Tuesday June 14, 2011

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[01:16] ssi hrm, I think I have a pattern I can use along the lines of pieterh's credit-based flow control
[01:16] ssi if instead of PUSH/PULL sockets between nodes, I use DEALER/DEALER
[01:17] ssi the nodes can generate tokens based on child worker ready state
[01:17] ssi and send the tokens out the dealer, upstream
[01:17] ssi since they're dealers, they oughta load balance between upstream nodes
[01:17] ssi so if a node has 10 ready workers, it'll generate 10 tokens and distribute them between the upstream nodes
[01:18] ssi and then the upstream nodes can redeem them to send messages downstream
[01:18] ssi (I realize I'm probabyl talking to nobody, but this is as good a scratchpad as any)
[01:18] ssi the tokens can have a timestamp so they expire
[01:18] ssi that way if some upstream node gets a handful of tokens and locks up or drops offline, they'll expire eventually and the node can generate more to send out
[01:19] ssi when an upstream node sends a message downstream, it'll include the token as the first message part
[01:20] ssi node will only accept incoming messages with a valid, unused token
[01:23] jebil Is it still unsafe to use ZeroMQ on the internet? I heard reports that it was actually possible to crash it if invalid input is given on the outward facing port.
[04:36] ssi wow
[04:36] ssi I took something beautiful and destroyed it.
[04:36] ssi :(
[04:37] michelp <revison control system> --revert
[04:37] michelp ssi, don't give up ;)
[04:38] michelp you might be closer than you think
[04:38] michelp sometimes my best code looks like my worst, then i do a slight change...
[06:30] ssi heheh
[06:30] ssi well I implemented this crazy ridiculously complex flow control concept
[06:31] ssi using all DEALER/DEALER sockets to replace my PUSH/PULL
[06:31] ssi and it looks like it ought to work, except it fails with:
[06:31] ssi Assertion failed: inpipe_ && outpipe_ (xreq.cpp:43)
[06:31] ssi and I can't track down why
[07:59] CIA-76 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07master * re895607 10/ src/tcp_connecter.cpp : ENETUNREACH is a valid error from connect ...
[07:59] mikko ssi: can you isolate reproducable part ?
[08:00] mikko ssi: small reproducable code would help a lot
[08:00] sustrik + 0mq version number
[08:01] mikko do we have different versions in jira already?
[08:02] sustrik no idea
[08:02] sustrik let me check
[08:02] mikko yes we do
[08:02] sustrik #
[08:02] sustrik Affects Version/s: 2.1.7
[08:02] mikko nice
[08:03] mikko jira is so much more pleasant than github issue tracker
[08:03] sustrik yep, it have changed a lot during last two years though
[08:04] sustrik i'm still not fully accustomed to it
[18:21] ssi I simplified and now I have a working pattern... mostly
[19:47] ssi argh of course this pattern's misbehaving now
[20:53] ssi on to pattern #4!
[21:17] ssi pattern 4 looks like a winner
[23:24] dhawth I'm having problems getting a java program to run using jzmq, on mac os X, and the error is java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jzmq in java.library.path. I know it's loading the zmq.jar because the backtrace includes org.zeromq.ZMQ.<clinit>(, which is the System.loadLibrary line for libjzmq
[23:25] dhawth I've played around with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and java.library.path, and I can prove that java.library.path is correctly set to ~/zmq/lib which is where libjzmq.* are
[23:25] dhawth I'm pretty sure the versions match up between jzmq and zeromq, they're both 2.1.0
[23:26] dhawth the git url i used to fetch zeromq is
[23:26] dhawth can someone please help me figure this out