Monday September 5, 2011

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[06:54] ekontsevoy how do I stop a device? (I am talking about built-in devices, like a streamer in my case)
[07:13] ekontsevoy if I don't stop it and keep it running on a different thread, I can only force it to stop by closing some of device sockets, and in that case I get segfaults (but not always)
[14:24] mikko sustrik: there?
[15:57] crashanddie Hey guys, I've asked one of my guys to analyze 0mq, he came back to me saying that it was "useless because you have to exclusively use 0mq sockets", babbling on about the fact that we wouldn't be able to use MongoDB at the same time. This is very difficult for me to believe, any expert opinion on this?
[16:00] crashanddie I understand that a 0MQ socket will have to talk exclusive to another 0MQ socket, but I don't see how this would impact any other type of socket we may use in the system.
[16:05] mikko crashanddie: yes
[16:06] mikko zeromq socket will talk to any socket talking with the same framing protocol
[16:06] mikko which is mainly zeromq sockets
[16:06] mikko people who need to talk to other kind of protocols usually use intermediates in between that convert between different formats
[16:06] mikko maybe he would like to connect zeromq socket directly to mongodb?
[16:07] crashanddie nha
[16:08] crashanddie he's trying to find arguments to push 0mq off the grid
[16:08] mikko what sort of application are you looking to use it in?
[16:09] crashanddie basically, he's arguing that the 0mq implementation only supports 0mq sockets. Right. But then again, if we make our own proprietary message queue, then we can only talk our own proprietary sockets anyway... so, moot point
[16:09] crashanddie high performance, low latency voip
[16:09] mikko i would also think that building your own message queue is fairly large amount of pain
[16:10] crashanddie this guy wrote 450k lines of code by himself, reimplementing everything from xml parsers to IDls.
[16:10] mikko interesting
[16:10] crashanddie and zip compression, yada yada.
[16:10] mikko he doesn't like to use other people's code?
[16:10] crashanddie he hates it.
[16:11] mikko well, im not against reinventing the wheel in some cases
[16:11] mikko but often it adds quite a lot of maintenance burdeon
[16:11] crashanddie Aye, and considering my team is now a grand total of 6.
[16:12] mikko and especially all things that come with the code: documentation, tests, build systems etc
[16:14] mikko but you are right, the zeromq sockets wouldn't have impact to other sockets
[16:30] crashanddie Is the polling overloaded?
[16:52] cremes crashanddie: i use 0mq sockets and talk to mongodb in my production apps
[16:52] cremes w
[16:52] cremes orks great
[16:52] cremes the use of 0mq sockets does not preclude the use of regular bsd sockets within the same process, thread or whatever
[16:52] crashanddie I know, the guy in question is using strawman arguments
[16:53] cremes perhaps you could suggest he join this channel for a day or two and ask some questions
[16:53] crashanddie I got him in here a week ago
[16:53] crashanddie he said it was "too noisy".
[16:54] cremes what? he sounds like a nut (sorry)
[16:54] crashanddie he is
[16:54] cremes then tell him to join the mailing list and ask questions there... daily traffic is about 10 msgs
[17:09] crashanddie done just that
[22:05] tproa w/indow 13
[22:05] tproa feh