Saturday July 23, 2011

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[00:28] Kinbote question about using epgm: do i make both the server and client call bind on the socket, or connect?
[00:29] Kinbote i'm trying both sockets calling bind() but i get a "Socket is busy" error
[00:37] mikko Kinbote: one binds one connects
[10:00] van everybody here use zeromq?
[10:02] sustrik i guess so :)
[10:33] mikko more or less
[10:35] sustrik mikko: hi
[10:35] sustrik a question
[10:35] sustrik any idea what this error means:
[10:35] sustrik config.status: error: cannot find input file: `'
[10:35] sustrik ?
[10:37] pieterh sustrik: have you re-autogen'd?
[10:37] sustrik it's not libzmq
[10:37] sustrik i've created a new project
[10:37] sustrik trying to get build system running
[10:37] pieterh ah, you copied the autotools across...
[10:37] sustrik yes
[10:37] pieterh it probably means there's an error in configure
[10:37] pieterh hang on...
[10:38] pieterh is a template
[10:38] pieterh just missing, presumably
[10:38] sustrik it should be generated from afaiu
[10:38] sustrik but it's not for some reason
[10:38] sustrik no other error is seen though
[10:39] pieterh I've managed to copy the autotooling twice, for libzfl and czmq
[10:39] pieterh what did you start from, libzmq?
[10:40] sustrik actually, i made it myself
[10:41] sustrik but used libzmq as a reference
[10:41] sustrik copies the OS pieces etc.
[10:41] sustrik copied*
[10:41] pieterh autoconf is just too weird for me
[10:41] sustrik it is :|
[10:42] pieterh actually I made a template project somewhere with skeleton autoconf files
[10:42] pieterh but it's out of date, we improved all the stuff since then
[10:43] sustrik i'm missing some basic piece i would say
[10:43] sustrik nothing sophisticated
[10:45] sustrik pieterh: checking zfl
[10:45] sustrik what is this for?:
[10:45] sustrik ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I config
[10:45] pieterh sustrik: shrug...
[10:45] sustrik doesn't help...
[10:45] pieterh I did manage to make the autotools work for C sources, not C++, but otherwise made minimal changes
[10:46] pieterh and I certainly didn't learn anything I could avoid
[10:51] mikko sustrik: missing
[10:51] mikko most likely
[10:51] mikko in the current dir or one of the configured subdirs
[10:51] sustrik hm, let me check
[10:51] mikko brb
[10:52] sustrik nope, the files are there
[10:52] sustrik any chance of getting better error text from autotools?
[12:10] mikko sustrik: probably not
[12:10] mikko sustrik: still having the error?
[12:10] sustrik yes
[12:10] sustrik mikko: any other idea?
[12:10] mikko where do you have the project?
[13:15] mvriel A question; I am trying to find out who the sender is of a message (IP by preference); is there some identifying information which I can access to determine the originating host?
[13:42] taotetek mvriel: the answer is both no and yes
[13:42] taotetek mvriel: no, in that if you are just sending a message, you can't identify where it came from to my knowledge
[13:43] taotetek mvriel: yes, in that it's pretty easy to design and implement a multipart message protocol
[13:43] taotetek mvriel: and have one of the message parts be identifying information about the sender if you need that
[13:55] mvriel taotetek: thanks; then I will try to solve it userland!
[13:57] taotetek mvriel: mvriel this is a good spec to read to just get ideas about multipart message protocols w/ zeromq
[13:57] taotetek oops sorry for repeating your name twice
[13:57] taotetek haven't had coffee yet :)
[14:02] mvriel taotetek: no problem ;) Thanks for the pointer!
[17:03] sustrik mikko: sustrik/vtcp
[17:03] sustrik it's the TCP connection multiplexer
[17:04] sustrik (github)
[17:04] sustrik