Wednesday May 25, 2011

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[07:13] jond sustrik: ping
[07:15] sustrik jond: hi
[07:17] jond sustrik: there seems to be quite a lot of mentions of mis-designed 'features' lately coupled with the fact that they cannot be changed due to compatibiliy issues
[07:18] sustrik yes, that's always the case with maturing product
[07:18] sustrik you can't correct mistakes you've made in the past
[07:18] jond are these collected on the wiki anywhere? it seems a pity some of the problems cannot be overcome, especially as alternatives seem better
[07:19] sustrik well, if people are using some feature that is theoretically "bad"
[07:19] sustrik you can't remove it without hurting the users
[07:20] sustrik no, they are not collected anywhere
[07:21] jond yes but part of that was the speed in which some usage examples where produced and shown to work and only later did the problems become evident....
[07:22] sustrik yes, but that's unavoidable afaics
[07:22] sustrik unless you want to work in seclusion until the product is perfect
[07:24] jond i see maybe i'll ask a question on the list as it seems plain wrong to have entered a cul-de-sac
[07:24] sustrik think of it this way:
[07:24] sustrik every product has a lifecycle
[07:25] sustrik it starts as an experiment
[07:25] sustrik proprietary software is not released at this stage, open source is
[07:25] sustrik there's almost noone using it anyway
[07:25] sustrik so the developers are free to improve it any way they want
[07:25] sustrik later on the product matures
[07:26] sustrik it's used by many people
[07:26] sustrik it can't be changed in substantial way
[07:26] sustrik the development focuses rather on stabilisation
[07:26] sustrik and adding fancy features
[07:26] sustrik finally, the product grows old and is superseded by better products
[07:27] sustrik c'est la vie
[07:29] jond that's all true, but even in the commercial world, customers are forced to upgrade versions by vendors after a period of time.
[07:29] jond any how gotta head off now, cyl
[07:30] sustrik cyl
[07:59] th asd
[08:01] th that was unintentional.
[08:05] sustrik :)
[08:33] CIA-31 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07bidi-pipes * r87a6490 10/ (5 files): All pipe termination code moved to pipe_t ...
[13:26] cods Hi. Does it make sense to have a node with a ROUTER socket, with different peers using each a DEALER socket? I see that usually ROUTER/DEALER pair are used as intermediate for REP/REQ. Not all my message need a reply.
[13:27] cods technically I can do that, but I was just wondering if it was ok :)
[13:28] cods the point is to have a server and various client always connected (with ipc:// sockets) and have messages exchanged between the server and one of the client (in either way) with or without a reply (either fire-and-forget or req-rep style)
[14:26] private_meta ARGH... this is pissing me off... I'm using the Majordomo stuff to send a message, a string serialized object, and one method deeper all it sends is garbage
[14:29] mikko which language?
[14:30] private_meta c++
[14:30] private_meta as always
[14:30] mikko are you using zero copy messages?
[14:31] private_meta no, i don't think so
[14:32] private_meta If nothing was changed after I added the majordomo example, I'm using it as it's put in the guide
[14:32] private_meta which works normally for normal messages
[14:32] mikko what serialisation are you using?
[14:32] mikko boost?
[14:33] private_meta yeah
[14:33] mikko can you pastebin the relevant code?
[14:33] private_meta Not really
[14:33] private_meta Ok, let me rephrase
[14:34] private_meta the relevant code would contain about 15-20 c++ classes
[14:34] mikko maybe it's a memory management error?
[14:34] mikko have you tried valgrinding?
[14:35] private_meta no I haven't
[14:35] private_meta the thing is... I'm using boost serialization. If I output that string
[14:36] private_meta or put it into a std::string
[14:36] private_meta and then print it
[14:36] private_meta all is well
[14:36] private_meta as soon as I feed it into a zmsg
[14:36] private_meta the entire message content is reduced to garbage
[14:37] private_meta argh, takes so friggin long to compile
[14:49] private_meta hmm... the problems seem to start when the amount of letters in the string is larger than 120
[14:49] private_meta erm
[14:49] private_meta maybe 128
[14:49] private_meta let me check some more
[14:52] private_meta Yup, message garbling starts at string length of 128
[15:00] private_meta mikko: I don't really know how to use valgrind there either... it#s meant to be a continuous program, but using valgrind with my program quits the program immediately with an execption
[15:06] private_meta ah ok, would work now
[15:10] mikko private_meta: do you memcpy the c_str() to the message?
[15:18] private_meta mikko: of course
[15:22] ASY is there a way to check if the socket is connected? i have req/rep, do connect, send and then blocking recv() hangs me because I am not actually connected to anything. just wondering if there is a way to *specifically* check if the socket is connected. I can (with difficulties) go around this with poll(), but a connection check would be best in my case.
[15:23] private_meta ASY: I was told that the only way to check if there is connectivity is to implement Heartbeat messages
[15:42] ASY ic
[16:02] mikko ASY: what are the difficulties with poll () ?
