Saturday August 27, 2011

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[02:14] Plouj hi
[02:15] Plouj oh man
[02:16] Plouj ascii doc says "Note: Writing CZMQ.7" when building czmq :(
[02:21] Plouj actually it's 'xmlto man czmq.xml' that outputs that :/
[02:22] Plouj and it's breaking the 'make install' target which expects lower-case files
[02:39] Plouj ah, it's because czmq.txt says 'CZMQ - high-level C binding for ØMQ' instead of 'czmq - high-level C binding for ØMQ'
[02:39] Plouj and I can't figure out how to submit this issue on jira...
[02:45] Plouj oh, yay
[02:45] Plouj it worked:
[12:30] jokey hey fellows, I'm using a pubsub setup, now I want to add another publisher without creating a new socket. is that possible?
[12:32] jokey the guide always mentions only one publisher and bind fails with address already in use upon second publisher coming up
[12:38] ianbarber jokey: you can bring another one up on another port
[12:38] jokey ianbarber: but not re-use the open socket, right?
[12:39] ianbarber jokey: nope, only one process can bind to a socket. you could use a ZMQ_DEVICE
[12:39] ianbarber that would bind sub and pub sockets, and you could connect on both you publishers and subscribers
[12:41] jokey ianbarber: ah that looks nice, the ZMQ_FORWARDER seems to do what I need then. Thankies :D
[19:49] Guest89296 Hi
[19:49] Guest89296 i got a question about using ZMQ
[19:54] sustrik hi
[19:58] Guest89296 Its necessary to use a thread pool with zmq
[19:58] Guest89296 or it's possible to create a thread when a connection is made
[20:03] Guest89296 i mean, instead of using a bunch of worker threads, make a thread when a connection is made.
[20:04] Guest89296 My boss insist that we must create a thread per connection
[20:08] Guest89296 redoing my question: Is it necessary to always use a worker thread pool? Or is possible to create a thread per connection?
[20:31] sustrik thread per connection is pretty bad idea
[20:31] sustrik it doesn't make sense to have more threads than there are CPU cores
[23:46] Plouj- hi
[23:47] Plouj- question about the req/rep "protocol"
[23:47] Plouj- and specifically what the guide says:
[23:47] Plouj- "Doing any other sequence (e.g. sending two messages in a row) will cause an error."
[23:47] Plouj- I've tried that (sending two messages in the client, instead of one) and no error seems to happen.
[23:48] Plouj- The server seems to ignore the second message as it only produces one reply per two messages