Friday May 13, 2011

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[01:46] lestrrat mikko: would it be possible for you to give me the rights to edit settings for the Jenkins runs of perl zmq binding ?
[07:04] mikko lestrrat: i think i've given you rights already (?)
[07:04] lestrrat oh oops?
[07:04] lestrrat sorry, may have slipped by me then.
[07:04] mikko i can reset your account if you want
[07:05] lestrrat can you please do that for me, then? I don't remember what I did with your email (or even if I received it :/)
[07:05] lestrrat sorry 'bout that.
[07:33] sustrik hi mikko
[07:33] mikko hi
[07:33] mikko our jira is up and running
[07:33] sustrik do we have win64 in the test env?
[07:33] mikko 10k users license
[07:33] sustrik nice
[07:33] mikko no
[07:33] mikko i got win64 locally
[07:34] sustrik would it help if we got an license?
[07:34] mikko the build cluster is 32bit hardware
[07:34] sustrik we can ask the MS guy
[07:34] sustrik i see
[07:34] mikko one option is running 64bit windows in amazon cloud
[07:34] sustrik probably not worth it
[07:34] sustrik have you noticed mato & pieter about the jira?
[07:35] sustrik they've volunteered to administer it
[07:35] mikko not yet, i'm exporting issues from github at the moment
[07:35] sustrik great
[07:35] mikko will send email as soon as i get export done
[07:35] sustrik goodo, i'll remove the github tracker then
[07:35] mikko this is hosted by atlassian as well
[07:36] mikko no need to run another box for this
[07:36] sustrik i see
[07:36] mikko do i need to export issues from libzmq, zeromq2-1 and zeromq2-2 ?
[07:36] sustrik i want the libzmq issues to be moved
[07:36] sustrik 2-1 and 2-2 are up to pieter
[07:37] sustrik but i assume he wants them moved as well
[07:37] sustrik what's needed is a separate jira component for each project
[07:37] sustrik so that they don't get mixed up
[07:38] mikko i'm exporting issues at the moment
[07:38] mikko hopefully it succeeds :)
[07:38] sustrik :)
[07:39] guido_g it just hit me, i need another account somewhere to file issues now?
[07:40] sustrik yes, it's annoying
[07:40] sustrik but jira is probably worth it
[07:41] guido_g i worked at a company who used jira, i hated it
[07:41] sustrik why so?
[07:41] guido_g s/who/which/
[07:41] guido_g bloated crap that made the browser crash and such
[07:42] sustrik hm, never seen that myself
[07:42] guido_g and i never figured out what belonged where
[07:42] guido_g what the actual state of the topic was atm and so on
[07:42] sustrik there's a state field there
[07:43] sustrik if you don't like to out-of-box workflow, you can define your own
[07:43] guido_g maybe they did that
[07:43] sustrik maybe the problem with configuring it
[07:43] guido_g i don't remember -- and i don't want to
[07:43] mikko jira gives you quite a lot of flexibility in defining workflows
[07:43] mikko and transitions between different states
[07:43] sustrik my experience was that it can be configured to be quite usabler
[07:43] mikko and often people take that functionality and run with it
[07:44] mikko and the results are not always ideal
[07:44] guido_g as i said, the results where crap
[07:45] guido_g compared to the tracker we had before
[07:45] mikko in this case it's hard to do worse
[07:45] guido_g we'll see
[07:46] guido_g this need for a new accout sucks though
[07:48] mikko i will investigate if it would be possible to use github via oauth
[07:48] pieterh hi guys
[07:48] guido_g howdy pieterh
[07:48] pieterh what did I miss...? :)
[07:48] pieterh howdy guido_g
[07:49] pieterh ah, jira... mikko, we have no issues in 2-1 and 2-2, but if there were, we'd move them too
[07:50] pieterh guido_g: we've used jira in anger in quite a few projects and it does work really well in my judgement
[07:51] guido_g pieterh: sorry, but i had an extremly negative experience
[07:51] guido_g so i'll investigate before i register w/ another company that i've other connection to
[07:51] pieterh guido_g: sorry to hear that :-) we'll do better...
[07:51] guido_g s/other/no /
[07:51] pieterh the thing here is mato, myself, sustrik all have experience configuring & using jira
[07:52] guido_g for ~6 month
[07:57] mikko pieterh: are you able to create account here ?
