Monday May 16, 2011

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[14:05] fdb I'm studing 0mq, and I need to know what happen when TCP connection is stopped (for my application mainly due to wireless network problems)
[14:06] fdb Should I manage the reconnection or is al transparent?
[14:08] ianbarber transparent
[14:08] mile evax, I have a problem with erlzmq2, when building a distro with rebar
[14:08] mile I don't know if it is an erlzmq issue
[14:12] evax mile_: what's happening?
[14:12] mile the path to the c library is closely missed
[14:13] mile I pack it with reltool, add the priv subdir to the ez archive, everything seems to be right
[14:13] mile and then "Failed to load NIF library: '/home/user/myapp/rel/myapp/lib/erlzmq2.ez/erlzmq2/ebin/../priv/ cannot open shared object file: Not a directory'"}}
[14:14] mile which is actually a valid path, but for some reason does not seem to work
[14:18] evax mile_: ok, let me try to reproduce this
[14:18] mile this is the part of my reltool.config that loads erlzmq2
[14:18] mile {app, erlzmq2, [
[14:18] mile {incl_cond, include},
[14:18] mile {incl_archive_filters,[".*"]},
[14:18] mile {excl_archive_filters,["^include$"]}
[14:18] mile ]}
[14:19] mile oh... one possibility : line 22: ase code:priv_dir(erlzmq) of
[14:19] mile should the app be called erlzmq instead of erlzmq2?
[14:24] evax good catch
[14:24] mile but still... I have changed that, remaned the directory of erlzmq2 to erlzmq
[14:24] mile rebuilt
[14:25] mile he on_load function for module erlzmq_nif returned {error,
[14:25] mile {load_failed,
[14:25] mile "Failed to load NIF library: '/home/mile/kr3m_myapp/rel/kr3m_myapp/lib/erlzmq-2.0.ez/erlzmq-2.0/priv/ cannot open shared object file: Not a directory'"}}
[14:25] mile the file is there
[14:25] mile but for some reason it is not loaded
[14:41] mile are you able to reproduce it?
[14:42] evax looking at it now
[16:14] aspidites how do i get a list of connected clients with an XREP socket?
[16:14] aspidites curerntly i'm just adding their identities to a list and checking against it, but i have a feeling this is already built in some how
[16:23] aspidites nvm found something in mailing list addressing it
[17:45] aspidites is there a way to detect a disconnected client?
[17:45] yorickpeterse A PING/PONG command would do :)
[17:45] aspidites doh!
[17:46] aspidites just figured there would be a built in command. so would it make sense to have a separate socket that constantly sends ping/pong requests?
[17:46] aspidites actually. i'll check the guide
[17:46] aspidites thought i saw something similar
[17:49] yorickpeterse You could do it every 30 seconds or so, depending on the importance
[17:51] aspidites aha, paranoid pirate i think