Monday July 11, 2011

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[04:55] uiuiui132 Guys...can anyone help? I am unable to figure out of 0MQ can be of help in my case.
[05:00] sustrik shoot
[05:01] uiuiui132 OK.
[05:01] uiuiui132 I have a php app that uploads a file
[05:01] uiuiui132 i want to pass this to ffmpeg for video encoding
[05:02] uiuiui132 one can imagine...
[05:02] uiuiui132 many files get uploaded simultaneously...
[05:02] uiuiui132 if I fire simulataneous ffmpeg jobs, i will kill the server.
[05:03] uiuiui132 i want to pass the the file lise sequentially.
[05:03] uiuiui132 Would I used 0MQ for this?
[05:16] uiuiui132 sustrik_: ?
[05:18] sustrik yes
[05:18] sustrik the server can run in a single thread
[05:19] sustrik and process the requests one-by-one
[05:20] uiuiui132 you mean 0MQ server?
[05:21] uiuiui132 sustrik_: you mean 0MQ server?
[05:22] sustrik i mean your server
[05:22] sustrik there's no 0mq server
[05:23] uiuiui132 I am finding it difficult to imagine and construct a solution based on 0MQ. :-(
[05:23] uiuiui132 Though I have a gut feeling this is a good tool to solve my problem.
[05:24] sustrik try to read the guide
[05:24] sustrik it'll give you an idea
[05:25] uiuiui132 OK. I will give it a shot. Thanks.
[07:09] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r7e12511 10/ (src/zmq_init.cpp src/zmq_init.hpp): Experimental code from zmq_init_t removed. ...
[07:09] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * ra154ef6 10/ (5 files): Man pages for send & recv function brought up to date ...
[07:59] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rd7adc3f 10/ (6 files in 3 dirs): ZMQ_FILTER option removed ...
[08:21] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * rc754298 10/ (src/pgm_receiver.cpp src/pgm_receiver.hpp src/pgm_sender.cpp): PGM transport reconciled with subscription forwarding ...
[08:42] mpales i have a question regarding jzmq compilation on solaris
[08:42] mpales configure cannot find jni.h in JDK_HOME
[08:42] mpales do i need a specific java version or patches?
[08:58] sustrik mpales: i am not aware of that
[08:58] sustrik have you set JAVA_HOME?
[08:58] mpales sustrik: yes
[08:59] mpales sustrik: configure looks for jni.h in JDK_HOME/include directory
[08:59] sustrik to the jdk folder, not the include folder?
[08:59] mpales sustrik: but such directory does not exist
[08:59] sustrik and where's the jni.h?
[09:00] mpales it's not in the JDK_HOME
[09:00] mpales include directory is not there
[09:00] sustrik is there jni.h anywhere?
[09:00] mpales i unpacked from oracle
[09:01] mpales no, it's not there
[09:04] mpales ok, i'll get solaris x86 one, the package is 10 times bigger than the x64 one
[09:07] sustrik do they ship jni separately or what?
[09:07] mpales it looks like the x64 package needs to be installed OVER x86 one
[09:07] mpales the x86 one does have the include directory
[09:12] c_nick How to compile zeromq static library on Android ? I want to do it in an "official" way
[09:22] sustrik c_nick: there's no official way
[09:22] sustrik people have done it though
[09:23] sustrik you can try to do that and write an "official" guide if you are interested
[09:24] c_nick sustrik: are you referring to ?? I just want to compile the ZMQ Library for Android
[09:38] mpales ok, libjzmq produced with some tweaks in the Makefile
[09:39] mpales it's not very sunstudio compiler friendly :-)
[09:48] c_nick sustrik: Is it possible that I can download the ZMQ source and compile it (via Android AMK) and using the same.. quite confused dont want to do it the unofficial way
[09:58] c_nick m trying to compile ZeroMQ C binding in order to be able to use it on Android
[10:01] mikko c_nick: i recall that it requires a bit of fiddling
[10:01] mikko because of the way things are built on android
[10:01] mikko i remember there being a thread on the ml about it
[10:02] c_nick mikko: I found a direct link android+Zeromq but that using the "Unofficial" NDK
[10:04] c_nick that's*
[10:32] sustrik maples: complain them
[10:32] sustrik then
[10:32] sustrik ask the patches to be reverted or whatever
[11:00] sustrik pieter_hintjens: ok, msvc build looks ok
[11:01] sustrik let's wait for the auto build in the evening to see whether there are problems on different platforms
[11:06] c_nick sustrik: how is it unofficial .. I was wondering if I do require to tweek the Official Android Library How would it be termed unoffical
[11:06] c_nick if I am* required*
[11:08] sustrik ah, official Android
[11:09] sustrik sorry, i thought you were speaking of official 0mq way of building it on android
[11:13] c_nick sustrik: 0mq is FOSS right ?
