Saturday June 11, 2011

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[00:52] brandon_rhodes Should the sequence socket(); connect(); close() be a safe one? If my web app front end does it too many times, then ØMQ hangs or crashes. Since ØMQ works great for other people, I'm wondering if I'm way off the map here in how to treat its sockets. :)
[00:52] brandon_rhodes
[01:28] brandon_rhodes Ah! I was able to produce what might be an equivalent failing case in C (but I am not sure; it gives an error rather than a crash):
[18:31] CIA-76 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07bidi-pipes * rbd86def 10/ (7 files): Actual message filtering happens in XPUB socket ...
[18:39] kwagt Question to anyone who can help. I have three clients (in python) connected to a server, where the server is PUB and all clients are SUBSCRIBED (blocked on read). If the server machine crashes or restarts for some reason, after the restart, no client receives subscriptions messages, unless I restart all clients. Is there a workaround in zeromq for this, or do I need failure detect in my clients?
[18:40] mikko kwagt: the clients should reconnect automatically
[18:41] kwagt @mikko: They do reconnect, if I just kill the server process, and restart it. However, if I restart the server machine, and start the server process, they don't! I'm able to reproduce this every time.
[18:41] mikko and you bind to same port etc?
[18:42] kwagt Yes. Every time.
[18:42] kwagt BTW, this is in Python, with the python-static Zeromq library.
[18:42] mikko can you check in what state the client sockets are when you shutdown the server?
[18:42] mikko netstat on clients
[18:43] kwagt Haven't tested, but will see.
[18:45] kwagt Have two clients. Just restarted (rebooted) the server, and netstat shows: ESTABLISHED on both clients I have running
[20:10] k0ral hi guys, as we talked some time ago about a debug tool for zeromq, a commandline one that would make it possible to quickly manipulate a socket, I starteda new project called zmqat
[20:11] k0ral it's written in haskell
[20:12] k0ral
[21:50] Seta00 k0ral, cool!