Friday July 15, 2011

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[00:12] MitchM Hello. Question about the PUSH/PULL model. Is it possible to keep the zmq_send(ZMQ_NOBLOCK) from blocking when there are no PULLers?
[00:59] MitchM Does anyone know if it is possible?
[01:08] gdan thanks cloudhead and whack re: ipc/inproc
[02:56] MitchM Is it possible to keep zmq_send(ZMQ_NOBLOCK) from blocking when there are no PULLers?
[05:19] ssi iRecovery -s
[12:45] Seta00 pieterh, ping
[13:18] xristos pieterh: your fix seems to work fine here
[16:23] cloudhead I'm trying to send a string from python to erlang, but getting binary data instead
[16:23] cloudhead any ideas why?
[16:23] cloudhead it always starts with a 0
[16:34] cloudhead hmm actually getting 3 messages
[16:34] cloudhead the 3rd one is the string
[16:41] guido_g guess you're using xrep/xreq sockets
[16:41] guido_g see the guide for proper usage
[16:42] guido_g
[16:42] cloudhead guido_g: I am indeed
[16:43] cloudhead I see, thanks
[16:51] cloudhead hmm seems complicated
[16:51] guido_g it's not
[16:52] cloudhead well, why am I receiving the 3 messages
[16:52] cloudhead for each single message
[16:52] cloudhead I send from the client
[16:52] guido_g no your're receiving three message parts
[16:53] guido_g the xrep/xreq sockets do send additional information for routing purposes
[16:53] cloudhead I actually don't need to reply to the clients
[16:53] cloudhead so maybe I shouldn't be using router/dealer
[16:53] guido_g no w/o knowing how they work
[16:54] cloudhead yea I think I'm trying to use them the wrong way
[16:55] guido_g hard to tell w/o the use case
[16:56] cloudhead I'm trying to build a uni-directional queue
[16:56] cloudhead so there's a bunch of clients, a queue, and one or more readers
[16:56] cloudhead the clients just push to the queue
[16:56] cloudhead and the readers read when they want
[16:57] guido_g sound like a job for push/pull sockets
[16:57] cloudhead that's what I'm looking at right now.. they seemed more for running cluster-type operations
[16:57] cloudhead but I guess not
[16:58] guido_g whatever that means
[16:58] cloudhead well, map/reduce for example
[16:58] cloudhead fan-out/fan-in
[16:58] guido_g ahhh
[16:58] cloudhead I don't need a fan-in
[16:59] cloudhead the 'workers' are the end-point
[17:00] cloudhead hmmm the async server pattern could work too
[17:01] guido_g read the guide, it really helps
[17:01] cloudhead yea
[17:02] cloudhead there's so many patterns : |