Tuesday May 17, 2011

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[16:24] mikko evening
[16:25] sakella hi I have a q
[16:26] sakella did anyone see an issue with mailbox_t::send asserting "new_sndbuf > old_sndbuf"
[16:28] cremes sakella: have you checked the faq? that's a known issue on osx
[16:28] cremes it also occurs on linux when various kernel buffers are set too small
[16:29] cremes check the faq and tuning guides
[16:29] sakella sounds great. Will do that. I am on 32 bit centos.
[16:30] sakella Thanks!
[16:33] sakella I have recently used this to develop a 'reliable' distributed log xport framework. zmq's a great tool!
[16:34] michelp good morning folks
[17:39] mzaccari hello
[19:07] ParadoxG I have written bindings for ZeroMQ for the Vala language
[19:08] ParadoxG
[19:37] staylor question about getsockopt ZMQ_EVENTS, the documentation says it'll return ZMQ_POLLIN if at least one message is ready but the guide mentions that poll will return ZMQ_POLLIN only if all messages (envelopes) are ready in a message stack.
[21:29] jhawk28 If I create a context with 1 thread, does 0MQ function with only 1 thread?
[21:44] staylor I asked earlier, but when using getsockopt for ZMQ_EVENTS will ZMQ_POLLIN only be set if all messages are available or can it set the flag if only some are ready?
[21:45] jhawk28 I dont know. Its be real quiet the last couple of days
[21:51] jhawk28 staylor: "ZMQ_POLLIN
[21:51] jhawk28 Indicates that at least one message may be received from the specified socket without blocking."
[21:52] jhawk28 it will set the flag if at least one is ready
[22:06] staylor jhawk28: that's why I ask, the getsockopt documentation says at least one message but the zeromq guide says all messages. Wondering which is correct.
[22:25] ianbarber depends what you mean by 'all'
[22:25] ianbarber if you mean all parts of a multipart, then both are true
[22:25] ianbarber you get signalled on a whole message - which includes all parts
[22:32] staylor yes I might have worded it wrongly, but when they say at least one message I wanted to confirm that it meant all parts of a message.
[23:15] johnm1234 Howdy, just installed latest zeromq from git (2.1.7) on OS X 10.6.7. Running into few problems that don't seem to show up in irc or mailing list logs...
[23:15] johnm1234 First off… running the wuclient & wuserver example code gives "broken pipe".
[23:16] johnm1234 The functionality seems to work fine but when the first client is done it goes away and the server gets killed with the broken pipe.
[23:19] johnm1234 Second… using the taskvent, taskwork2, tasksink2 example code has very odd performance behavior… regardless of the number of workers, it will zip along to ~80% done and then the performance drops down a lot. Instead of the exected ~5 seconds it ends up taking longer and longer on each run. 12 seconds, 30 seconds, the last run was 110 seconds.
[23:24] mikko pieter_hintjens: issues are in jira