone else ;P
[12:14] crashanddie well, I guess we'll soon say "located in the area of the world formerly known as Belgium"
[12:14] maciej i'm in London
[12:14] errordeveloper maciej: yeah, sorry mistaken with sustrik :)
[12:14] errordeveloper hitting tab key to quickly
[12:15] sustrik crashanddie: is it that bad?
[12:15] crashanddie I'm a belgian expat
[12:15] crashanddie so I don't follow it either
[12:15] crashanddie but hearing from friends and stuff over the last 10 years, I don't give it another 10
[12:16] sustrik :)
[12:48] errordeveloper maciej: I'm London also :)
[12:48] errordeveloper sustrik: I'm checking out your sp-docs repo :)
[12:49] maciej errordeveloper, can have a pint then if there is any zmq meetups coming :)
[12:50] joelr moin
[12:51] joelr is it possible for multiple publishers to publish to the same "pub sink"
[12:52] errordeveloper maciej: yeah, certainly :)
[12:52] errordeveloper maciej: where about are you based ?
[12:52] maciej just by London Bridge, yourself?
[12:53] maciej nice area, plenty of pubs ;)
[12:55] errordeveloper yeah :)))
[12:55] errordeveloper I wouldn't live in Shoereditch, but working here is quite nice :)
[12:57] joelr sustrik: ping
[12:59] errordeveloper sustrik: so sp is a subset or a superset of zmq ?
[13:01] joelr never mind
[13:01] joelr subscribers connect to publishers
[13:05] joelr i'm setting up a controller that will parcel out work to workers. trying to figure out how to collect statistics from said workers.
[13:05] sustrik maciej: i'm speaking in london on 23th
[13:05] maciej sustrik, whereabouts?
[13:05] sustrik
[13:05] joelr i can parcel out work with a pull socket, like mongrel2 does
[13:06] joelr sustrik: any suggestions on how to collect statistics back?
[13:06] sustrik errordeveloper: it's an attempt to formalise the protocol
[13:07] sustrik joelr: push/pull in the other direction?
[13:07] errordeveloper ok, so there are only changes or none at all ... ?
[13:07] sustrik well, it's just an attempt so far
[13:07] errordeveloper oh yeah
[13:07] sustrik will take some time to get it somewhere
[13:08] sustrik but the changes are likely
[13:08] joelr sustrik: what if the controller is not aware who the workers are? the workers do know who the controller is. can workers set up a push socket and connect it to a pull on the controller?
[13:08] maciej sustrik, signed up - seeing you there if they let me go on Fri :)
[13:08] sustrik because of additional requirements, like HW friendliness
[13:08] sustrik maciej: nice, see you!
[13:08] sustrik errordeveloper: i'll be speaking about in on the above conference
[13:09] errordeveloper ok, I see .. so it's gone up to IETF just yet ?
[13:09] sustrik joelr: if nodoby knows anything about addresses, there's no way to communicate
[13:10] sustrik errordeveloper: i would like to organise a BoF at IETF, Feb 2012, Paris
[13:10] sustrik that would hopefully lead to creation of an official working group within ietf
[13:11] joelr sustrik: 1 controller is at a known address with a push socket. multiple workers connect to that address with their pull sockets. can the controller set up another socket, a pull one and have workers connect their push sockets to it?
[13:12] sustrik yes, sure
[13:12] joelr sustrik: oh, that's swell then.
[13:29] errordeveloper sustrik: what's the status of the kernel layer ?
[13:32] errordeveloper please excuse my curiosity, but how is VMware envolved in this ...
[13:58] crashanddie when using zmq::poll() on BSD sockets, should we still use ZMQ_POLLIN or simply POLLIN?
[14:20] errordeveloper sustrik: which conference is in London on the 23rd ?
[14:30] maciej errordeveloper,
[14:35] errordeveloper cheers :)
[14:49] jivs Greetings, Has ZeroMQ been already ported to OpenWrt?
