Monday June 6, 2011

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[02:41] bitcycle Hey all. I've got a coworker claiming that zeromq deployments have been experiencing several high availability failures... but I want to use it for our new message queuing system. How can I answer his objections to using zeromq?
[04:18] yukonbob hello, #zeromq :)
[10:20] zjb hi
[10:21] zjb does anyone know if LINGER setting wokrs with forwarders?
[10:22] zjb it seems that I still have to suspend a thread before calling zmq context to terminate
[10:22] mikko zjb: what do you mean by forwarders?
[10:23] mikko zmq_device forwarder?
[10:23] zjb yes
[10:23] zjb I'm using inproc forwarder
[11:45] zjb Does zmq_device forwarder support LINGER setting?
[12:13] mikko zjb: the forwarder device is independent from the sockets
[12:13] mikko zjb: so if you've set it to both sockets then it should work
[12:14] zjb mikko, yes, I have set it on both sockets
[12:15] zjb and on the "feeding" sockets
[12:15] zjb the ones that send data to the inproc forwarder
[12:16] zjb I can't see any difference if its 0 or more than zero, -1 blocks
[12:17] zjb if main thread is suspended for 1s before context terminates, then all messages are sent
[16:07] ianbarber anyone got pgm working in erlzmq2 at all? getting a Assertion failed: rc == 0 (connect_session.cpp:84), not a lot of output from pgm on log level trace either.
[17:03] yukonbob seems there's no name resolution when declaring addresses (ie: zmq_bind(sock, "tcp://localhost:9999");, plans for this, or should be addressed separately in language bindings?
[17:05] yukonbob (or, am I mistaken? Am using 2.1.7)
[21:56] CIA-31 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * rfa3e061 10/ zmq/eventloop/ : Don't exit loop on EINTR ...
[22:14] yukonbob question re: zmq_setsockopt(); I'm getting "Invalid argument" errors. if the option value is a string, I'm just placing pointer to string in a void *ptr; if optval is an int, am placing &int in void* ptr. Am I doing this correctly?
[22:30] yukonbob ah -- partial success... int vs. int64_t
[22:40] blk any reason why sending DEALER -> ROUTER would drop a message ?
[22:41] blk (tcp)
[22:43] michelp blk, did you see the missing message flowchart in the guide?
[22:44] michelp good place to start when messaged dont' arrive when you think they should
[22:47] blk thanks michelp
[22:50] yukonbob are my dev questions better asked in a diff't forum?
[23:36] yukonbob ...and, for anybody else following: make sure the options your using as test cases are applicable to socket type ;)