Thursday July 7, 2011

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[00:26] meanphil anyone had success with PUB/SUB over PGM in FreeBSD?
[00:26] meanphil (PUB) Listening on pgm://;
[00:26] meanphil Assertion failed: rc == 0 (connect_session.cpp:84)
[00:26] meanphil I get that trying to sock.bind('pgm://etc.')
[00:27] meanphil seems to be failing in pgm_setsockopt, specifically PGM_JOIN_GROUP
[04:46] tsolox i googled this, but is zeromq works on AIX 5.3 or newer? will plan to try this sometime soon..any guides/hints would be helpful. thanks..
[05:36] c_nick I wanted to implement the sample weather example given on the website in JAVA .. On the bindings page I am not able to understand "Example command to run Java test program on Windows" I tried by copying the source and running javac but getting issues with import org.zeromq.ZMQ; can someone help me out
[06:10] c_nick If I try to compile the Wuserver program which is there on the website in JAVA it compiles but do not run..
[14:25] AssertLoop Good Afternoon
[14:27] AssertLoop Anyone here with pyzmq experience ?
[14:35] xristos AssertLoop: i have some
[14:37] AssertLoop hello xristos
[14:38] AssertLoop im having problems with ZMQ if chrooted + forked as a daemon it is unable
[14:38] AssertLoop to read data from the QUEUE device
[14:38] xristos AssertLoop: no idea
[14:39] AssertLoop hheheh i think im probably bringing the library too far :)
[15:12] shimon AssertLoop: what are you trying to read from? do you open it before you chroot? could be that the file is no longer accessible
[15:13] shimon at least if you're using a ipc:// or similar transport which is on the filesystem
[15:14] AssertLoop yep
[15:14] AssertLoop i opening after the chroot that could be a problem that why i falled back to TCP
[15:14] AssertLoop i'm opening it before the choort
[15:15] shimon if it's tcp to a network socket i'd think it would be ok
[15:15] shimon i'm not an expert but have been using and enjoying pyzmq for a few days :)
[15:16] AssertLoop so do i , a normal terminal session
[15:16] AssertLoop works weel with TCP and or IPC
[15:17] AssertLoop Pwell
[15:17] AssertLoop the problem if that if you FORK and chroot pew pew :P no more zmq (if you are using ZMQ.Device()
[15:17] AssertLoop if you just use ZMQ PUSH ou PULL , etc without devices it works fine
[15:18] AssertLoop even in Multiprocessing + Daemon
[15:58] Gine Howdy. Would this be an appropriate place to inquire some help with an issue I'm having using ZMQ?
[16:40] mikko sustrik: there?
[16:40] sustrik mikko: hi
[16:40] mikko general networking question
[16:41] mikko when connecting to a server which is out ot filehandles
[16:41] mikko do you get refused or timeout
[16:41] sustrik refused iirc
[16:41] whack mikko: should be easy to test
[16:42] whack set ulimit -n to low value, etc
[16:42] sustrik as far as i understand is that you get refused
[16:42] sustrik howecer, i am not sure whether the behaviour is standardised
[16:46] whack mikko: testing with a quick ruby oneliner, the connection opens and is closed on accept
[16:46] whack (ulimit -n 5; ruby -rsocket -e 's =; loop { begin ; p s.accept; rescue => e; p :e => e; end }')
[16:47] whack since accept() pulls a already-handshaked client off the queue, you'd get a tcp connect success, then accept() would fail and kill the connection
[16:49] whack you usually get connection refused after the listen queue fills up, though
[18:51] magarwal When sending multipart messages from a high speed publisher, subscriber is missing some messages in between. what could be hte reason for this
[18:57] magarwal anyone?
[19:22] sustrik magarwal: when HWM overflows, messages are dropped
[19:24] magarwal sustrik, looks i am getting issue with multipart messages..this is happening even if i have only 2-3 messages
[19:24] magarwal i am using s_recv(subscriber)
[19:24] magarwal if i use s_dump() it works fine