[14:52] errordeveloper jivs: well, you just need to cross-compile it, isn't it ?
[14:52] maciej jivs, afaik OpenWrt is Linux, there is no real need of porting
[14:53] jivs errordeveloper, yes it is but it might become complex coz of dependecies
[14:53] maciej just find out the architecture it is and pass it to your gcc
[14:53] jivs maciej, okay, i will try it out then
[14:54] errordeveloper omg
[14:54] errordeveloper jivs: have you looked at OE ?
[14:54] errordeveloper I though there was a bitbake recipie for zmq
[14:54] errordeveloper ;)
[14:54] maciej jivs, I don't know much about ZMQ to be honest, however the library seems to link to standard stuff + libuuid and librt... just compile them in if they're not on the openwrt box
[14:56] jivs maciej, thanks, i should have libuuid and librt on openwrt...
[14:58] jivs errordeveloper, yeah i see some activities on openembedded for zmq
[15:07] jivs I will try in toolchain itself later on, cross-compiling by passing the host to configure didn't work. it didn't create binaries for target arch..
[15:08] sustrik jivs: let us know how it goes
[15:09] jivs sustrik, sure
[15:09] mikko jivs: you need --target as well i guess
[15:09] mikko this is how i do mingw32 on debian:
[15:09] mikko ./configure --target=mingw32 --build=i686-linux --host=i586-mingw32msvc
[15:10] mikko and you need to have the toolchain PATH unless it's in one of the blessed locations
[15:10] jivs mikko, im trying on mips
[15:11] jivs i wonder what will be target and build in my case
[15:11] mikko --target=mips-openwrt-linux --host=mips-openwrt-linux
[15:11] mikko maybe
[15:12] jivs host is --host=mipsel-openwrt-linux , as i have used on compiling other studd
[15:12] jivs stuffs,
[15:12] jivs but not sure about target and build, will try though..
[17:00] ker3x friendly greetings \o/
[17:00] ker3x wooo, lot of people
[17:00] ker3x (or bots, or idlers)
[17:00] errordeveloper sustrik: suppose I'd like to apply your SP pactches to 2.6.39 ..
[17:01] errordeveloper seems like the files you have changed are not the kind of files which change often between kernel releases, isn't it ?
[17:02] errordeveloper sustrik: so ... I presume it can apply smoothly, don't you think ?
[17:06] ker3x i'm planning to try to use zmq in (java binding then)
[17:06] ker3x i hope it will work :)
[17:12] ker3x Note that ØMQ and JDK header file has to be on "include path" (Tools|Options|Projects and Solutions|VC++ Directories|Include files) and ØMQ libraries have to be on "library path" (Tools|Options|Projects and Solutions|VC++ Directories|Library files) <-- anyone can tell me where it is in VS2010 ? it's in the "property sheet" but i have no idea where this thing is :(
[17:12] ker3x please \o/
[17:18] ker3x this thing exist in VS2010, it say it's deprecated and to click on "?" for more help and the help say to do exactly the same thing that poing on this page and so on
[17:18] ker3x point*
[17:19] sustrik errordeveloper: sure, but be aware that it's more or less a proof of concept implementation
[17:20] sustrik not something you would want to use in production
[17:21] sustrik the files in question don't change often AFAIK
[17:21] sustrik so yes, it shouldn't be much of problem merging them with a newer kernel
[17:23] sustrik ker3x: i don't know about vs2010
[17:23] ker3x i think i found it
[17:23] ker3x testing
[17:23] sustrik but setting include/library paths is essential to standard C build process
[17:23] sustrik ah, ok
[17:24] ker3x the process is painfull as usual :)
[17:25] ker3x can't find libzmq.lib. meh
[17:25] ker3x a missing path, probably
[17:25] ker3x i pointed to the dll
[17:26] sustrik ker3x: there are some pre-build binaries available
[17:26] ker3x including jzmq ?
