Sunday May 22, 2011

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[05:08] sneak hi
[05:10] sneak does 0mq support ipv6?
[05:22] eimantas hello people!
[05:23] sneak hi
[05:23] sneak it's you
[05:24] eimantas <o>
[05:24] eimantas still angry on me? .(
[05:24] sneak wasn't angry before
[05:51] johnm1234 Re: ipv6...
[05:51] johnm1234 Looks like the answer is basically… no.
[05:52] johnm1234 There seems to be some support for ipv6 in pgm_socket.cpp but nowhere else afaict.
[06:09] guido_g it has been removed due to dual-stack problems
[06:15] johnm1234 Can you explain a bit of the details?
[06:17] guido_g nope
[06:17] johnm1234 :-)
[06:17] guido_g wasn't involved
[06:18] guido_g try hte mailing list archives
[06:19] sneak ugh
[07:59] uiuiui132 Hi guys. Would zeromq be a good fit to fire and monitor a process?
[13:09] fredix hi
[13:10] fredix is zeromq works through the Internet ? for example with pubsub, without subscribers limit
[14:13] BoukeVersteegh Good day
[14:13] BoukeVersteegh Anyone here?
[14:14] sustrik hi
[14:14] sustrik fredix: in theory
[14:14] sustrik the problem with internet is if it sends junk data to 0mq
[14:15] sustrik 0mq it not 100% resistent to that
[14:15] sustrik we are fixing it slowly
[14:15] sustrik but not quite there yet
[14:15] fredix ok
[14:15] BoukeVersteegh hi
[14:15] fredix so zeromq is only for backendl only ?
[14:15] BoukeVersteegh is there anyone who could help me on the PHP lib for ZMQ?
[14:16] BoukeVersteegh I have attended the presentation at the Dutch PHP Conference on ZMQ, and I really want to use it
[14:16] BoukeVersteegh but the extension throws an error: php: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/php5/20090626+lfs/ undefined symbol: zmq_version
[14:16] sustrik fredix: well, you can use it for a front end, if there's a problem, report it, we'll fix it
[14:17] sustrik BoukeVersteegh: sorry, no experience with PHP binding
[14:17] BoukeVersteegh where can I get help?
[14:17] sustrik ask on the maling list
[14:18] BoukeVersteegh ok
[14:18] fredix sustrik, ok thanks
[14:20] BoukeVersteegh are the version numbers of the language-specific bindings in sync with those of the main ZMQ code?
[14:20] BoukeVersteegh on the front page it says ZMQ version 2.1, but the PHP lib in PECL is version 0.7
[14:21] sustrik not in sync, i presume
[14:22] sustrik anyway, ask on list
[14:22] Toba fredix: I would not.
[15:05] pieter_hintjens BoukeVersteegh: sounds like it can't find the library at all...
[15:16] pieter_hintjens sustrik: you around?
[15:22] mikko BoukeVersteegh: which version of libzmq are you using?
[15:32] CIA-31 libzmq: 03Martin Sustrik 07bidi-pipes * racf0b0e 10/ (34 files): Introduces bi-directional pipes ...
[15:44] sustrik pieter_hintjens: hi
[15:45] pieter_hintjens hi, just wondering about framing for udp
[15:45] pieter_hintjens do you have any preferences?
[15:45] sustrik i think there's no single solution
[15:45] sustrik depends on what you want to do with udp
[15:46] pieter_hintjens just use it as udp...
[15:47] pieter_hintjens I'm thinking, limit messages to 64k, serialize multiple parts in one buffer
[15:47] sustrik udp what?
[15:47] sustrik unicast?
[15:47] sustrik multicast?
[15:47] pieter_hintjens any of that, it's really all quite similar
[15:48] pieter_hintjens let's assume unicast, broadcast, and multicast
[15:48] pieter_hintjens I have a virtual transport (very simple) more or less working
[15:50] sustrik is there an initial handshake?