[07:58] mikko i think i turned on sign ups
[07:58] mikko i will add you as admin as soon as you have an account
[07:58] mikko you can then create libzmq component
[07:58] mikko and i'll put in import for the data
[07:59] pieterh mikko: done
[08:00] mikko you should have admin access now
[08:12] pieterh mikko: ack, I do...
[08:12] pieterh do you think we can run it on
[08:13] mikko yes, we can
[08:13] mikko just need to check how the ssl cert stuff works
[08:13] mikko running issues exporter now
[08:14] pieterh ok, I'll set the dns when we know where to point it to
[08:14] mikko create CNAME for ?
[08:15] mikko exporter going in issue 18 now
[08:15] pieterh yeah, CNAME
[08:15] mikko had to rate limit it because github started to give 403 errors
[08:16] mikko lestrrat: nice
[08:17] mikko i saw a success there
[08:17] mikko pieterh:
[08:17] lestrrat yep, finally
[08:17] mikko there is Base URL
[08:17] mikko we should enable captcha as well
[08:17] pieterh mikko: I already saw that... I assume you requested before?
[08:17] lestrrat 3.0 seems to fail miserably still... oh well, I haven't given it much love.
[08:18] mikko pieterh: they created that automatically based on the project name
[08:18] pieterh ack
[08:18] mikko pieterh:
[08:18] pieterh mikko: I need to disappear for a few hours, will be back this evening or tomorrow
[08:19] mikko pieterh: ok
[08:19] mikko pieterh: should i create libzmq component to jira?
[08:19] pieterh mikko: yes please
[08:19] mikko so that i can get issue import ticket opened
[08:19] pieterh anything I need to do, let me know by email
[08:19] mikko cool
[08:19] pieterh I'll start using it for the guide and czmq issues too
[08:19] mikko will do
[08:19] pieterh nice!
[08:21] mikko sustrik: can you create an account in jira so that i can make you libzmq Project Lead ?
[08:22] sustrik ok, wait a sec
[08:24] sustrik mikko: ok, login sustrik
[08:34] mikko ok, project created
[08:34] mikko exported 215 issues
[08:57] ianbarber mikkozy: are you tracking the php-zmq issues on there as well?
[08:57] ianbarber i'm happy to help out on that one notification wise if you'd like.
[09:00] mikko yeah
[09:00] mikko i could move the issues there
[10:39] mato mikko: hi
[10:39] mato mikko: what's the status wrt jira? i see some conversation...
[11:16] sustrik mato: it's installed
[11:17] sustrik
[11:37] ianbarber sustrik: that question you asked on the mailing list to the guy who wanted to be able to send EPGM packets right away - I assumed he wanted to be able to send UDP immediately for latency, but the fact you're asking about 3rd party implementations implies to me that the latency idea is wrong (or am i reading too much into a question :)).
[12:33] mikko mato: it's up and running and waiting for issues import
[12:54] mato mikko: ok, d'you have a plan for structuring the imported issues?
[12:55] mato mikko: i guess at the moment we only have issues on libzmq, right?
[13:11] mikko mato: yes
[13:11] mikko hte latter
[14:47] nick01 hi, is it possible that the java binding does not support multi-part messages ?
[14:48] nick01 I need to implent a multi-part request via the java binding but can't seem to figure out how to do so ...
[14:48] nick01 based on the samples in the binding I can't seem to find a multi-part send message, only send.
[14:48] nick01 Can someone here confirm the above, and are there any workarounds ?
[15:06] cremes nick01: i don't use that binding, but check to see if the send function takes any flags
[15:06] cremes if it does, then look for a SNDMORE flag in the docs
[15:08] cremes nick01: i see that it does
[15:08] cremes
[15:08] cremes there is a SNDMORE static int defined earlier in that file, so that's how you would send multi-part messages
[22:19] CIA-31 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07master * r3283ffb 10/ .gitignore : add conf to .gitignore (+6 more commits...) -
[22:19] Toba <3 gitignore
[22:35] seb hello - I am trying to code a simple req/rep where there would be multiple servers. I just need the client to interact with whoever is alive at the time. any pointers?
[22:36] seb The docs mentions ZMQ_DEALER that would work with connected peers (as opposed to REQ) but it's not available in the java binding that i have
[22:56] CIA-31 pyzmq: 03MinRK 07v2.1.7 * r165bf9f 10/ zmq/core/version.pyx : release 2.1.7 -
[22:59] CIA-31 pyzmq: 03MinRK 072.1.7 * r165bf9f 10/ zmq/core/version.pyx : release 2.1.7 -