Tuesday May 24, 2011

[Time] NameMessage
[07:39] asmodai morn
[11:58] private_meta any way to use zeromq to fetch the ip address it's using for communication?
[12:25] mikko private_meta: nope
[17:22] Guthur sustrik, ping
[18:11] sustrik Guthor: pong
[18:11] sustrik Guthur:
[18:22] Guthur sustrik, can I add new contributors to clrzmq2?
[18:34] sustrik Guthur: dunno, can you?
[18:34] sustrik if not, just let me know the guy's login
[18:35] sustrik and i'll add him there
[18:41] Guthur I couldn't figure out how to add
[18:41] Guthur I'll let you know if he wants to become a contributor
[18:42] Guthur its the guy jgoz on who has been active on some of the issues
[19:13] CIA-31 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * r1aab75f 10/ README.rst : add @craustin to README -
[20:36] private_meta hmm... how can someone register to the zeromq mailing list by mail only (no web access)
[20:41] mato private_meta: it's a mailman list, try sending "subscribe" to
[20:41] mato that should do the trick
[20:41] private_meta it's mailman
[20:41] mato yes
[20:42] private_meta ah ok, got it
[20:42] private_meta from the mailman docs
[20:42] private_meta sending an empty mail to
[20:42] mato ok, i thought it was something like that
[20:45] private_meta Got someone asking me for JavaHelp I can't give, and he doesn't have any more than email access
[20:45] private_meta so no internet
[20:45] private_meta (normal www at leasT)
[20:45] private_meta java zmq help that is