[11:13] sustrik yes
[11:14] c_nick then I just want to build it on android :) using the latest android NDK :)
[11:21] sustrik sure, go on
[11:32] reuben I'm not sure what you mean
[11:32] reuben is the NDK what provides the standard C libraries on Android?
[11:33] reuben I thought it was just a C API for the android specific features like touch, camera, etc
[11:33] reuben @ c_nick
[11:35] c_nick reuben: Android NDK (native development kit) provides you with a Native Interface which you can use to expose functions written in C to Java
[11:36] reuben c_nick, so you have to use that instead of JNI?
[11:36] reuben also, if that's what it does, you shouldn't need the NDK to build 0MQ
[11:37] reuben you'll need it for an android java binding, though
[11:37] c_nick reuben: Not looking at NDK to build 0MQ
[11:37] reuben <c_nick> then I just want to build it on android :) using the latest android NDK :)
[11:37] reuben v0v
[11:38] c_nick reuben: I wanted to compile the 0MQ Library for Android.. the closes possibility i came to was the link of 0MQ where he spoke about the unofficial way.. I am not aware of any other way to do that
[11:38] reuben "To build zeromq for the Android platform, you will need an unofficial NDK, with full STL support."
[11:38] reuben I see
[11:39] c_nick closest*
[11:41] c_nick reuben: do u know of any other way I can get hold on the ZeroMQ Library for Android ?
[11:43] reuben I'd try to follow this instructions:
[11:43] reuben these*
[11:45] c_nick reuben: those are the same ones I was talking about.. the "unofficial" way
[11:45] reuben well it's pretty clear in that page why you need the unofficial NDK
[11:45] reuben what are the advantages of using the official one?
[11:46] c_nick reuben: yes FULL STL If i am not mistaken .. and complete C++ support .. am i correct ?
[11:46] reuben the page doesn't mention the latter
[11:47] c_nick ok .. well i read it elsewhere perhaps
[11:49] c_nick reuben: ok now i am getting the picture the Std Template Library is not fully supported by Android
[11:53] reuben yeah, and 0MQ (unfortunately) uses it
[11:54] reuben I was going to try and remove the STL dependency this weekend but my HDD didn't like the idea and now I've got a damaged filesystem to repair
[11:54] c_nick reuben: Try another OS ;) I love to do that when my HDD crashes
[11:55] c_nick So thats the only change in the source .. modified for 0MQ thus unofficial from Android :) so its like a forked branch
[11:55] reuben my brother was using windows to play some game and it crashed and corrupted my linux filesystem somehow
[11:55] reuben now I'm hoping my /home files are still there
[11:55] reuben windows is still working >_>
[11:55] c_nick lol :P windows crashed linux hahahaha
[11:56] c_nick u really cant trust M$ these days :P
[11:56] reuben must have been some weird crash, for windows to fail that hard
[11:57] c_nick well u can always back up first using your Live CD.. i always keep my OS and my HDD separate :)
[11:57] reuben well, just one of reasons I'm moving away from PC ;)
[11:57] c_nick i mean HDD = my data
[11:57] c_nick gift him BB Playbook i heard its really good :)
[12:15] c_nick can i link 0MQ examples dynamically(SO)
[12:16] reuben sure...
[12:16] c_nick reuben: how?
[12:16] reuben just, link them dynamically
[12:16] c_nick -L ?
[12:16] reuben -l
[12:19] c_nick reuben: err.. I thought gcc -lzmq was actually linking to libzmq.a ie. static linking
[12:20] reuben depends on how you built it, and what version it finds first
[12:20] reuben you can force it to use the dynamic or static one, though
[12:20] c_nick reuben: how to force it to use dynamic ..
[12:21] reuben -Wl,-Bdynamic
[12:21] reuben like, gcc example.o -Wl,-Bstatic -lzmq -o example
[12:21] reuben er... -Wl,-Bdynamic *
[12:25] c_nick reuben: so here instead of taking libzmq.a he will pick up ?
[12:26] reuben yes
[12:27] c_nick hmm ok I hope that works for Android make file
[13:36] Moc I'm giving this one last try, and I still can't get python to load the zmq lib !!!
[13:36] sustrik the lib has to be on PATH
[13:36] Moc I get ImportError: cannot import name initthreads error
[13:36] sustrik what OS is that?
[13:37] Moc k never mind, I tried my test from the pyzmq folder ! doh..