[15:50] pieter_hintjens might add that, depends on the pattern
[15:50] pieter_hintjens I'm still figuring out how much of 0MQ I want to replicate :-)
[15:50] sustrik :)
[15:50] sustrik well, for now i would say keep it as simple as possible
[15:51] pieter_hintjens at least for basic UDP integration, it's pretty simple
[15:51] sustrik no mutlipart messages
[15:51] pieter_hintjens indeed
[15:51] sustrik 1 packet = 1 message
[15:51] sustrik that's it
[15:51] pieter_hintjens ok, that's what I have, it'll do...
[15:51] pieter_hintjens I am aiming for a generic virtual transport layer into which we can plug drivers
[15:51] sustrik yep, i know
[15:52] pieter_hintjens btw I'm going to be in the US for two weeks
[15:52] pieter_hintjens if you need me, add 9 hours... :-)
[15:53] sustrik west coast, nice
[15:53] sustrik have a nice time there
[15:53] pieter_hintjens yeah, west coast is always nice, but not as cool as BA, obviously...
[17:00] michelp pieter_hintjens, out of curiosity, where on the WC? We have a budding 0mq community here in Portland, OR
[17:00] michelp i can strike up a quick BOF if you're headed our way :)
[17:00] pieter_hintjens michelp: Seattle, and then SF
[17:01] michelp it's pretty much right between those two points :)
[17:01] pieter_hintjens a lot closer to Seattle, I see
[17:01] pieter_hintjens but still a long walk
[17:01] michelp yeah it sure is!
[17:01] pieter_hintjens Google maps says 2 days, 12 hours
[17:02] michelp well unlike much of the US we have a good train schedule between here and there
[17:02] pieter_hintjens michelp: would you like to try a meetup in Seattle or is that too far away?
[17:02] michelp i think there's 3 or 4 trains a day
[17:02] michelp sure, i know a few python folks up there that would be interested, and i can bring a crew with me
[17:02] michelp are you doing some kind of meetup already?
[17:02] pieter_hintjens I'd be free next Friday
[17:02] pieter_hintjens nothing planned for Seattle yet
[17:03] michelp just vacationing?
[17:03] pieter_hintjens work
[17:03] pieter_hintjens what is that 'vacation' you speak of?
[17:03] michelp ah nice, yeah i think it would be cool to get some like minds together
[17:03] michelp it's a strange concept at first, but you should try it sometime, it'll grow on you :)
[17:03] pieter_hintjens well, I *could* come to Portland tbh
[17:04] michelp either way, you would find Portland to be *very* european
[17:04] michelp in fact i'd say it's the most european city in the US
[17:05] pieter_hintjens lol, I suspect we have different ideas of what a "European" city is
[17:05] pieter_hintjens but ok, let's try to make that happen
[17:05] michelp true, i was thinking in terms of density, urban planning, and mass transit
[17:05] pieter_hintjens friday evening then?
[17:05] pieter_hintjens I'll take the train down from Seattle
[17:06] pieter_hintjens and got to SF on Saturday
[17:06] pieter_hintjens *go
[17:06] michelp ah i see i misunderstood you, i thought you were arriving friday, but thats' your free day then?
[17:06] pieter_hintjens yup
[17:06] michelp that would work for me, I'll start putting the word out immediately
[17:06] pieter_hintjens ok, great
[17:07] michelp i can 90% likely get a really great meeting space downtown
[17:07] michelp unless they have something else planned it should be no problem
[17:07] pieter_hintjens nice... if you think an early afternoon start would work, I can be there earlier, say 2pm
[17:08] michelp i'd have to look into it, can you give me a couple hours to send some emails?
[17:08] pieter_hintjens np
[17:08] pieter_hintjens when you find a place, let me know so I can book a hotel near by
[17:08] pieter_hintjens do announce on list, and add to wiki...
