Thursday June 30, 2011

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[17:49] davidcoallier Hey all — quick question, I'm trying to compile (install) the 0mq php extension however I keep running into a "" is not a valid libtool archive. I do have the libgthread so's.
[17:49] davidcoallier Any idea?
[17:50] davidcoallier I know mikko would know but he doesn't appear online ;-)
[17:51] shroud what distribution are you using?
[17:51] davidcoallier Natty (Ubuntu 11.04)
[17:51] shroud you might be missing the -dev package for glib:
[17:52] davidcoallier There you go — simple as pie :)
[17:53] davidcoallier Or otherwise put: *facepalm*
[17:53] davidcoallier Thanks a lot :)
[17:53] shroud you're welcome :)
[17:53] davidcoallier I wonder why it didn't get caught by configure though. I'll bug mikko and maybe write a patch. Cheers.
[20:42] ssi latest goofball project: create a java JMS provider client library which allows brokerless, point-to-point zmq based JMS transport
[20:43] ssi point-to-multipoint really