[13:37] Moc centos 5
[13:37] Moc I tried it on my desktop with ubuntu but it never worked
[13:38] sustrik ok
[13:40] Moc zmq.core.error.ZMQError: Invalid argument
[13:40] Moc same error I had on my desktop ubuntu when I tried to bind
[13:41] Moc File "socket.pyx", line 390, in zmq.core.socket.Socket.bind (zmq/core/socket.c:3613)
[13:47] Moc doh, they error need more easy web documentation !
[13:47] Moc s/they/that/
[13:50] sustrik you are right, EINVAL documentation is missing for zmq_bind and zmq_connect
[13:50] sustrik i'll fix that
[13:50] sustrik it means that your connection string is invalid
[13:56] Moc I actually found this path for solution from a irc log from a request I posted ;)
[13:56] Moc the pyzmq install instruction need to be updated too
[13:56] sustrik Moc: it's a wiki
[13:56] sustrik feel free to fix it
[13:57] Moc ha never mind, it a post from someone I followed
[13:57] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r2afb791 10/ (tests/ tests/test_sub_forward.cpp): Subscription forwarding test added ...
[13:57] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r215cfc6 10/ tests/test_reqrep_drop.cpp : REQ/REP drop test extended ...
[14:06] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r2927481 10/ (doc/zmq_bind.txt doc/zmq_connect.txt): zmq_bind(3) and zmq_connect(3) describe EINVAL error ...
[14:07] sustrik Moc: fixed
[14:08] Moc k, hope no one else will get my getting started issue hehe
[15:57] Fade is it generally accepted that zeromq should not be exposed to the internet? I'm reading through this thread:
[15:59] sustrik Fade: it can fail because of intentionally malformed messages
[15:59] Fade yeah, that's what I was wondering.
[15:59] Fade so zmq tends to only be used in closed domains?
[15:59] sustrik people use it even over internet
[16:00] sustrik but it's not 100% safe
[16:02] Fade so a message like [5][s][m][c] will cause bad things to happen?
[16:10] cremes Fade: what it means is that 0mq doesn't currently do proper validation of the wire protocol format
[16:10] cremes Fade: it just asserts when it sees bad data instead of discarding it
[16:11] cremes so if you ran 0mq through a fuzzer, it would assert when the wire format was wrong
[16:11] cremes the devs are working on fixing that
[16:13] Fade well, first of all: thanks for the interesting system
[16:13] Fade cremes: do you have any idea when the wire protocol will have validation?
[16:14] cremes Fade: nope but it's likely getting some attention in the 3.0 codebase
[16:15] Fade is that the current development branch?
[16:31] fan Hello.
[16:33] sustrik hi
[16:38] fan Have question about poll. I am using poll method and in case of using a timeout with it, poll returns if i press a key in console, where i started my application. Do You know if it is a bug, or i miss smth?
[16:42] sustrik what version is that?
[16:42] sustrik and what OS?
[16:43] sustrik fan: and what language are you using 0mq from?
[16:45] fan Current ØMQ version is 2.2.0
[16:45] fan Linux tos-66 2.6.35-28-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 18 19:00:26 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux
[16:46] sustrik what about language?
[16:46] fan c++
[16:46] sustrik that should not happen
[16:46] sustrik can you report in the bug tracker
[16:47] sustrik attaching your test program, presumably
[16:50] fan it is now not a test program (: it is too large to send. ok. will try to post a bug, but i think it is bug in my code. Because some time ago, before i made some changes the behavior was perfect.
[22:13] Maxsit hello!
[22:14] Maxsit I'm getting "Assertion failed: Socket operation on non-socket (..\..\..\src\tcp_socket.cpp:64)" in simple pub-sub example. Can anybody help me?
[22:14] whack Maxsit: pastebin your code?
[22:15] Maxsit
[22:16] Maxsit
[22:16] Maxsit client and server
[22:16] Maxsit platform win xp pro
[22:17] Maxsit run server and client than close client window and get error in the server app
[22:18] sustrik that error happens if you try to use a bogus pointer as a socket
[22:18] sustrik or when trying to use a socket that was already closed
[22:18] sustrik oh
[22:19] sustrik sorry
[22:19] sustrik disregard the above
[22:22] sustrik what version on 0mq are you using?
[22:22] Maxsit 2.1.7
[22:23] sustrik hm, your code looks ok
[22:23] Maxsit build from with msvs2010
[22:23] Maxsit release cfg
[22:24] sustrik right
[22:24] sustrik looks like a bug
[22:24] sustrik can you log it into the bug tracker?
[22:25] sustrik please, attach the test programs to the issue as well
[22:25] Maxsit here ?
[22:47] Maxsit Martin just tested additional win xp pro sp2 eng (1 pc) and win xp pro sp3 eng (2 pc) - they are ok
[22:47] Maxsit the problem is with windows xp sp2 pro localized (russian) edition