[17:08] pieter_hintjens excellent :-)
[17:10] michelp alright i'm on it. hotels should be no problem as the location is right downtown and also adjacent to the train stop that goes straight to the airport
[17:12] pieter_hintjens how European :-)
[17:12] pieter_hintjens I like it
[17:12] michelp yeah the train from seattle is right there too so you won't needs cabs or anything
[17:12] michelp all easy walking distance
[17:13] michelp do you have some prepared material or were you expecting just a discussion session?
[17:13] michelp and just to be specific when you say next friday you mean the 27th right?
[17:15] pieter_hintjens so yes, 27th, and you can choose any time that works
[17:15] pieter_hintjens prepared material is so boring but depending on the people and location and time, we can do different styles
[17:15] pieter_hintjens mix of rant, unconf and beerfest is my usual preference
[17:16] michelp well there is a keg :)
[17:16] michelp one of the great features of this particular space :)
[17:16] pieter_hintjens in portland?
[17:16] pieter_hintjens ah, in that space... ok :-)
[17:17] michelp there's also a beer hall across the street with 20 rotating taps. all high quality beers, none of that mass produced crap we are infamous for
[17:18] pieter_hintjens ok, when you have a place & time, would you update the wiki and let the list know?
[17:18] pieter_hintjens I'
[17:18] pieter_hintjens I'll make sure I'm there in time
[17:18] michelp yep chatting with the guy now, should have details shortly
[17:21] michelp so it looks like 5pm is best for them
[17:22] michelp does that work for you pieter_hintjens ?
[17:22] pieter_hintjens michelp: sure, that works fine
[17:23] michelp the location is on this page:
[17:24] michelp here's the walk from the train station,+portland,+or&daddr=1227+Northwest+Davis+Street,+Portland,+Oregon+97209-4119+(Urban+Airship)&hl=en&geocode=Fd-2tgIdCxiw-CnvNBLg_wmVVDEyh8GJnvHB0g%3BFY-qtgIdHgWw-CHkdTCpKM5d_imDMuRoAgqVVDELnVu6Ab1YVw&mra=ls&sll=45.525647,-122.682082&sspn=0.009275,0.022724&ie=UTF8&z=17
[17:30] michelp kdj, you in?
[17:34] klokane hi there, I've question about zeromq and fork
[17:34] pieter_hintjens michelp: would you stick the relevant info on a wiki page?
[17:34] pieter_hintjens would do it
[17:35] pieter_hintjens you can then link to that from the main community page, and people can self-register
[17:35] pieter_hintjens did that for
[17:36] michelp pieter_hintjens, yep no problem. just signing in and figuring it out
[17:36] pieter_hintjens klokane: shoot
[17:36] klokane I've process "A" with REQ-REP and PUB-SUB, R-R is for console, P-S is monitoring childs. Via console you may add new childs.
[17:37] pieter_hintjens ok
[17:37] klokane but childs make different work and just reporting to parent
[17:38] klokane So make it by fork() && exec() and child fall to daemon
[17:38] pieter_hintjens ok
[17:38] klokane but after fork() it still holds sockets from parent
[17:39] klokane so, when parent will exit, child are sitting on their socket
[17:39] pieter_hintjens the fork is a new process, with its own memory, right?
[17:40] klokane pieter: it's correct
[17:40] pieter_hintjens if you open a socket and then fork, the socket will be unusable from the child process
[17:40] klokane yes
[17:40] pieter_hintjens well, it'll be usable but do weird things, since it's using the same identity, etc.
[17:40] klokane but when I exit from parent
[17:41] pieter_hintjens right, you can safely close the sockets in the children
[17:41] pieter_hintjens but this is probably a dangerous model to use
[17:41] klokane is there correct way how to do it?\
[17:42] pieter_hintjens hmm, starting a process properly, not via forking, I'd say
[17:42] pieter_hintjens hmm
[17:42] pieter_hintjens good question klokane
[17:42] klokane where i start working proces assync from console it's ok
[17:43] pieter_hintjens why do you want processes, instead of threads?