[17:26] sustrik mikko: what's the link?
[17:26] sustrik dunno
[17:26] sustrik probably not
[17:26] ker3x i built zmq without problem :)
[17:26] ker3x (on VS2010)
[17:27] sustrik hm, jzmq seems to be part of auto-builds:
[17:27] sustrik
[17:27] sustrik so possibly there are binaries...
[17:27] sustrik ah, it's all linux
[17:27] sustrik no win build
[17:28] sustrik sorry for confusion
[17:28] ker3x it's java, shouldn't be a problem
[17:28] ker3x unless it a .deb of course
[17:28] sustrik nope, it's a JNI library
[17:29] sustrik which is native, not java
[17:29] ker3x hummmmmm
[17:30] ker3x Build succeeded \o/
[17:31] ker3x i have a jzmq.dll and zmq.jar, look good :D
[17:42] ker3x mmm i have a dll problem but it's related to processing, probably
[17:58] jefferai I'm having an issue -- using the C++ API. When I receive a message, I check for whether there are more messages to get with getsockopt and the ZMQ_RECVMORE flag...this returns false (which I expect, because looking at the buffer I got out I know that my entire message came through). However, unless I do another recv() call on the socket, the socket doesn't seem "drained", so my socketnotifier I have on that socket never sees another event
[17:58] jefferai so putting an extra recv() call before my reading function returns makes things work, but I'm guessing this is not correct...
[17:59] jefferai I could get around this by simply doing a recv() repeatedly on the socket with ZMQ_NOBLOCK until it returns false, but does this have a risk of me getting messages belonging to multiple different distinct sendings from the sender being grouped together?
[18:02] shales ZMQ_RCVMORE is for multipart messages, look at the ZMQ_EVENTS option instead
[18:04] jefferai shales: so how do I know if a message is multipart or not? EVENTS will just tell me if I can successfully read at least one message, right?
[18:04] ker3x i added libzmq to the system path and jzmq is still complaining : jzmq.dll: Can't find dependent libraries
[18:04] ker3x any tought ?
[18:05] shales jefferai: so if getsockopt(ZMQ_RCVMORE) returns 0 it just means that the msg you just received doesn't have any more parts waiting but there could be other messages
[18:05] jefferai ah
[18:06] jefferai so in the case of ZMQ_RCVMORE, I know that I need to append the data in the subsequent messages; if data is waiting (indicated by POLLIN) then I treat it as a separate message?
[18:07] errordeveloper sustrik: sure :) which version of zmq is it best compatible with? 2.1 ?
[18:08] shales yeah, it might be easier than you're thinking though. You can recv in a loop if ZMQ_RCVMORE is 1 because all of the parts of the message are guaranteed to be ready to be read, I think
[18:08] jefferai that's actually basically what I have written now
[18:08] jefferai except I wasn't realizing the difference between that and POLLIN
[18:08] jefferai I think I'm good -- thanks!
[18:09] sustrik errordeveloper: yes, 2.x versions
[18:11] sustrik errordevloper: btw, if you rebase the patch to 2.3.39 it would make sense to replace the original 2.3.36 branch
[18:11] sustrik keeping codebase up to date is good thing
[18:11] shales jeffarai: and if you're doing non-blocking stuff it's probably easier to repeatedly call recv until you get an EAGAIN. I think the EVENTS option is only necessary when you're integrating with another event loop
[18:13] jefferai Okay, sounds good
[18:15] ker3x i can't make it works :(
[18:20] sustrik ker3x: what's the problem?
[18:21] ker3x Exception in thread "Animation Thread" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: F:\processing-1.2.1\workspace\libraries\zmq\library\jzmq.dll: Can't find dependent libraries
[18:22] ker3x i'm not even sure what the problem is
[18:22] sustrik you have to have jzmq.dll on the path
[18:22] ker3x it can't find jzmq.dll ? or jzmq.dll can't find libzmq.dll ?
