Saturday June 25, 2011

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[11:59] Moc :( Can't get pyzeromq to work
[12:00] Moc I keep getting a : zmq.core.error.ZMQError: Invalid argument
[12:04] sustrik from what function?
[12:07] Moc socket.bind(addr)
[12:11] Moc File "socket.pyx", line 390, in zmq.core.socket.Socket.bind (zmq/core/socket.c:3613)
[12:18] Moc bah never mind, giving up... trying to install it on server this time but it complaint about things probably because it find the perl version too old... I'm not going to hack my stuff so I can use zmq
[12:19] Seta00 :/
[12:33] sustrik Moc: i would guess you connection string was wrong
[12:33] sustrik what string are you asing as an argument to bind?
[16:37] vikstrous Hey guys, I'm having difficulties building zeromq. After I run .configure, make can't find a makefile. This is my conf.log:
[16:38] so_solid_moo vikstrous: you have an error - no uuid-dev installed
[16:39] vikstrous so_solid_moo: Oh, alright, thanks. I'll try installing it and running it again.
[16:40] vikstrous so_solid_moo: Awesome. It worked. Thanks a lot.
[20:33] bfig what's a good book on distributed computing?
[20:53] tproa i don't know of books, but i recently came across this page and have put it in my queue to read:
[21:40] bfig tproa, do you read in FIFO? :p. i'm so accustomed to a stack that i don't know how you could do it =)
[21:40] tproa it's less a FIFO and more a heap
[21:41] bfig tproa, well, thanks for the reference, i'll check it.
[21:42] tproa no problem. some of the papers in there i've read, or at least heard of. the rest for the most part look interesting