[17:43] klokane I need functionality with async work
[17:43] pieter_hintjens sure, but threads will do that
[17:44] pieter_hintjens what language are you working in?>
[17:44] klokane c++
[17:44] pieter_hintjens ok, so you can use the czmq binding, it gives you a portable thread API
[17:44] klokane but same problems are there with other languages
[17:45] klokane I dont want to make it throught threads
[17:45] michelp pieter_hintjens, the wiki won't let me create a page in the event category
[17:45] pieter_hintjens michelp: permissions issue, let me fix that
[17:45] michelp sweet
[17:46] pieter_hintjens michelp: ok, try again now
[17:46] pieter_hintjens klokane: I don't know anyone using fork() successfully
[17:46] klokane worker is grabbing video from multicasting stream, so there is relative high posibility to false
[17:46] pieter_hintjens only way I can think of is to fork from a main process that doesn't do any 0MQ work at all
[17:46] pieter_hintjens so you fork the server, and fork the clients
[17:46] klokane failure
[17:47] pieter_hintjens yeah, I know
[17:47] pieter_hintjens but if you open a socket, then fork your process, failure afaics
[17:47] klokane yess that's trouble which i get :)
[17:47] pieter_hintjens can you make a minimal test case, send to the list?
[17:48] michelp sweet thanks
[17:48] klokane well I'll try it
[17:48] pieter_hintjens See
[17:48] pieter_hintjens with a minimal issue, we can think of how to solve this
[17:48] pieter_hintjens I'm sure it's doable
[17:49] klokane thx
[17:49] pieter_hintjens k
[18:17] mikko evenin'
[18:18] michelp it's on:
[19:25] sneak hi guys
[19:26] sneak so i've decided that i want to build a queueserver for my application (a 'stable' part in zmq lingo) but i want there to be two or four
[19:26] sneak i'm wondering if there's some existing design pattern for writing the clients for this "device"
[19:27] sneak will connect() block if it can't connect? should i iterate through them?
[19:30] neopallium sneak: connect() is async. it will not block.
[19:31] sneak i can plod if that's what's necessary
[19:31] sneak what happens if i try to send to a socket that can't connect to the tcp port (e.g. server isn't running)
[19:32] sneak is there any way of making connect block to ensure i am talking to a working endpoint?
[19:32] sneak is there any failover mechanism?
[19:33] pieter_away sneak: how much of the Guide have you read?
[19:34] sneak apparently not enough? :P
[19:35] sneak scanning it now, i read the page on github or wherever that ended up trailing off into just headers
[19:35] sneak i thought that was the guide, didn't realize there was more
[19:42] pieter_away you should find what you need in there, around ch3 and ch4
[19:42] pieter_away has the full text
[19:51] michelp there is much, much more :)
[19:51] michelp i have to keep picking up around ch3 due to brain melt.
[19:51] michelp i had a total eureka moment today when i combined the notion of consistent hashing with 0mq
[19:52] michelp i was trying to hard to communicate in a distributed fashion with centralized data, distributing the data consistently is making my 0mq connection patterns way simpler and more powerful
[19:58] michelp hey zedas, just read about fmlr, what language were you looking to implement it in?
[20:03] michelp whoa tnetstrings
[20:56] fabien1 Hi all.
[20:57] fabien1 I'm trying to put my mind around the socket_base_t implementations and can't figure out how the ticks member works.
[20:58] fabien1 It seems to be set to 0 all the time, and only increment in the condition of a loop where, incidently, it is reset to zero again.
[20:59] fabien1 Sorry, misread the code.
[20:59] fabien1 Start to be tired I think.
[22:27] sneak if i am subscribed using a ZMQ::SUB, does the filtering happen at the other end or are the messages transferred and then discarded?