Sunday July 17, 2011

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[06:13] sustrik mikko: hi
[09:42] mikko sustrik: hi
[09:43] sustrik hi
[09:43] sustrik had a question
[09:43] mikko shoot
[09:43] sustrik but i 've realised it's actaully not needed
[09:43] sustrik anyway, just if i have the same probelm in future
[09:43] sustrik how can you check whether specific macro is defined on the platforms
[09:44] sustrik ?
[09:44] mikko during configure phase?
[09:44] sustrik yes
[09:44] mikko AC_COMPILE_IFELSE should do
[09:44] mikko let me get you an example
[09:45] mikko
[09:46] sustrik great
[09:46] sustrik that's it
[09:46] sustrik thanks!
[09:46] mikko no problem
[10:31] mikko sustrik: have you done changes since 3.0?
[10:31] mikko i seem to be getting a test failure with php in the current master branch
[10:31] mikko but not 3.x release package
[10:34] mikko actually was option type issue
[10:34] mikko on 32bit
[10:34] sustrik mikko: no, i've done no changes
[10:35] sustrik what's the problem?
[10:35] mikko the code still used uint64_t for rcvmore
[10:35] mikko and that fails on 32bit
[10:35] sustrik wait a sec
[10:36] mikko it was my code that used it
[10:36] mikko not zeromq
[10:36] sustrik ah
[10:36] sustrik i see
[10:37] mikko i'm using xslt now to generate the different options
[10:38] mikko why are the option types changed?
[10:38] mikko uint64_t was way too much for rcvmore, i can see that
[10:38] mikko ermm, int64_t
[10:42] sustrik well, all intergers are now ints
[10:42] sustrik the only exception is maxmsgsize, which does have to allow for >4GB
[10:43] sustrik given that wire format allows for 4GB+ messages
[10:43] sustrik before, the types were just random
[10:43] sustrik int, uint32_t, int64_t, uint64_t
[10:44] sustrik with no good reason
[10:45] mikko affinity is uint64_t ?
[10:53] sustrik hm, yes
[10:53] sustrik actually, it should be a bitmap
[10:53] sustrik i should probably fix that to make the api cleaner
[13:30] Seta00 weird, the configure script just said it didn't recognize the --with-pgm option even though it's building openpgm right now
[13:31] Seta00 sustrik: IIRC you wanted someone to test a patch on OSX?
[13:31] Seta00 I just bought a macbook :)
[13:32] sustrik the original reporter of the problem have already tested the patch
[13:32] sustrik it should be ok
[13:32] Seta00 ah, okay
[19:59] grimborg Hi. I need to send a request to a bunch of servers which may be down and read the response, so I open a REQ socket, register it in a poller for POLLIN, then poller.poll with some timeout and get the responses. The problem is, sometimes I don't get a response from a server even though it's up, and it got my request, and it send the response. Increasing the poller timeout doesn't help. Socket has LINGER, 0. Latest version of zmq (from the
[21:38] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07pre40 * rbf78e23 10/ (5 files in 2 dirs): GENERIC socket type and COMMAND flag added ...