[16:19] staylor with the changes to the high level apis in 3.0 where can I find project information for the c++ bindings or will they be merged with the libzapi?
[16:28] sustrik staylor: i'll make a separate project
[16:33] staylor ah excellent thanks
[16:36] sustrik staylor: looking at the C++ binding
[16:36] sustrik i would say it should work more or less as is
[16:37] sustrik are you having any specific problems?
[16:48] sustrik staylor: the project is on gitbub now:
[16:48] sustrik
[16:49] anddam hello
[16:56] staylor sustrik, no problems no, I was just looking to post an addition for it to work with boost::asio
[20:26] brianjarita hey all ... I was wondering how do you generate a server_id like 82209006-86FF-4982-B5EA-D1E29E55D481
[20:26] brianjarita is there a tool with 0mq that does that?
[20:47] sustrik there's libbuid linked to 0m
[20:47] sustrik 0mq
[20:47] brianjarita so do I just run that?
[20:48] brianjarita like i am building a new server config for mongrel2 and I'm wondering what to put where the server_id goes
[20:49] brianjarita do I just make up a number for the server?
[20:50] brianjarita I have main = Server( uuid =" ???? "
[20:50] brianjarita i'm wondering how to get the id that goes in there
[20:50] sustrik google for UUID
[20:50] brianjarita k
[20:51] brianjarita so your uuid is not unique to 0mq right?
[20:52] brianjarita according to its just a number
[20:53] brianjarita never mind ... I answered my own question .... I put a number there and it "just worked"
[20:53] brianjarita thanks
[21:25] Gambit-- hi guys - can anyone tell me how to interface zmq with an existing epoll loop?
[21:29] Toba not to be nuts, but will another thread kill you dead
[21:30] cremes Gambit--: you'll have to create a wrapper function that calls epoll() for your regular sockets
[21:31] cremes and zmq_poll() for your 0mq sockets
[21:31] cremes OR
[21:31] cremes i think you can get a file descriptor via getsockopt(ZM_FD) and register it with epoll()
[21:36] Gambit-- huh.
[21:38] cods Why HWM cannot be set to 0? (0 actually mean infinite) Wouldn't it be useful to not queue anything sometimes?
[21:39] Gambit-- ZM_FD is not supported on 2.0.7
[21:39] Gambit-- (alas).
[21:39] Gambit-- Toba, was that addressed to me?
[21:39] Gambit-- cremes, also, I don't see how you're supposed to call epoll() and zmq_poll() simultaneously :)
[21:40] Gambit-- I'm not sure if ZMQ_FD really does what I think it does, since it seems to be socket specific and not 0mq specific - any reason why I couldn't use the epoll fd that 0mq is using directly?
[21:42] Toba it does do what you think it does
[21:42] Gambit-- s/I think it does/I want it to do/ :)
[21:42] Toba because just because the socket that zeromq is using for its socket
[21:43] Toba does NOT mean that the zmq socket has something ofr you
[21:43] Toba it could be partially recv'd
[21:43] Gambit-- you misunderstand
[21:43] Gambit-- I would use triggering on the 0mq epoll fd to indicate that I needed to call zmq_poll
[21:43] Toba that's needlessly hacky
[21:43] Gambit-- possibly.
[21:44] Toba and I'm pretty sure doing that would not be supported and future versions could break it, but I could be wrong I suppose
[21:44] Gambit-- A little cleaner, tbh.
[21:44] Toba what's wrong with making zmq_pollitems for the fds from your other loop and using a big pollset for it
[21:44] Gambit-- it depends on how close the zmq_socket's are to the original epoll call.
[21:44] Toba shrug, i've got stuff to do and I think i've told you everything I know on this issue :)
[21:44] Gambit-- It's usually a maintenance headache to keep all these different lists of the same objects in sync with eachothers.
[21:45] Gambit-- that's fine :)
[21:45] Gambit-- Thank you for your thoughts!
[21:45] Gambit-- Too bad I can't rev to 2.1 right now, alas.
[21:48] cremes Gambit--: you'll need to be on at least 2.1 to make it feasible to use regular and 0mq sockets together with epoll
[21:48] cremes also, you might want to search the mailing list archives for this topic; it was covered a lot
[21:49] cremes in the runup to the 2.1 release
[21:49] Gambit-- *nods*
[21:49] Gambit-- We're locked into 2.0.7 for this release anyways, so I guess it's fairly moot.
[22:13] CIA-31 jzmq: 03Cliff Evans 07master * rd3c996d 10/ (src/org/zeromq/ test/src/org/zeromq/ Added version methods to ...
[22:13] CIA-31 jzmq: 03Gonzalo Diethelm 07master * r0a4ba02 10/ (src/org/zeromq/ test/src/org/zeromq/ Merge pull request #48 from mipper/master ...