Sunday May 29, 2011

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[01:24] majimenezp hi anyone are using zeromq with c# in .net?
[03:03] majimenezp anybody implemented a pollinhandler with a publisher-subscribe schema in c#
[03:04] majimenezp because i already try some code and check 2 or 3 examples but the poller don't fire up the event
[03:04] majimenezp in the publisher side if i user a threa.sleep sentence, en subscriber don't receive anything
[22:04] Infms Hi. I'm having difficulty understanding how to implement load balancing in zeromq, would someone mind helping me out?
[22:11] ianbarber Infms: it is somewhat built in to most socket times, zmq will round robin between connections. everything else you'd have to implement on top.
[22:16] Infms Thanks ianbarber, that makes sense