Saturday May 28, 2011

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[07:04] CIA-31 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07bidi-pipes * r311fb0d 10/ (src/sub.cpp src/sub.hpp src/xsub.cpp src/xsub.hpp): Subscription matching moved from XSUB to SUB socket ...
[17:26] obx- Newbie question: I'd like to create a simple many-to-one relationship with one server that receives data from many clients. I do not want to be restricted to the REQ-REP pattern; that is, I'd like, for example, my clients to be able to push data to the server without requiring a response back. What 0MQ pattern is best for this scenario?
[17:32] taotetek obx-: so you want many pushing to one?
[17:32] taotetek obx-: sounds like you want to look at PUSH / PULL
[17:33] taotetek obx-: you can have many processes using a PUSH going to one process using a PULL, it requires no response from the receiver.