Monday June 27, 2011

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[00:26] prettyrobots I just watched Zed's presentation. It would be fun to use this on the Internet.
[05:43] m2011 I have a quick question. I want to use 0mq to receive syslog messages from syslog servers running on router devices. What is the apporpriate socket type to use for this purpose? Should I use ZMQ_PULL? If yes, will it work without ZMQ_PUSH not done on the other end as it is the syslog server running on router device thats sending the syslog message.
[10:47] mikko mato: here?
[16:05] sustrik mikko: you there?
[16:13] mikko sustrik: yes
[16:16] mikko saw your email
[16:23] sustrik there's som problem there
[16:23] sustrik the space is interpreted as argument delimiter
[16:23] sustrik and the whole thing fails
[16:23] sustrik afaics
[17:30] john is there a way for each subscriber to signal the publisher that it is connected without using a separate socket?
[17:35] cremes john___: no
[17:45] john thanks cremes I didn't think there was. I want to send one request to multiple nodes in sync and get a reponse from all of them. Is there a ideal way to do this without having to have each node use two sockets?
[17:47] cremes john___: i can't think of a way using your constraints
[17:47] cremes what's the problem with using 2 sockets?
[17:48] cremes er, 2 *pairs* of sockets
[17:48] john yeah I suppose 2 sockets for each node is acceptable.
[17:50] john nodes with a subscribe and a push socket I think might do it.
[23:13] jbardin heya guys
[23:14] jbardin i am getting a wierd segfault in my ruby app (that uses ffi-rzmq gem) due to an assertion in epoll.cpp:69
[23:14] jbardin Bad file descriptor
[23:14] jbardin rc != -1 (epoll.cpp:69)