Saturday July 30, 2011

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[00:32] CIA-32 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * r1da1f60 10/ (8 files in 4 dirs): update constants support for libzmq-master (4.0) ...
[00:32] CIA-32 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * rf848f43 10/ .gitignore : ignore MANIFEST in git -
[11:21] pieterh sustrik: ping?
[15:52] socksandsandals hi all: I'm using jzmq to use 0MQ from Java and I have a PULL socket listening for messages from the outside; the problem is that, on shutdown, I call close() on it but it gets stuck in the finalize() method inside libjzmq
[15:53] socksandsandals I've tried to add fprintf(stderr,...) messages to libjzmq/Socket.cpp but they don't print out
[15:53] pieterh socksandsandals: set LINGER to 0 before closing the socket
[15:53] mikko you probably want to set linger
[15:53] socksandsandals I'm using zeromq 2.0.11
[15:53] socksandsandals ah ok
[15:53] socksandsandals lemme try that
[15:53] mikko upgrade time
[15:53] pieterh hi mikko :)
[15:53] mikko linger is in 2.1.x
[15:53] mikko hi
[15:53] socksandsandals oic
[15:53] socksandsandals lemme upgrade to 2.1.8 and see what LINGER does for me
[15:53] socksandsandals thanks
[15:53] pieterh socksandsandals: oh, definitely upgrade, but plz use 2.1.7, there's a problem in 2.1.8
[15:54] socksandsandals ah ok I will do that
[15:54] socksandsandals thanks!
[15:54] pieterh mikko: I'm going to start making rcs
[15:54] mikko pieterh: that's a good plan
[15:55] mikko 2.1.8 seems to be botched?
[15:55] pieterh slightly botched, yes
[15:55] mikko just got emails from jira
[15:55] pieterh not sure if its critical or just annoying
[15:55] pieterh i found the cause, something got lost in backporting
[15:55] mikko is it easy to add a test-case for it?
[15:56] pieterh done already
[15:56] pieterh MinRK did that, good for him
[15:56] mikko here?
[15:56] pieterh and I seem to be learning my way around the code base
[15:56] pieterh mikko: all test cases are in the issues repo
[15:56] mikko hmm
[15:57] mikko i think it would be beneficial to merge those into mainline after they've been fixed
[15:57] pieterh there is no mainline, remember
[15:57] mikko this would make the daily builds to run them automagically
[15:57] pieterh they're not set up for that
[15:57] pieterh it could be done but no-one's taken the time to do that
[15:58] mikko i wonder if we need better testing framework
[15:58] mikko to prevent regressions
[15:58] pieterh well, I've not seen regressions, ever
[15:58] mikko are there any for networked daemons?
[15:58] pieterh so the problem doesn't seem to be a lack of testing framework
[15:58] pieterh if there's a problem, it's that people don't test the git master, only packages
[15:59] pieterh meaning we need a tiny rc cycle to prove packages with non-trivial changes
[16:00] mikko yes, sounds sensible
[16:00] pieterh i
[16:00] pieterh I'll do as you suggested
[16:00] pieterh so it'd be 2.1.8-rc1
[16:00] pieterh and later 2.1.8
[16:01] pieterh still, too many choices on the download page are also problematic
[16:01] pieterh hmm
[16:01] pieterh ok, I'm going to try renaming the current 2.1.8 to rc1, see if anyone complains
[16:02] mikko don't do that :)
[16:03] pieterh I want to try this...
[16:03] pieterh I'll keep the version numbering sequential
[16:04] pieterh but tag the package as rc1
[16:04] pieterh and make a small link to the older 2.1.7 stable
[16:05] pieterh ok, done...
[16:06] socksandsandals mikko: pieterh: well it shuts down now!
[16:06] pieterh socksandsandals: nice!
[16:06] pieterh mikko: take a look at
[16:06] pieterh see if that works for you?
[16:06] socksandsandals with this error: Assertion failed: nbytes == sizeof (command_t) (mailbox.cpp:245)
[16:06] socksandsandals I thought I saw reference to that error on OS X in one of the bugs in JIRA, though
[16:06] socksandsandals lemme go dig that up
[16:07] socksandsandals mikko: pieterh: thanks for everything, tho... you guys rock!
[16:09] mikko socksandsandals: no problem
[18:27] doit Hi
[18:27] doit folks...i am facing issues in building on linux
[18:29] doit when i do ./ it says " error: Autoconf version 2.61 or higher is required" though I have 2.68 version installed
[18:30] doit can i get help on this please....m really stuck in here
[18:31] doit i got below logs on ./
[18:31] doit autoreconf: Entering directory `.' autoreconf: not using Gettext autoreconf: running: aclocal --force -I config error: Autoconf version 2.61 or higher is required the top level autom4te: /usr/bin/m4 failed with exit status: 63 aclocal: autom4te failed with exit status: 63 autoreconf: aclocal failed with exit status: 63 error: autoreconf exited with status 0
[18:33] doit on the other hand when i do autoconf --version, it shows me 2.68 version
[18:58] CIA-32 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * r1108477 10/ zmq/tests/ : add tests for poll timeout units -
[19:27] Seta00 doit: is that ubuntu?
[19:28] Seta00 >_>
[20:20] CIA-32 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * rbbbee67 10/ zmq/tests/ : add tests for poll timeout units -