Monday July 4, 2011

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[07:29] CIA-32 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * r1526ff6 10/ : License text in fixed ...
[12:05] sustrik mikko: hi, are you there?
[12:07] mikko yes
[12:20] sustrik mikko: I've found out that I've left old GPL licensing text in
[12:20] sustrik to change the license to LGPL i need all the contributors to agree on that
[12:20] sustrik it's iMatix, me and yourself
[12:20] sustrik pieter and myself are ok with the change
[12:21] sustrik what about you?
[12:23] mikko yeah
[12:23] mikko i'm ok with that
[12:23] mikko was it gpl at some point?
[12:23] mikko i havent even noticed
[12:25] sustrik the whole project was GPL'd back in 0.x times
[12:26] sustrik then we've changed it to LGPL
[12:26] sustrik but forgot to change this particular file
[12:26] sustrik i've found out accidentally by looking here"
[12:26] sustrik
[12:27] sustrik GNU Lesser General Public License 3
[12:27] sustrik 137 files
[12:27] sustrik GNU General Public License 3 or later
[12:27] sustrik 1 files
[20:32] staylor I'm curious about what happens if you get EAGAIN on a portion of a multi-part message? Will the message be sent partially or simply cancelled?
[20:40] sustrik staylor: you won't get EAGAIN is such case
[23:37] tdignan What software is being used to generate the nice flowcharts in the ZMQ docs? Graphviz?
[23:49] reuben I don't think it's Graphviz, it's some thing that converts from markdown-like syntax
[23:50] reuben can't find a link
[23:54] tdignan oh, I saw something like that
[23:54] tdignan it's a webapp, I forget the name.
[23:55] tdignan
[23:55] tdignan anyway getting on track, I saw a talk from zed shaw on the zmq site where he said "don't use it on the internet, there are asserts everywhere, it will crash"
[23:55] tdignan i'm assuming that was an old talk, and i can deploy this on the internet now?