Sunday July 31, 2011

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[06:19] MerlinBrasil greets from Rio :)
[12:56] fredix hi, do you really remove the zmq devices ?
[12:56] mikko fredix: yes, they are removed in 3.x
[12:57] fredix but I use it, I need a streamer
[12:57] mikko the device code is really simple
[12:57] mikko you can copy it from 2.1 and modify to your needs
[12:58] fredix why did you remove it ?
[13:03] mikko the use-case for general purpose devices is actually very limited
[13:04] mikko as it is very easy to block the whole device with certain flows
[13:04] mikko as it doesn't really handle back-pressure
[13:05] mikko i think the main point was that people should implement devices for different scenarios
[13:05] mikko and by doing so ideally share them with the community
[13:14] fredix too bad, i'm using it on my backend
[13:26] mikko fredix: more often than not you want to modify the device to your needs
[13:26] mikko such as behaviour when back-pressure is applied, storing messages onto persistent media etc
[13:55] fredix mikko: I hope it's not too hard to make his own device with release 3
[14:15] mikko fredix:
[14:15] mikko this is the device code
[15:53] fredix mikko: thanks
[15:58] fredix is the sleep(1) is really usefull in this example ?
[16:21] mikko fredix: looks old
[16:21] mikko that is solved with linger nowadays
[16:27] fredix ok thx
[19:16] fredix mikko: finaly my software crash wthout sleep :/
[19:21] mikko where does it crash?
[19:26] fredix mikko: hey it seems that there is a zeromq device project :
[20:00] fredix mikko: in fact i left one sleep somewhere in my code, it works, weird