Thursday May 19, 2011

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[03:46] michelp chapter 3 is really blowing my mind
[07:41] satyamshekhar hi
[07:43] satyamshekhar I was trying to install nodejs binding for zeromq on mac. The installation fails. While configuring it says: "Checking for libzmq: Not Found" and then exits with the following error:
[07:43] satyamshekhar ../ In static member function ‘static v8::Handle<v8::Value> zmq::Socket::GetSockOpt(const v8::Arguments&)’: ../ error: ‘ZMQ_EVENTS’ was not declared in this scope ...
[07:53] pch hi, I am new in 0mq and write couple of test cases and found the PUB/SUB is behaving quite non-consistent. Anybody for quick hand?
[07:54] pch i use scala // java binding and found that PUB/SUB works fine when used alone. If I just run it AFTER I run test case with REP/REQ or XREP/SREQ pair it fails
[07:55] pch I do not share any context, thread, variables etc between tests
[09:33] andrewgodwin since I can't find much mention of it on the web - anyone have any idea about a timeline for IPv6 support?
[09:33] andrewgodwin a snippet from a page that's now gone suggested it was implemented then removed due to dual-stack issues
[09:59] sustrik yes, that's the case
[09:59] sustrik there's noone actively working on it afaik
[09:59] sustrik do you want to implement it?
[10:00] sustrik it's not that much work, but it requires good knowledge of ipv4/ipv6 transition issues
[10:04] andrewgodwin I might have a crack if we end up needing it, we're alright with ipv4 internally for now
[10:04] andrewgodwin I have some knowledge, but probably not enough
[10:04] sustrik the main problem was how defaults were handled iirc
[10:05] sustrik so, some people ended up listening for ipv6 connection while what they wanted was ipv4
[10:06] andrewgodwin ah, right
[10:06] andrewgodwin yes, I;ve had the same issue with raw sockets
[10:06] sustrik yeah
[10:06] sustrik translating names etc.
[10:06] sustrik messy stuff
[10:07] travlr sustrik: hi martin, just to let you know that i've finally found some time to fix the irc bot and make it much more robust. i'm working on it atm and will have it done soon. do you have any requests or suggestions that i can incorporate for you? anyone else want to make a request or suggestion?
[10:08] sustrik hm, no idea, if it logs properly, i'll be happy
[10:08] travlr k
[10:08] travlr do still want the souce code docs too?
[10:08] sustrik if you are willing to generate them...
[10:09] travlr sure.
[10:09] sustrik great, let me know when it's updated
[10:09] travlr ok, will do. sorry that it took me so long.
[10:09] sustrik i'll link if from the "internal architexcture" document
[10:09] sustrik no problem
[10:09] travlr :)
[11:49] CIA-31 jzmq: 03kwo 07master * r0583416 10/ (pom.xml src/org/zeromq/ Modified JAR to be executable and print out basic version information. ...
[11:49] CIA-31 jzmq: 03Gonzalo Diethelm 07master * r0489b66 10/ (pom.xml src/org/zeromq/ Merge pull request #45 from kwo/master ...
[13:13] mato sustrik: are you around?
[13:49] sustrik mato: hi
[13:53] mato sustrik: hi, um, i needed the 0mq logo vector source for creating a different-sized GIF for JIRA, but have since managed with the one that's on the website
[13:53] sustrik wait a sec
[13:55] sustrik is .ai ok?
[13:55] mato yeah, send it to me so I can use it again if need by
[13:56] mato *be
[13:56] sustrik ok
[13:56] sustrik done
[14:08] blk /wc/
[14:21] joelr good day!
[14:23] joelr is there a message build-up problem on the server side (pub) if there's a slow client on the sub side?
[14:23] joelr sustrik: ^
[14:27] sustrik by default, yes
[14:27] sustrik you have to set HWM to prevent it
[14:28] sustrik i've posted some emails to the list suggesting that HWM should be set by default
[14:28] sustrik the discussion have been inconclusive so far
[14:45] joelr sustrik: thanks a lot!
[14:49] mato sustrik: ok, i've sent out the announcement
[14:49] mato sustrik: and JIRA is basically ready except for the subdomain (PH needs to get the cert) and email notifications (needs subdomain)
[14:50] mato sustrik: please take a look on the JIRA site, i re-styled it a bit to match and added some introductory text
[15:04] sustrik mato: nice :)
[15:05] sustrik jira changed a lot sing i've last seen it...
[15:06] mato sustrik: it seems to have much more junk in it but I managed to get rid of it all :)
[15:07] mato sustrik: anyway, it should all work, we can tune things as we go
[15:07] sustrik i've noticed that tempo and agile buttons have disappeared
[15:07] sustrik whatever they were meant to be
[15:07] mato yes, i filed a support request with atlassian and they turned them off
[15:08] mato i've also set up JIRA to be public so that people can look at issues (but not edit/comment) without an account
[15:08] sustrik good, that's how we had it setup back in 2008-2009
[15:09] sustrik btw, what was the main reason for switching to jira?
[15:09] sustrik :)
[15:09] mato sustrik: proper email notifications, ability to manage multiple projects/components/versions
[15:10] sustrik ah, yes
[15:10] mato sustrik: oh and not least, a list of issues whose order does not change randomly :-)
[15:10] sustrik i think github guys have fixed that recently
[15:11] mato sustrik: anyway, we should add versions to libzmq so that people can select which version their issue applies to
[15:12] sustrik ack
[15:12] mato sustrik: so, shall I just add all the released versions plus 3.0 / "master" ?
[15:12] mato sustrik: or all the recent 2.1.x versions anyway
[15:12] sustrik presumably
[15:12] mato ok, i'll do that then
[15:13] mato and i'll go through and set "new feature" on those issues that are not a bug
[15:14] mato sustrik: also, do we want some separate components on libzmq? we can start with e.g. "core" and "documentation" ?
[15:14] sustrik hm, build system?
[15:14] mato yup
[15:14] mato anything else?
[15:14] sustrik probably not
[15:22] mato sustrik: bleh, it seems that the comments imported don't match up with the issues :-(
[15:22] sustrik :(
[15:24] mato I think it's just an off-by-one or something but I can't tell
[15:24] mato mikko should have the original import data, it might be easier to tell from that
[15:24] mato mikko: ping?
[15:37] mato sustrik: i've emailed mikko via the list; he has the original import data
[18:37] mikko mato: yes?
[18:37] mikko mato: did i make mistake in the import?
[18:38] mikko can you show me an issue where comments dont match?
[18:38] mikko so that i can check the original data
[19:47] slyphon anyone familiar with the python bindings?
[19:47] slyphon i'm trying to follow along with the guide and got stuck
[19:48] slyphon i.e. "zhelpers.dump" doesn't seem to exist
[21:55] jodaro hiya
[21:58] Toba hi