[18:22] ker3x i have it :(
[18:22] ker3x as far as i know
[18:23] ker3x i even tried to add it to system32 /o\
[18:23] sustrik on java.library.path?
[18:24] ker3x Mmmm
[18:24] sustrik java -Djava.library.path=/usr/local/lib -classpath /home/user/zeromq/libjzmq/:./local_lat tcp:// 1 100
[18:25] ker3x i don't use java directly, but
[18:25] ker3x checking
[18:25] sustrik no idea how it works there, sorry
[18:26] ker3x i'm on #processing too. :)
[18:39] ker3x ok that's it. i added System.loadLibrary("jzmq.dll"); and the error is much more usefull no jzmq.dll in java.library.path :)))
[18:39] ker3x thank you
[18:39] ker3x now i'm back to #processing trying to find how to modify java.library.path (or if someone know a way to do it system-wide ?)
[18:49] errordeveloper sustrik: I'll keep you updated
[18:49] errordeveloper :)
[18:49] sustrik thanks!
[18:50] sustrik btw, the timestamp stuff
[18:50] sustrik what was the idea?
[18:50] errordeveloper ker3x: did you use any othe java classes in processing ?
[18:50] errordeveloper ker3x: I mean, classes which processing doesn't provide you
[18:50] ker3x yes
[18:51] errordeveloper so there should be no huge deal to use jzmq
[18:51] ker3x but never a JNI lib
[18:51] errordeveloper ah I see .. well, you need to figure out what's missing
[18:51] ker3x it seems that there is no easy way to modify java.library.path :(
[18:53] errordeveloper hm, can't you pass -classpath to processing command line ?
[18:54] errordeveloper ker3x: have you tried on processing irc channel ?
[18:54] ker3x i'm on it :)
[18:54] errordeveloper cool
[18:54] errordeveloper ;_)
[19:00] ker3x i reboot ... we never know with windows
[19:11] ker2x !%#@ windows
[19:11] ker2x my desktop is still rebooting ...
[19:15] ker2x haaaa but the error changed !
[19:16] ker2x brb, reloging with my desktop
[19:18] ker3x Exception in thread "Animation Thread" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_26\jre\bin\jzmq.dll: Can't find dependent libraries (yes, i put the dll here too)
[19:18] ker3x it really correctly find jzmq.dll
[19:18] ker3x but not one of the dependency
[19:18] ker3x which is ... dunno.
[19:19] sustrik libzmq?
[19:19] ker3x i added it everywhere too
[19:20] sustrik no idea then
[19:20] sustrik maybe C++ runtime libs?
[19:20] ker3x i downloaded dependencywalker
[19:20] ker3x i'll see
[19:21] ker3x Error: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in an implicitly dependent module.
[19:21] ker3x Error: Modules with different CPU types were found.
[19:21] ker3x Warning: At least one delay-load dependency module was not found.
[19:22] ker3x Warning: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in a delay-load dependent module.
[19:22] ker3x IESHIMS.DLL ? what the hell is that ?
[19:23] ker3x mmm
[19:24] ker3x probably unrelated
[19:24] ker3x i'm confused
[19:24] ker3x -> IEShims.dll should be in your "Program Files\Internet Explorer" folder, it's part of the initial install.
[19:25] sustrik sound like windows black magic
[19:37] ker3x it's a problem with depedencywalker, whatever i open i have this ieshims.dll thingy, so it's not that
[20:11] ker3x i'll try on my linux @works
[20:11] ker3x see you later. thank youf for your help
[20:12] joelr any suggestions why bind might return "Operation not supported by device"?
[20:55] errordeveloper I suspect this is the real reason to your problem: Modules with different CPU types were found
[20:56] errordeveloper I'd suggest to compile everything from scratch :}~
[20:57] errordeveloper and use mingw or cygwin :)~
[20:57] errordeveloper another option would be to use linux in a VM
[20:58] errordeveloper oh, he's gone ;(